As Promised

Published November 14, 2022 by helentastic67

As Promised

As you might have read recently, I was given some awards from my sisters after my father’s funeral. Those being for the “Best/Worst timed noisy nose blow” and the “Best/Worst ugly cry!” By mentioning this again I’m to suggesting I’m bragging or particularly proud of these awards, given humorously on an awful day, however to highlight the giving of an award I’m going to share now.

In the early days of my blogging, another blogger commented calling me the “Meme Queen!” Anyone that doesn’t know, Herllonwheels/Lifeonehanded is a two-woman Team.

If you share a recent follower, you might not be aware I write the words, and the actual memes and the technical part of putting my words out there is generously done by my friend Noelle in Sydney. So, when given the rather royal title above I responded kindly and passed on the credit where credit was due.

With the recent passing of my father, it’s been hard to bring my usual humour to HellOnWheels however, every post that goes live I check the Memes Noelle has chosen and I’ve been cheering at the choices the actual “Meme Queen” has found and hope you realise how great a job Noelle has done.

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