Merry Christmas To You All

Published December 26, 2022 by helentastic67

Merry Christmas to you all

Had an odd conversation before Christmas with a carer about which day to actually open your presents. She’s older than I am but still, hello! She thinks you open them Boxing Day. What the…….? It’s Christmas Day! Or in my home, when I bought them.

This year I had planned to stay with my father for Christmas having had last year “off” but he found a sneaky way to not have me around! Yes! Yes! He passed in October, but I still came to the country to be in his home with my younger sister and mum came for lunch.

My dad still mangled to make my Christmas, here are the things he managed to buy me. A Kitchen Aide Food Processor. (Commonly referred to as the F.P. In our family)

A paper shredder, OMG best thing ever. Although do you know they work for five minutes then need 40 minutes of rest time. It’s like a teenager, does it need a nap also?

And best of all, dad bought me my much-needed new Apple Laptop. I really didn’t know otherwise how that was going to happen. My second ever laptop is now around seven years old and dying.

I wonder what everyone else got from Santa. 

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Cheers, H


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