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Hot off the Press – 29th May 2017

Published May 29, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 1


This weekend I’ve been considering if you went to an Elvis Convention with that many in the one room would they be Eloise’s or Elvisi? I was considering this after checking out a new show. Called Big Little Lies. It’s actually a miniseries. 7 episodes, an hour each. Sometimes a short and sweet season of something that doesn’t continue can be good. If every show I watched went on forever I would need to be much choosy about what to watch. Ok, House with Hugh Laurie could have gone on forever, but it is what it is.

Elvis Convention

Big Little Lies in short is about parenting and marriages in a small close-knit but often bitchy area. Themes include domestic violence, bullying and the balance between parenting and career. At the start I was convinced, “The Butler did it!” Not that there is a butler, but you watch every episode wondering what this big secret is? But the first character to raise my suspicions is guilty of something, but you have to hang in there with an open mind and you finally find out in the last 10 minutes. It’s also about Nature versus Nurture. And how woman can communicate so much with a few simple glances and woman’s intuition is a powerful force. Lastly, the one character, the protective mothers saw as a husband stealing hot chick, they all hated was the one that had the independence and sense of survival instinct and came in, saved the day and took care of business for the sake of all woman-kind.

Big little lies 1
If that doesn’t sell you on 7 hours of TV I don’t know what will. Also, ladies, don’t forget domestic violence is wrong. It’s not the answer for anything.

Also, I do not get all the running! Too much running! And so many familiar faces, too many too mention but a must watch! It’s definitely the location of where I’d want to live in a completely different reality. Very picturesque.

Also got a little Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and, Mindy Project in this week.

Criminal MindsBlue bloodsThe Mindy Project

















Yes. I’ve still been rather busy but I skipped my single girl date night film, commonly referred to as Saturday Night! To wrap up Little Big Lies.

Oh, and I should throw in Alexander Skarsgard ‘butt’ makes a brief appearance in episode 2! And no, I didn’t replay it…….if you are not familiar with Alexander think True Blood and Generation Kill. At least he is age-appropriate for a change.

Alexander Skarsgard

If you decide I’m sounding a little peavy, what I have to say is; “I’m broken! Not dead!”

And maybe because I left the house today, Aunty Christine took me out for lunch to meet her hubby I had 2 coffees! So, I’m catch up on admin, email and even managed a second comic to the smaller pile today!

Side topic; I broke my coffee pot this week. Things will be dire by hump day if I can’t come home with a new one…….big day Thursday coming with an adventure to report on next week!

Coffee machine

After great discussion from last Fridays Postcards Post I thought since it sounds like I’m not the only one who misses a good postcard found in the letterbox, to my trusted followers (You know who you are?) email me your address & I’ll send you a postcard.


Breaking News – 24th May 2017

Published May 24, 2017 by helentastic67

Last week, the last very Auntie Christine, (previously mentioned) asked me a question. ” Have you had a visitor?” Emphasis was on the word ‘visitor’ I knew what she meant and replied happily ” No, no visitors?”

She had helped me take off my bed sock from my left foot as I’ve had some trouble since my Physio mangled me two weeks ago and I’ve had trouble getting my left foot up onto my right knee.

she told me the bruise I had failed to notice looked like a hand print?

My GP once asked if I bruised easily? I didn’t know how to answer. The purest definition of bruising easily he described as you discover a bruise but don’t recall how you got it or when?

I get bruises all the time, as I presume most people with a disability would also. But I can generally tell you how I did it after the bruise appears. This one took a few days.




I think this is my hand, when I have been lifting my left leg into the car……Front passenger seat is on the left in OZ. Right leg in first…… go figure………

On the other hand, I did get a second take at seeing the film Snatched Snatched (2017 film) the Westgarth today. Palace Westgarth | Palace Cinemas Jane (not her real name) this session had twice as many people and all went smoothly. Good thing I stopped eating the popcorn when I did or my laughter would have caused me to choke to death.



Please follow the links for a look at a nice independent cinema in Melbourne, and if you haven’t gone to see Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer get to it.

Happy Wednesday!




Hot off the Press – 22nd May 2017

Published May 22, 2017 by helentastic67

Latest news

Another week and another Hot off the Press!

This one feeling a bit underwhelmed as not much to report. No comics moved from one big pile to the much smaller one.

A few posts written, edits all up to date. It’s something in the Plus column. No house-hunting and only just wrapping up billions right now.


Attempted a social adventure this week, my friend Jane (Changed her name to protect the innocent) and I were clear across town to go to lunch and a film. Finally ventured to a crepe café (sweet and savoury) I’ve gone past this place twice a week for years and when we found it, the windows were covered with paper. So, we instead we went to Plan B and had a hurried lunch, still good at a bakery cafe. Stuffed capsicum and latte, no complaints. Across the street to the independent cinema the Westgarth and made it in time for the previews……….

Plan B 1

There were four of us in the cinema and after the previews, it just stopped. Jane and one from the other party went to report the film hadn’t started………and it’s all computerised these days. I can’t believe I’m suggesting this. It’s the days of some hairy, creepy single guy in the projector room never having had a date in his life.

The two things we attempted to do on Thursday, didn’t happen. Going to have a rematch to see Snatched tomorrow using the tickets reimbursed to us.

Single girl date night…..success! Watched a 2014 film called Hellion? No, yeah. It has Arron Paul in it. The actor often referred to from Breaking Bad as “Yo Bitch!”

Yo Bitch

Lastly, it’s only been the last few days I’ve been able to walk around my home without the walking stick. The Physiotherapist really did a good job and I can’t wait to give her feedback on Tuesday, when I see her next and cancel my next appointment since she hasn’t bothered to get back to me after being informed the damage she had caused.


And all of that with the migraine that just won’t go away. I really miss the old days when my migraine would cripple me so I couldn’t leave the house and I went everywhere with a bucket. (Sexy, right?) and was happy to stay in bed. But now my version of a migraine sees me up and about wandering around resembling a zombie and no-ones any the wiser, I can’t see at all out of my left eye. Or my left eye feels like it’s trying to escape its eye socket!


And today we do it all again! Charge!

Good day

Hot off the Press – 15th May 2017

Published May 15, 2017 by helentastic67

Here is the news 150517

Wow! What a painful week! And here’s where I struggle to tell it in dot points so I’m still motivated enough to unpack the shit that was in an actual post you can read in well, some time from now…….

Painful week

Same as last week really, Osteo/Mio/Remedial/Chiropractor/Acupuncture….& Physio!

And when I got to the Physio it was she that was opinionated enough to tell me I was doing too much and how was I to know what was helping?

Hear from the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) this week they couldn’t justify a review to help pay for my Shrink (sorry, Psychologist) or my Chiropractor or my friggin’ shoes!

Apparently, none of these things are from my original diagnosis: WTF!

I don’t know about anybody else but I didn’t have the need of a Shrink! (I know, I prefer to call her that as it sounds more like I’m crazy?) or need my weekly Chiropractic appointments until my body decided every little thing I took for granted before it wouldn’t do without paying me back in weird ways….. Like reaching and closing the car door puts my ribs out?

Or the underlying migraine I’ve had for the last week?

And by Friday, the Physio was proved right! I hate that so much….. because it hurt to weight-bare on my left leg. As in sharp pains shooting up from my foot to everywhere in my body. And I do mean everywhere! By Friday evening I had booked another appointment with my Chiropractor on Saturday….Need I remind everyone Saturday is my Off-Grid day? No email, no social media….no adult, no responsibility, no bra or shoes! And therefore, I rarely leave the house on a Saturday…. I did all of those things including spending $50 the NDIA doesn’t seem necessary just so I could only late today (Sunday) move around my home without my walking stick for short periods of time!)


Sore body

I did implement Single Girl Date Night reasonably successfully, I watched two films I had recorded on my Toppy.

Single girl

In simple terms, it means I can record two channels at once on live TV while watching something previously recorded.

Good to record films & comedy….. Then watch whenever you like, while skipping the ads.

I didn’t watch anything ground-breaking this week, the films were “The Longest Ride” and “Cowboys & Aliens”. If you haven’t heard much about these films there is good reason. The first was a love story. The end! The second was what you get when you are a beautiful actress, retired 007! And Harrison Ford. My point is none of them (beautiful  or not) no longer need to work and it seems they thought, let’s do a cowboy and ‘What the Hell’ film because we don’t need to make money…….or I’m being very cynical. In short.

Cowboys and aliens

Finished 13 Reasons Why finally proving to be a tough week!

13 Reasons Why. Really well done. Challenging to watch but well worth it for anyone still undecided.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why (stylized onscreen as Th1rteen R3asons Why) is an American drama-mystery web television series ba…


Started watching season two of Billions with Damien Lewis this week also. I have a habit of not watching some shows until I have the whole season.

And to update, I actually read a whole comic today in one go! Ok, considering migraine all week this was a win. And there was the added pressure to report I’d read at least one considering I still head to my comic store once every few months to collect my order. I’ll try to read one tomorrow since I’ve decided I need a long weekend.

Reading comics

So, finally I guess I did do too much last week so I’ll be skipping Physio for a few weeks to give my body a break. And it didn’t help she played Devil’s Advocate suggesting the NDIA shouldn’t need to buy me shoes when everyone wears and buys shoes. Which was fine when I could wear my Adidas Gazelles at the cost of $130 a pair and I bought 2-3 pairs a year……But now I need medically approved shoes at $460 a pair and should have the option of two pairs, it shouldn’t be too much to ask I can’t and don’t buy my own shoes…..


If all goes well by this time tomorrow my food parcel will be safely in Sydney in Noelle’s hands.

Food Parcel

I shall save my brush this week with a famous chef for a full-blown post. Stay tuned!


New week charge


Hot off the Press – 8th May 2017

Published May 8, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot of the Press

Ready! Set! Go!

Osteo Remedial/Mio. Chiropractor/Acupuncture. (B.T. Dubs, it’s called Wednesday, commonly referred to as my Punchy/Stabby Day!) Physio. Completely missed lunch 2 or 3 days this week. Mum was down from Monday Night & 2 nights we were up doing ‘Someone else” Job so late I got to sleep around 3am.


Gave mum her early Mother’s Day gift. A cute little teddy bear I hid between her pillow and the doona in the spare bedroom. It has a little button on its Tummy and when you press it a child-like voice says “I love you Mum!” She was very coy but I think she really liked it because that night I thought she would wear out the battery. Totally worth it!

Mothers day

But we got there. Even made a decent frittata this week, haven’t made one in years and visited the local pet shop. The only furry beast in residence was Vigaro, a somewhat friendly young male with black and white fur, some cute black marking on its mouth. The pet shop always has one cat from Maneki.Neko Cat Rescue (Check it out)

He loved a good head rub from me and Mum even had a cuddle. This visit came about because it looks like I’m not moving any time soon. Not much around and none of it very nice in my price-range. so, why am I waiting to get my new In-House Mental Health Care Provider?

Black and white cat

Well, I could afford the $120 cost of a fully vet-checked fur-child but, not the cost of the food & kitty litter as I returned or gifted every bit I had 6 weeks ago. Meanwhile Vigaro bit my Mum…..Hope he finds a nice home all the same. I have also created the very short Pro’s (versus Con’s) list of not having a cat! I only spent $50 on people food last Friday.

Managed to catch up on some admin today. Even read a comic. (only one this week) in the constant battle to clear my couch which is more like my in-tray. Received some emails from some blogger colleagues this week which was lovely, wondering who is responsible for the T-Birds & Purple Tree’s posts from some time ago (You know who you are!) and when I might see another?

At the age of 40 my mum finally got around to making her second daughter a quilt! My mum is a Mad Quilter. Ok, she says passionate, I say Mad! Same/Same! That was four years ago it’s finally been on my bed for the last 2 nights! Couldn’t have had the quilt on my bed with Jamima……she was a scratcher, when it came to bedding.


Have been watching Homeland and 13 reasons why, the second reminding me of the painful years of High School. Not quite finished, so no spoilers please!  Would be a great soundtrack.

Wondering if these Hot off the press updates work for people? I enjoy the routine & that it works out to be current for everyone however I find as life is always busy I make the excuse not to prioritise some time to write down other ideas into actual laid-out posts.

Feel free to comment & provide feedback? Please keep it positive?

It’s the start of a new week all over again!

New week

Hot off the Press – 1st May 2017

Published May 1, 2017 by helentastic67

Here is the news 010517

Shock horror! I’ve kept to the self-challenge of a weekly post fresh from my brain to the iPad to Noelle. Woo-hoo!

We have had two long weekends in a row, one was thanks to Good Friday and last Tuesday was due to ANZAC Day.

Good Friday

In very simple terms I found myself explaining to one of my two youngest carers the significance of this day admittedly, this carer is not Australian born.

Anzac Day

ANZAC day is when we commemorate/celebrate the Australian and New Zealand diggers efforts in WW1, now 102 years ago. To be completely fair, it’s been pointed out to me I would not pass an immigration test on some Australian topics and I was born here. But I had to explain to said young carer they would not cancel or postpone the March through the city because of a little rain. Rain was the least of the problems faced the day they landed in Gallipoli.

This year they emphasised the younger generation of soldiers who seem to be over-looked despite them dealing with fresh PTSD and re-entering society. And there is no excuse, we now know these things exist.

My two youngest carers these days are both half my age, I occasionally have to remind them and thank them for making me feel sooooo old!

This weekend I dug out some clothes from my former lives working in clubs and an office environment. I have not been a size “tiny” formerly known as “petite” for some years. It’s not like I would ever wear them again, it’s just been a process of letting them go. Maybe after a wash, iron and photographing I can sell them online. Worn by people far, far away and I can continue living in the style that I have become accustomed to.


Haven’t seen any new properties this week. We started the week feeling a little like summer wasn’t completely over and by Wednesday it was ‘full winter! What just happened?’ So yes, the woolens are now out!

Oh, this week despite getting back into my baking and my plan for World Domination through people’s stomachs, I put a rib out!

rib out

Did you hear me? I put a rib out…….oh, how I hear you ask? Well, I get to ride shotgun when ever in a car, due to motion sickness dating back to day dot! And because it’s more room? This means in OZ, I sit in the front on the left. My left arm doesn’t work, so I twist and reach with my right arm to close the door. That’s how I do it.

My chiropractor puts it back in. First on my back, then the front. Finally putting some tape on my ribs under my left ‘girl’ (breast) it both tickles and hurts.

Lastly, I have felt Jamima’s presence (if you believe in that kind of thing) several times since her parting. Most recently, this morning, while I was in bed trying to sleep. A pressure of the blankets pushing down against my legs. My shins to be more exact. I didn’t move, but accepted the presence to be her checking in on me. One of my blogger cohorts said good bye to their Rumpydog last week bringing it all back. At least Meimi now has the husky dog keeping her company up there.

Rumpy Dog

Nearly midnight, must be time to single task!

Lots of love

Hot off the Press – 24th April 2017

Published April 24, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 240417

Hot off the Press!

Another weekend has passed. Sadly, there is much ‘admin’ I still did not get to.
Including going back to revisit and edit last Friday’s post.

Autumn has settled in Melbourne and I had my first weekend of my lounge resembling a Chinese laundry. Right now, it’s Sunday night and I need to go to sleep before 3am, as has been the habit the last few nights. I have just not been able to switch off. I have however been catching up with some old friends. Making new friends, getting to know them and saying good bye until another season. I am, of course referring to my TV shows. Been doing some serious catch up. The basics go like this;
The Shooter, meh? It’s good. But you can live without it. If you are scratching around for something to entertain you, then give it a go. It’s 10 episodes so not a huge commitment.

Watching TV

Next, Blacklist Redemption, if you haven’t seen Blacklist then get it together. If your debating the spin-off. Must watch! It’s 8 episodes and you will want more but be ok that it’s a short and sweet season. Lastly, I caught up on Suits, I kinda save the best to last with this one. If you haven’t seen any of it I’m not going to tell you too much except to say watch it. Nice guy screwed over by the system? Trying to do good, not in the mood much for critiquing sadly.

Finally switched off the brain tonight and forced myself to single task. I put on the 2016 reboot of the film Hackers. You know the 90’s original is how Angelina and Johnny Lee Miller met and later married. Great setting in New York and even better soundtrack. This version, not so much. I don’t think I’ll be watching it over and over again like the original. Next!

Switching off Brain 1

Off to the city to see my shrink tomorrow. I prefer to use that term (more fun) although to be fair she is a Psychologist/Social Worker. I’ve been seeing her for 10 years and I’m still not ‘fixed!’ (A little mental health humour)

My weekdays, are becoming very busy. Autumn has meant it gets dark around 6pm and that means I try to be home around 5pm. Most of my appointments out of the house are around what ‘normal’ people consider lunchtime to mid-afternoon. Lately, I’ve had to scramble home to be collected to go to an inspection to see properties while in my price range are tiny shoeboxes. I just want to hurry up and relocate so I can get my new fur-baby or just settle in and stay here.
Then of course, I’ve been getting another carer around dinner time to help with food prep. That could be actual food prep or admin or folding clothes to be perfectly clear. I’ve even started outsourcing the preparation of my pill containers. Everything in the effort not to be still doing emails at midnight. Such is this rubbish form of retirement I find myself doing.

On the upside, after an 18-month period where Stupidlink have struggled to do much right, they did finally    decided I am still eligible for my Disability Support Pension. Good for them, right? I did walk into a Stupidlink with my Mum and announce who I was and that I was sorry I was late for my JCA (Job Capacity Assessment) appointment and the staff member replied that, that was for people with a disability! I motioned to my arm in the sling, my walking stick and the badges explaining my low vision. I’m sure I gave her a frown and she apologised. Hidden disability or just plain stupid, I ask you?

Anyway, the cold has gone but the little wheezy cough has returned, not happy at all.
Oh, one last thing before signing off, I visited a pet shop a few weeks ago. No, not the kind with cages and pets for sale, but the kind with pet food and grain and such. I knew they had a cat in residence perhaps to help with mice and such? I went to have a pat and perhaps some ‘Love’ (not meaning to be creepy) that cat was so fickle! Must have sensed the recent grief from losing Jamima wash over me and that cat wouldn’t come near me.

To the start of a new week! Charge!

New week

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