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Grumpy Old Lady

Published March 9, 2020 by helentastic67

Grumpy Old Lady

Ok, for once I’m not writing about me. Ok, the grumpy old lady in question is not me. I was there and there was a grumpy old lady and for once it wasn’t me.

You know those accessible toilets? The ones with the heavy door (we work at that first) because it’s operated with a button. But I never see the button until I’ve put my whole-body weight against the door and sworn a bit at how hard it is to open and because it’s operated by a button, there is a light to indicate if it’s engaged.

I mean, no one pays attention if the normal lock states if it’s engaged anyway. People still put the stall door and sound surprised when it’s actually locked.

I know, right. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always call out “I won’t be a minute” and I take as long as it takes.

I’m not the one being rude. But I digress, frankly I get access to the accessible loo, I take my bag off and hang it on the strap on the wall and I hang my walking stick on the other. Don’t worry, this will not be a blow by blow account. But, while I’m “busy” the door opens wide and a woman, older seemingly “well to do” looking down her nose at me.

I can only describe this woman or her personality in these words. The look on her face told me she felt her shit didn’t stink. It is a pure Aussie Bogan term at I can’t sugar coat it. There it is.

And I’m 100% sure she looked at my face and thought I was ‘young’ and didn’t belong there. I’m also sure she considered I was on her throne and I should feel shamed enough to just get off. I did not move.

She just seemed happy to stand there in an authorative pose to argue and debate it with me. The damage was already done. She had seen me on the toilet (not that there was anything to see) but no one else needed to see me.

I was ready to suggest if the conversation wasn’t over, she could come in or go out, but could she please close the door. When she decided to leave.

I finished my business and left without another incident. The following meeting with my local DAC (Disability Advocacy Committee) in my local council, I mentioned my fun ‘little’ story of total humiliation.

I learned the lock automatically disables after ten minutes, so homeless people don’t go in there and spend the night and so junkies don’t go in and overdose.

Ok, I get it. But ten minutes, I’m one handed. Have you ever tried working these toilet rolls one handed? That is frustrating too. That is the making of a serial killer.



Published September 8, 2017 by helentastic67



You know those days where you have the best of intentions to make the world a better place for the next poor bastard whose life sucks more than it should? And well, it was never meant to be?

Had a lovely day on Monday. No appointments to work my stressed body or brain, so instead booked a friend to come do lunch.

There must have been way too many milkbars (or Corner shops) in my neighbourhood in the past as the ones that managed not to be renovated to within an inch of its life have become cool hipster Café’s. Beards, dyed grey hair, great food and coffee. Happy Days.


Add a trip to the cinema and you have a perfect Monday.

So, here’s the thing where I tried to pay it forward and make the world a less shitty place.

Before going into the cinema, I went to use the facilities. I generally use the disabled toilet, because A. I have a disability that is physical. B. I struggle in a normal public toilet cubicle. What with the wriggling around in a small space, closing and locking the door, putting my walking stick down, taking my bag off my body (it hangs from my left shoulder to rest on my right hip/buttocks). So, I digress, disabled toilet, NO TOILET PAPER! Grrrr!

No toilet paper1

Luckily, I always check before I pee, no drama. Go to the ladies, deal with getting stared at. Before and after I wriggle into a toilet cubicle. Deal with all of the above-mentioned challenges.

No toilet paper

Bit of growling, wriggling out hence probably the strange looks once I’d extricated myself from the cosy cubicle and before going into the movie session, I wandered back to the staff checking tickets to mention the lack of toilet paper in the disabled toilet…

disabled toilet


Public Attitude – Part 2

Published April 6, 2017 by helentastic67

Accessible bathroom

Public Attitude Part 2

Apparently, the cool thing these days for people who are ‘NORMAL’ is to use Accessible toilets in public places for SEX!

No, Really! There is a shopping complex in the city, I would cut through on my way from the train station to where I have my appointment monthly, with my shrink. (OK, my Psychologist/Social Worker, but I like to suggest I need a shrink!) (Or I get ‘shrunk) and I would always make my way to the Food Court down in the basement to use the accessible facilities. There was a doorbell to let people know someone was waiting and often I would be waiting so long the cleaner would come past and report they had been in there for ages.

Luckily for me if I’m desperate I can use the normal Ladies toilets with some difficulty, but I have to wriggle in, close the door, take off both my walking sticks and my bag before locking the door. I have to manage to pull down my pants, holding my upper layers up out of the way.

I think you get my point, so often if I’m not desperate, I wait outside the Accessible toilet door to see that the person departing is actually qualified to have used it!

outside accessible bathroom

Having the cleaner tell me what is more likely to be taking place in there, I confess, I start to knock and ring the doorbell more. What? Will that make it harder for them to finish? Sorry, I meant more difficult! No pun intended…

When they finally depart, a smug woman breezes past, holding the guys hand.

I usually will deliver them a really stern word or two to them and the guy looks back at me with barely a look of remorse.

I’ve waited for other Accessible toilets so long guys have gone into the men’s toilets next door only to reappear a moment later and try the door to the Accessible toilet. I raise my hand to say “that’s why I’m waiting!” and they again disappear into the men’s. I mean, c’mon! Everybody has to go to the toilet!

Hope you have heard the line; “Everybody has to eat! You don’t eat, you don’t shit! You don’t shit! You die!”

So, what if you need to defecate in a public toilet? That’s what it’s there for!

Anyway, excuse I’ve heard from perfectly able bodied people who think it’s acceptable to use Accessible Public Toilets!


Recently, a guy told me he had stitches coming out on his face! And he had to go to the hospital!

I didn’t notice any stitches, but maybe he should have gotten himself to a hospital!

I think it’s part of an Ice Epidemic more recently, but I also think it’s because people don’t think!

One of these days I might have to make someone my Bitch!

It goes like this! I open the door to the toilet just enough to insist the person next in the queue goes to a local department store, or anywhere and buy me new underwear and pants.

I will not even be able to give them any money…. As it feels like I never have any.

But that gives you an idea. What would you do if you were out in public and had as complete evacuation of your bowels and hadn’t made it to a toilet?

Mmmm….. Exactly!!!

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