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Today’s Lunch – 25th July 2018

Published July 25, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, my punchy-stab you day, with my lunch at my favourite cafe where I add the final touches to this post has just become a lunch and stabby day and my punchy part of the day has had to find somewhere else to fit into my busy week.


My normal Wednesday would centre around my home tram line and my fantastic young John, my taxi driver and with a bit of walking in between it all falls into place without too much stress, expense or loss of my independence or my ability to work flexibly to solve getting where I needed to be when I had to be there.


I know I hinted needing to stretch my brain muscle again a few weeks ago and this is why. My punchy appointment, my chiropractor has relocated her practice to a slightly less convenient location. A suburb slightly adjacent to my tram line. I am planning to move my chiropractor to Friday’s I think, so I have my carer to drive me and I will have more flexibility on Wednesday’s, but today Young John dropped me to get punched (not advocating for any form of violence), I took a little walk to the train close by and caught a train only a few stops back to Clifton Hill toward the city so I could still get lunch out of the way and tram back towards home for some torture of another kind. No stabby today.

Brain muscle

Side-bar, was in the city yesterday down at the Docklands at an event, to be continued, however, Melbourne logistically is built on a port. Did I mention it’s winter right now? Let me print a picture just quickly in just a few words with pictures. Arctic winds off the bay! I don’t know who picked this location but they are not my favourite, still here are some pictures before I was nearly blown over!

Docklands 1

Docklands 2Docklands 3Docklands 4


















I showed these pictures to my carer today who stated, Oh I love black and white. It looks great! (Eye roll) That’s not black and white, that was the weather. Oh, how she laughed so hard she cried! I love my carers!

Oh, yes. Where was I?

Today’s lunch, I rang earlier to ask something to be set aside. What can I say? There are perks for consistency. I’ve only been going there for 10 years. An Arancini Bolognaise with side salad with my standard medicine and a coffee Mignon because I felt like it. And like there isn’t enough to see today?












Coffee mignon


Mika 1

Mika 3











I’m hoping this beautiful fluffy thing becomes mine! Or me hers? Soooooo smoochie!


Great Day

Today’s Lunch Special – 28th June 2017

Published June 28, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

I’m thinking to rename my Wednesday Pinchy/Stabby day to include Mental Health somehow. Because that is what I’m working on by the appointments I keep every Wednesday and yummy lunch never hurts.

I just had some friendly banter with the Barista on my way past. The owner Rob is looking rather slim lately so I suggested one of these days if I can’t buy any of my favoured options, I could resort to a nice salad with my latte.

Would that be healthy? Or counter-productive?

Turns out Rob the owner has hit the gym. I delivered the Barista a friendly STFU because I can’t go to the gym.

Or I wouldn’t be able to do it justice so it would do my head in.

So, on today’s lunch menu is another Arancini, In the form of a Zucca Arancini with a side salad.


Always! And my latte. Medicine!


Have a great Hump Day!


Happy hump day


Hot off the Press – 8th May 2017

Published May 8, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot of the Press

Ready! Set! Go!

Osteo Remedial/Mio. Chiropractor/Acupuncture. (B.T. Dubs, it’s called Wednesday, commonly referred to as my Punchy/Stabby Day!) Physio. Completely missed lunch 2 or 3 days this week. Mum was down from Monday Night & 2 nights we were up doing ‘Someone else” Job so late I got to sleep around 3am.


Gave mum her early Mother’s Day gift. A cute little teddy bear I hid between her pillow and the doona in the spare bedroom. It has a little button on its Tummy and when you press it a child-like voice says “I love you Mum!” She was very coy but I think she really liked it because that night I thought she would wear out the battery. Totally worth it!

Mothers day

But we got there. Even made a decent frittata this week, haven’t made one in years and visited the local pet shop. The only furry beast in residence was Vigaro, a somewhat friendly young male with black and white fur, some cute black marking on its mouth. The pet shop always has one cat from Maneki.Neko Cat Rescue (Check it out)

He loved a good head rub from me and Mum even had a cuddle. This visit came about because it looks like I’m not moving any time soon. Not much around and none of it very nice in my price-range. so, why am I waiting to get my new In-House Mental Health Care Provider?

Black and white cat

Well, I could afford the $120 cost of a fully vet-checked fur-child but, not the cost of the food & kitty litter as I returned or gifted every bit I had 6 weeks ago. Meanwhile Vigaro bit my Mum…..Hope he finds a nice home all the same. I have also created the very short Pro’s (versus Con’s) list of not having a cat! I only spent $50 on people food last Friday.

Managed to catch up on some admin today. Even read a comic. (only one this week) in the constant battle to clear my couch which is more like my in-tray. Received some emails from some blogger colleagues this week which was lovely, wondering who is responsible for the T-Birds & Purple Tree’s posts from some time ago (You know who you are!) and when I might see another?

At the age of 40 my mum finally got around to making her second daughter a quilt! My mum is a Mad Quilter. Ok, she says passionate, I say Mad! Same/Same! That was four years ago it’s finally been on my bed for the last 2 nights! Couldn’t have had the quilt on my bed with Jamima……she was a scratcher, when it came to bedding.


Have been watching Homeland and 13 reasons why, the second reminding me of the painful years of High School. Not quite finished, so no spoilers please!  Would be a great soundtrack.

Wondering if these Hot off the press updates work for people? I enjoy the routine & that it works out to be current for everyone however I find as life is always busy I make the excuse not to prioritise some time to write down other ideas into actual laid-out posts.

Feel free to comment & provide feedback? Please keep it positive?

It’s the start of a new week all over again!

New week

Where to Start

Published October 17, 2016 by helentastic67


Where to start?

It’s been maybe a week since I last put pen to paper and I’ve been busy living ‘Life’ as crappy as ‘Life’ is these days!

Oh! Stop press! My Latte just arrived and the lovely wait staff (he’s new) misinterpreted my visits here as me doing ‘WORK!’

Working in Cafe

Every Wednesday, I visit my favourite Café. Ideally I’m all blogged-out with nothing to write about and I might switch off and read a comic.

Otherwise it is good to have “Lunch” at a reasonable time for the midday meal!

Because from here I commence what I refer to as my “Punchy/stabby” day. That translates to my weekly Chiropractic appointment, followed by a tram ride back up to my neighbourhood where I see an Acupuncturist.











I like meeting people here for meetings as they have gotten to know me here. I no longer have to explain my disability to the regulars and I now seem “Normal” to them.

But the new ‘young’ guy doesn’t know my past, my issues and just sees me here as a ‘Professional’. Having my meetings and writing/working on my blog!




Hidden Pain

Published August 26, 2016 by helentastic67


Hidden Pain

So, I know I get a little backlash out there. My disability has managed to leave me with the ability to walk with the aid of a walking stick (Not complaining).

And therefore I have a level of independence to go out and do things.

Yesterday was Monday, I had my Carer at 9am. We were done an hour later. I made my own breakfast and light lunch. I actually ate my breakfast on the couch for a change. I often eat it in a hurry on the train to the city on the days I go out. Ridiculous!

My appointment wasn’t until 3pm and while I really wanted to go back to bed and to sleep I figured my Landlord was due to mow the lawns. I’ve been watching it get long and overgrown the last two weeks. And let’s face it, I had to get to Medicare to claim two receipts. Medicare is my ‘Other Bank’ and I don’t claim much these days.

So, off I went to the city. That translates like this;

Text my Young John (will tell you about him another time; get your tissues ready) Young John drives me to a train station closer to the city. It’s more convenient and a train goes through every 10 minutes.

Get on train and in the city in about 20 minutes. The train platform is an easy one for me, it is just on Platform 1 so right out onto Flinders Street and cross.

I crossed between 2 pedestrian crossings to save time. Traffic had stopped all the same.

I made a stop at the shop I used to visit to have a quick chat to Peter. He was the 3red stop for me, back in my Promoter days every Monday Peter runs a little independent Music/Clothing/Tattooist/Body art/Gothic shop that is literally down an alley and down in the basement. Awkward stairs. Handrails not on the right but I make it in one piece, because I won’t QUIT!!!

I once flew down the stairs and up again but after a little catch up.

No independent bands touring anytime soon either. Peter goes up and comes back down for me in the lift.

Still had to do about 10 steps down to street level. Anyway, I give a nice older lady some directions as she looks a little lost and confused (don’t we all?).

Walk several large blocks to Medicare. Feel good! Big strides, can see and most people respectfully move out of my way. Not everyone, but most!

Medicare a busy place. Don’t want to wait today so I fill in the forms. Very little information required. Staple and put in the post box.

They will process and by tomorrow, I’ll be $106. Richer!!

Anyway, cross two streets. And wait for a tram.

Catching trams in Melbourne

I’m only going halfway home as that’s where my appointment is. But the tram isn’t a flatbed tram. It’s not disability friendly! So, three big steps. Word from the wise, lead with the stronger leg and I always sit just inside the door. Commonly referred to and by other disabled friends as “My seat!” We each call it that and when we are together we prioritise who needs it more. Or this allows me to sit there because they are gentlemen…

Anyway, get to Collingwood and go into shop that requires a few steps. No handrail. Walk 15 minutes to appointment. Was warm as the last day of summer in Melbourne.

Time to sit for a bit before my appointment.

I see Gerry who does Shiatsu every 3-4 weeks for an hour, he works on my back, shoulders and arms and a little on my neck.

Afterwards, he gives me a lift up the street (it’s uphill) and I heave myself up onto the tram again for the 20 minute journey home.

Off tram at my stop and walk 10-15 minutes. Happy to get home, not too desperate for the loo. 5 steps up and inside!

So Tuesday. Got the day off today. No appointments! Just phone calls to make sure my Carers are sorted for the next 10 days and any transport needs.

Struggle to get it together! Things hurt! For once my head doesn’t hurt but my thighs hurt and my right shoulder and arm. And it hurts to walk. Want to make reference to feel like, I’ve been on a horse for a week, but don’t know what that’s like. Dragging my left foot a little today.

Lastly, while my transport yesterday was all fine and Gerry volunteers his time today I’m paying for it!

Every step, every curb I negotiated I’m feeling it today! And tomorrow we do it all again.

Closer to home this time, but Wednesday is my pinchy/stabby day.

Chiropractor followed by Acupuncture. Two appointments I have weekly to help me maintain my independence. Having a disability really is a full time job…


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