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Published June 21, 2019 by helentastic67


Because I can’t help but mix it up a little, I’m not suffering OCD however, I am likely to circle back to other topics. Today’s post is about when people are in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime.

So, once upon a time I worked at a large environmental company as an admin. Don’t get excited, I wasn’t an OH&S officer (that’s short for Occupational Health and Safety) let’s call her Daisy.

Whenever someone had an injury in the office, even so much as a paper cut and someone called out that they had hurt themselves, someone would call out “Daisy!” even though she was not located anywhere near us.

Rumour was, if you got a paper cut, she would bring you a tube of cream and I suspect she did a regular stocktake of the bandaids in the tearoom first aid. Paper cuts, big problem in admin, should qualify for hazard pay or just BYO bandaids.

However, at the time my boyfriend who lived with me, also worked at the same place as an Environmental Scientist. He was far more qualified in his work. But at home, Daisy followed us everywhere. If in the backyard I would be hanging my washing on the line, the garden hose curled out across the concrete, creating a delightful tripping hazard. One of us would generally call out “Daisy” and then we would share a little chuckle.

Daisy was a bit of a joke in the office. You all get her name was not Daisy, don’t you? Because one day on ‘site’ there was a gate to enter a site and Daisy had gone out to check on the ‘safety’ of the job. I suspect it was a disused petrol station or some such, which is what my ex worked on or ‘whatever’. Daisy should have parked outside the gate and entered carefully on foot or better yet parked and called out for the guys to escort her on to the site. But NO, apparently, she drove in and proceeded to drive all over the site.

But with the absence of the ex or the other people that were in my life at that time, the “OH&S chant “Daisy” has gone. Sadly….

I’ll share some more soon.


Today’s Lunch – 5th June 2019

Published June 5, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch


Good Mental Health Day

Another week!

Actually, had Tuesday at home this week. Multitasking one-handed like a pro. Very good thing I have both a mobile and a landline as I used both at the same time to catch up on serious admin/organizing & negotiating. Also managed to write some posts ahead of printing and posting to my blog administrator next week.

Cleared up the trays that cover my coffee table and my couch. A calm mid-week lunch in my punchy-stabby day.


Today’s offering is a Bolognaise Arancini with side salad and my medicine.










And this, I don’t know what it’s called, but how could I not? And yes, I’m sharing it!





Published November 10, 2017 by helentastic67



And this is why I love Fridays! OK, so it’s nearly 6pm and I just had ‘lunch’ and I’m yet to actually have my coffee/custard scroll perfect combo that marks the end of the week, but still.

Coffee and scroll

Had shopping with my carer today. Did a provisional shop and still justified buying some socks from the supermarket, got some meat from the butcher’s? (I ring on the drive over and order, so they have time to cut it up since I can’t).


Did the standard, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, tour of my local small shopping complex.  Clearly, not exactly like that, but butcher, baker, supermarket, Greek Deli, Chemist, maybe K-Mart, German Supermarket, fabric/craft shop etc.

Butcher baker and candlestick maker

Once home, groceries unpacked, lunch in over, water a few plants with recycled water from kitchen, sprayed the aphids on the roses, put away clean folded clothes, had to spot clean the floor and eventually I eat “lunch” and I hit the wall.


Now I’ve got the rest of the day, now 6.30pm to finish my ‘Admin’ (or what I call ‘Admin’) and check my email so I can put it all aside again until late Sunday night.

Just gotta get past danger hours, that time I really want to have a kip that is intended to last 30 minutes, but goes for 2 hours.

Kip time

Must keep moving, left eye hurts already.

Time for coffee…



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