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Today’s Lunch – 6th February 2019

Published February 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Firstly, I need to apologise for the break in standards last Wednesday, I had serious technical issues, followed by a meltdown! Super! So, this week has been way too busy already. Here is last week’s offering with a mention of todays.

Technical support

Secondly, I’m going to make a very brief announcement. Something to celebrate, particularly if you are a Foody or a big fan of beetroot.

Big announcement

My girl Friday, this is what I call her she told me she is now a big fan of beetroot dip! Her family are really big cheese fans and she isn’t. I’ve tried to interest her in olives but so far, no chance but beetroot dip. Yes, it’s pink and she hates pink, but I’m taking it as a win. Celebrate with me and tell me in a comment below what you can’t live without?

Beetroot dip

So, at the moment I can’t live without Smooth Iced Tea or ice cream. Today’s lunch from last week is, Chicken and Turmeric salad with my medicine in the background as you can see. My girl Friday’s thick shake looks good doesn’t it?

Chicken & Salad

Latte & Thick Shake










Mmmmmmmmmm, onward!

Hours later, still Wednesday I am sitting reassessing my day. It’s actually my first day out and about since last Friday. While I love my days where I’m off-grid. Taking a break, not doing adult or barely even person, I find once I do get out, I over compensated maybe. I had a brief chat to the owner of my favourite cafe and realised sometimes when people ask how Christmas was? I should revert to my first instinct and say “Good. Good!” Even if it’s not true. So, I actually overshared and I feel terrible.

Over compensated

You may have noticed; today’s post is actually the post that should have gone live last Wednesday? I’m a bit of a stickler for schedule. It’s important to me so, I apologise for the delay, because Australia has shitty, shitty 3rd world internet! It’s fucking outrageous! I realised last Friday I had crappy internet all last week because my brain training has not been doing its job and my favourite news program made a mention that all NBN providers are being made to credit customers for not providing quality services as advertised. I had good internet over the weekend and rubbish ever since. Tonight, even my home phone (Yes! I have a landline!) wasn’t working and my mobile. Yeah, that apparently needs a software update because it won’t let me make calls, as I discovered earlier today.


I use messenger a great deal on my phone to connect with people, my phone still has internet, but I try not to use it too much so I keep my costs down. I sent S.O.S to my family hoping they could assist. They took an hour to even respond and I received a call (at least my landline is back up!) and that was just to manage my expectation of a service I’m not getting and just to be patient! Which I must say doesn’t help one iota. As in it just added to my frustration! In the end a short convo with my lovely administrator, Noelle was just what I needed. Just a calming presence. If only I could bottle her. She didn’t fix my lack of internet, but she gave me the calm needed to deal with the whole situation myself. I love that woman!


And today’s lunch, a lovely Pancetta quiche with the side salad, with my medicine.

Pancetta Quiche












Today’s Lunch – 11th April 2018

Published April 11, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 1104

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Another Wednesday dawns and much to share. Firstly, an apology for Monday’s post arriving a day later than normal. You might be aware I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday with an attention to promptness?

So, to explain. I’m sure you will understand my lovely Noelle my administrator who does all the magic to put my words live, mourns the passing of her mother. And she was put to rest Monday. While she lives in Sydney and I in Melbourne I finally got to meet her! Not the best of circumstances however after about six years of daily contact and a rare phone all. We actually got to meet! And yes, I made her try the prickly pear (it’s a very short season of which I bought only 12) Here is a picture of us.

Slumber party


Just a couple of kids

By the time I remembered to get a photo we were both in our jimmy jimmies (slumber party!) and very tired. Hence the above! No, it’s not us but I gave Noelle creative license to go crazy! Sadly, she was only here for one night! But I made sure to take her for coffee! Since MELBOURNE does have far superior coffee to Sydney!

Melbourne Coffee

But the excitement for the week was not yet over, what else could there be, I hear you ask? Monday early evening around 6.30pm, the fire alarm went off in the apartment block and we had to evacuate. Sounds a bit exciting right? Will Helens fantasy of being rescued from her second-floor balcony by a ‘hot’ fireman really happen? The block is six stories and there are lots of apartments and never an opportunity to meet anyone. Well, until there is an incident like this, after pulling on my cuff and collar, grabbing my bag and walking stick I left the building. In the lift, where it clearly states in case of fire avoid using the lift! (How else was I supposed to get out?) I later learnt there are two staircases I’m just hoping there is a handle on the right-hand side and in a serious potentially smoke-filled environment I don’t get pushed down the stairs? He sent fantasy? What! A girl can dream!

Fire Alarm

After standing around downstairs (wish I’d bought a jumper…..bbbbrrrrrr)  not one but two firetrucks came! People started heading back upstairs. I asked two firemen if it was ok to go back up? What had been the problem? He told me someone had been cooking bread rolls and they had caught on fire! And had it been me?

Fire truck

Hot fireman







How dare he! And on the lift ride back up having started a conversation with another tenant who provided me with some relief that this happens about once-yearly, she was going upstairs to find her cat who would likely be traumatised. One cat condo had appeared downstairs in the evacuation so seemingly good pet parenting there and if I had a cat I would have struggled to catch, shove in a cat condo and get it and myself outside, stairs aside! Again, fantasy prevails!

In the lift

In the lift, I noticed the only other people in the building I know. They swapped car spaces with me so I could access power for my scooter and they live two doors down from me, so have been initiated into my free food trade agreement. So, I asked him in the lift if he had been baking? Rightly he denied such action but there was a murmur of humour. I later messaged him apologising ‘bake-shaming’ him in public. He took it so well and that was just Monday, this is why I stopped writing my Monday Hot off the Press posts. They were while accurate, so busy.

Baking bread

Now, it’s Wednesday and with a grasp on calm today’s offering is another Ortolani quiche with a side salad. And my medicine.



Here is the News – 3rd April 2017

Published April 3, 2017 by helentastic67


Live post 1

Here is the News

About 2 months ago, I suggested to the lovely Noelle my administrator and biggest support. Without her http://www.Hellonwheels/ would still be on paper and not live.

I have previously mentioned but just to remind you all. I write long hand on paper when the inspiration takes me.

Here is the news 1

Generally when I need to rant a little, or express my great frustration or want to share… get the idea if you have followed my blog long enough. I photocopy my writing and post to Noelle who is interstate and she types them up and we chat by email and social media. As this process, often means the posts that go ‘live’ there is a significant lag. Lately I’ve not written for several weeks, not been rather inspired to share, too busy living, dealing, treading water and keeping my head above water.


So, the plan to do a live blog at least once a week, the first few weeks just didn’t happen. And thankfully, Noelle didn’t push it. I was busy enjoying Jamima’s last few weeks.

I’ve also been house-hunting much to my dismay (there are no words to accurately describe how much I hate this) and dealing with the inadequacies of the NDIS. (Don’t get me started!)

House hunting

Jamima has now been gone three weeks and obviously, that fateful week where I finally let her go, was just awful. It’s sad even now.

And now, I’m back at the plan of one live post a week of what is going on now…. and obviously, live, meaning I’m tapping away on my iPad and Noelle will edit my dyslexic efforts. I’ll give the final ‘Go ahead!’ And Noelle finds the memes and posts it live.


So, this week, this is the first post and no matter how my weekend goes. No matter how behind I am on my chores (emails, comics, admin, rest) I’ll tap out some words so I stay with my commitment to keep you up to date of what shit I’m dealing with now.


Published April 8, 2016 by helentastic67



So, sometimes I want to post a blog, just so I can tell people of my accomplishments. And I can but by the time you hear about them a month or more would have come to pass, but it’s the perfect Segway to me telling you about my process and intern my wonderful administrator.

My process starts with me trying to practice “mindfulness”.

Sometimes I’m waiting for the right thing to happen to trigger a post coming together, just right in my mind. I like to write with pen and paper. Old school.

Then, because of my many issues or deficits, whatever I have been stuck with that for about 5 years that I’ve been planning this blog and talking about it.

And I guess it’s taken a while for a few things to fall into place. Admittedly I was slow to get on the Social Media thing, and a bit longer to be introduced to the right person.

And that is how I met my Administrator!

She is my wizard who made my blog become a reality. More of this hero in a moment, but first I write long hand, copy and post about once a month. So far (Scanned once and emailed) and send to someone in Sydney who types my blog posts up, emails to me for final editing and then after she does some final searching for pictures and some networking “she posts”.

And she be my friend Noelle. And I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to tell you about her, so will pause here…..

Sometimes, I want to brag about the things I’ve just achieved, one-handed, but now there is no time.

I often debrief via text to check in with him.

Sometimes they go something like this;

“Had Chiro and Acupuncture today. And if I had a husband I’d be all over that as well!”

Over time I will tell you of my friends. I hope you will understand more about me and what I value by the friends I keep.

Also don’t be confused by the dates on my posts. I am a prolific writer and have been preparing and writing for this blog for years, so at times I will pull something out of my archives.

If and when I do it will be because it’s still current.

Or I’m still really angry about it….

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