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The Like

Published January 3, 2020 by helentastic67

The Like

Today, I thought I’d write about how I started blogging and the process I use to be a valuable contributing member in the WordPress community.

Now, I have been writing since I was a teenager, nothing worth saying, but writing extremely all the same, but I’ve been posting and blogging consistently since November 2015 and when I began, I trusted Noelle to sort out who to follow. I gather she picked the top 10 bloggers and over the years, a few of my favourites still post with regularity, some have fallen away and a few I unfollowed fairly quickly after I realised their blog was not what I was after.

I mean, I can only deal with so many carefully manicured red nailed fingers smashed into a woman’s well waxed snatch (vagina; not kidding) that I can cope with.

In case you are wondering, my limit for the above was one. One, and done!

Well, I think I also want at the bitching, whinging and moaning ‘he’ was using to complain about how his wife had cheated on him, while he was overseas fighting for his country and maybe, it’s because your wife is bi-polar and you were self-medicating  with a S & M lifestyle and when you weren’t there, she looked for another.

Not suggesting any of those things are wrong, just it’s your life and you can choose how you live it. But if it goes sideways, you deal with the consequences.

I have a rule of thumb, if a blog inspires me, I will follow. If I think I can help you in some way to better understand the shit you are dealing with, I will comment. Short and pitchy, in the comments. Because, they wrote the post, it’s not for me to write a blogpost in their comments section.

On a rare occasion, I will email someone for a more in-depth conversation, because I consider that’s the medium for more informative advice.

If someone new likes a blogpost I will go check out their blog, if it interests me, even if they haven’t chosen to follow my blog, I will follow theirs.

Also, I will give them a ‘Like’ to say I’ve visited. I have the rule I don’t follow everyone that chooses to follow me.

I just figure, if you need numbers, it happens organically and it takes time and after a while I check how many followers I have and I’m surprised.

My first blog post, I got followers. I mentioned it to Noelle, my administrator, I was so excited, I went to check out their blog and they had created a profile, but had no contact. Sadly, I’ve never seen them like another post since. But with that first follower, Noelle said the wisest of words ever “Keep writing”.

Now, five hundred posts later, two hundred and forty plus followers later, I’m still chipping away at the past, present end, I’ll get caught up in the end. What I hope for the future.


Life One Handed – Part 2

Published September 9, 2019 by helentastic67

Life One Handed Part 2

One of the best bits of advice I can offer for surviving one handed is this. It’s very simple and gets you way ahead of causing yourself bigger problems later and that bit of advice is this:


There are times I’m in the kitchen and I lose my balance a little and I am always put part of my hand, say knuckles, edge (you know that part from your wrist  down to your little finger) or even the back of your hand on the wall, so I can untangle my feet.

You can put your hand on the bench (easier to clean) or if you need to open the door or press a button on your phone to answer it.

Refer to above.

For everything else, I recommend a food handling glove.




Published October 4, 2016 by helentastic67



Some people have great advice for me on what I can and should be able to do. I appreciate they’ve given it some thought. However, their advice is based on them NOT HAVING TO DO IT ONE HANDED!

Wonder if I made my point? Wonder if anyone’s still reading this post? It’s hard to tell.

Last night, Easter Sunday my neighbour bought me down some cake (Yum) and 6 prawns. (I don’t get it) We have a thing. I introduce her to foody goodness and she brings me treats, soups, I have given to neighbours and friends over the years in the hopes that it will express to people who I am and what I’m about. I finally have a neighbour who thinks to return the favour. Love her!

Anyway, the prawns, I know she meant well and I realise it didn’t occur to her I’d struggle to take the shells off. I wasn’t thinking of Megi (yes that’s her name – love her) so the prawns I gave it a go. But after all the effort I had a nibble and understood this rubbery concept even less. And then I gave them to the cat! No one can say she isn’t looked after.

Here are some pictures, before and after.

Whole Prawnsattempt prawnsfinal result









I do like a good challenge.

Jamima and prawns



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