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Published May 31, 2019 by helentastic67



Now, I think you all know me by now and you know I don’t often use people’s actual names. I don’t mention companies; I deal with good or bad or otherwise.

Unless, I mention Apple products, because I use them and only have my laptop, iPad and iphone because about five years ago I had one-off funding that helped pay for those things and maybe one day before I have to do a Go-Fund-Me page they might sponsor me for these things. Hint! Hint!

So, Sally the overlocker, it’s not actually about either of those things, but once upon a time back in the 90’s when a few people would gather at 5am in my lounge for raisin toast and cups of tea after the clubs, at my home in South Yarra.

A few of the guys were discussing some ‘guy’ topic. The other two ladies that were there and myself got a wisp of their blokie conversation.

To not be left out, we created a fictitious lady-friendly topic and we name dropped, you guessed it. Sally the Overlocker.

Clearly, a fictitious personality we dropped her into conversations at random intervals, even to the point where one of the two guys looked over rather curiously.

FYI, South Yarra is a rather exclusive suburb to live in and I was ‘crawling’ distance to the Jam Factory on Chapel Street and the house I was in, while not at all amazing, was the cheapest rent I’ve ever had in Melbourne. $262.15 per calendar month in 1993. Those were the days.



Technology – Part 2

Published July 6, 2018 by helentastic67

Technology 2a

Technology –  Part 2

The NDIA has passed down the decision, they will not fund computers.

Not funding computers

I think this is probably, due to the carte blanche attitude of ‘anybody with an ISP’ (Individual Support Package) and the inability to police/monitor recipients of funding packages to buy a new computer, iPad, X-Box, gadgets, whatever, every year regardless of, if they need them.

Apple prods

x Box


Obviously, they don’t hut they have not ever managed this as a funding oversight or overspending.

I don’t know how I’m going to afford a new computer just because the government thinks


I have carers who don’t own a computer or even have one in their homes. My father never had a computer and he’s 68 years old, by the way and would not cope nor even be interested in a computer.

No computer

So, ergo, case in point, I don’t know how the government want us to manage our NDIS funding or anything else we are supposed to do on a computer, if we can’t afford one. I guess (to quote a friend) they think I’ll be able to smash away on my pillow as if it’s a keyboard.

Great image BTW (By the way)


National Disability Insurance Agency.


Not life changing

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