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Today’s Lunch – 13th November 2019

Published November 13, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Last week I mentioned an exhibition opening I was to attend. That whole day did go to plan thankfully, including an hour kip and getting back to the city with 10 minutes to spare to see Dylan Moran at Hamer Hall. Hilarious!

These were my two favourite portraits in the exhibition. I didn’t even take one of mine.









The Opening Doors project will launch its website early December. I’ll share the link then.

Well, needing a calm lunch as my regular girl Wednesday has taken leave to go to Disneyland. With a different carer than usual. I suggested a postcard for her favourite client and I was told she would be too busy. I was serious the first time I suggested it but after that I was just teasing her.

Yesterday, after going to the AGM (Annual General Meeting) I had my nice monthly migraine for the rest of the day! You may wonder if going to the advocacy group I attend e dry on this worth the pain? It’s necessary connected. To network and connected to ‘my’ even if all the time I’m reminded I don’t fit in with ‘normal’ people that I am always desperate to connect with in some long-lasting way. I am often left feeling even more alone. Or in some way unworthy. Yeah, it’s super!

Today’s offering is a bolognaise arancini with side salad and medicine.

Today’s Lunch – 17th July 2019

Published July 17, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I actually had a nice lunch here yesterday on my own. Even did some writing, catching up on the back log. Had two appointments with two different GP’s, so got to have lunch in between.

Monday, I learnt what the financial value is of my time to sit on a committee board as a consumer of public health. I do some voluntary efforts. Some, monthly meetings, locally a bi-monthly meeting all to contribute to offering feedback and ideas on how my experiences can improve other people’s ability to use or access the system we all have access to. There’s plenty of emails, phone calls and politics at times. And none of it paid.

It’s considered we all do it for the love of it, it sometimes it all has its own rewards, like when I got to go to a dinner at Government House a few weeks ago. But nothing helps put food on the table better than cold hard cash! So, for a 3-hour gig I have been told my time is worth $40. Might be having a Naomi Campbell moment but I’m considering setting the standard of not getting out of bed for less than $100. What’s say you?

Meanwhile, today’s lunch consists of a Pumpkin & Spinach Arancini, with side salad and today my medicine is complimentary and comes with a chocolate macaron.











But today I was introduced to my chiropractor’s new resident Enzo. So coot!

Today’s Lunch – 27th March 2019

Published March 27, 2019 by helentastic67

Today Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I have two things to celebrate this week, both very slow-burn achievements. One, only I am the beneficiary, the other the whole apartment building I live in benefits. Feeling like a win-win!!!
Firstly, I got my clothes dryer, it was fully funded. Thank you, St Vincent de Paul, below is a photo of my European laundry. Well, the doors to it, in my main bathroom. Then the doors open. Then the third is just of the dryer. This will save me 90 minutes every night in winter from having to bring in my washing from the racks on the balcony and hanging them a second time in my study. It’s not always cool enough to put on the heater in my apartment. I might start getting to bed before 1am. Maybe?

Dryer cupboardDryer 1Dryer 2Dryer 3

















The other win, is that the whole building had its windows cleaned. I have been asking since last spring as it’s normally something I get done at that time. I was out at an exhibition opening of a friend from high school, 100 years ago (exaggeration much) and came home to lovely sparkling clean windows! I understand they may never have been done before.

This is my friend Fran O’Neil and I in front of her work. Fran spends part of the year in New York. Go Fran!

Fran and I 1Fran and I 2









And a nice lunch back at my regular haunt. Very happy.  A pumpkin and spinach arancini with side salad and medicine.











Cheers H

Today’s Lunch – 25th July 2018

Published July 25, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, my punchy-stab you day, with my lunch at my favourite cafe where I add the final touches to this post has just become a lunch and stabby day and my punchy part of the day has had to find somewhere else to fit into my busy week.


My normal Wednesday would centre around my home tram line and my fantastic young John, my taxi driver and with a bit of walking in between it all falls into place without too much stress, expense or loss of my independence or my ability to work flexibly to solve getting where I needed to be when I had to be there.


I know I hinted needing to stretch my brain muscle again a few weeks ago and this is why. My punchy appointment, my chiropractor has relocated her practice to a slightly less convenient location. A suburb slightly adjacent to my tram line. I am planning to move my chiropractor to Friday’s I think, so I have my carer to drive me and I will have more flexibility on Wednesday’s, but today Young John dropped me to get punched (not advocating for any form of violence), I took a little walk to the train close by and caught a train only a few stops back to Clifton Hill toward the city so I could still get lunch out of the way and tram back towards home for some torture of another kind. No stabby today.

Brain muscle

Side-bar, was in the city yesterday down at the Docklands at an event, to be continued, however, Melbourne logistically is built on a port. Did I mention it’s winter right now? Let me print a picture just quickly in just a few words with pictures. Arctic winds off the bay! I don’t know who picked this location but they are not my favourite, still here are some pictures before I was nearly blown over!

Docklands 1

Docklands 2Docklands 3Docklands 4


















I showed these pictures to my carer today who stated, Oh I love black and white. It looks great! (Eye roll) That’s not black and white, that was the weather. Oh, how she laughed so hard she cried! I love my carers!

Oh, yes. Where was I?

Today’s lunch, I rang earlier to ask something to be set aside. What can I say? There are perks for consistency. I’ve only been going there for 10 years. An Arancini Bolognaise with side salad with my standard medicine and a coffee Mignon because I felt like it. And like there isn’t enough to see today?












Coffee mignon


Mika 1

Mika 3











I’m hoping this beautiful fluffy thing becomes mine! Or me hers? Soooooo smoochie!


Great Day

Today’s Lunch – 18th July 2018

Published July 18, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Let’s get back to the normal can we, a bit of calm. Is it too much to ask?

Being normal

Might be being a little dramatic, so luckily was here only yesterday since I was in the neighbourhood for my GP appointment. Did I have an Arancini? No comment!


Today’s offering, not an Arancini, an Ortolani Quiche with side salad and my standard medicine.













Happy hump day

Today’s Lunch – 4th July 2018

Published July 4, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch 1

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Now, to share. Yesterday I had a little adventure out on Hellonwheels in my local neighbourhood. It’s already a rarity at this time of the year as it’s winter here in Melbourne. We are due a dry winter which sounds strange, but to make up for it, it will be bitterly cold. But I had a parcel to collect from the post office and I couldn’t carry it. So Hellonwheels it was, I layered up and off I went!

Hellonwheels accident 1

I didn’t get far when I literally ran into a woman. Now, the only appropriate response is to be genuine when asking how they are. Just saying. Sell it! Make it sound real! She said in a child-like voice that it had really hurt! I bet it had. It’s what you get when you stop walking in the middle of the footpath without having any awareness of who or what is around you. I had had my head turned slightly too far to my right so she had been in my blind spot on my left, but no I did not tell her that. It is my least favourite thing yet to run into someone on my scooter even if they deserved it.
I made the effort to scooter to one of the food truck locations, I haven’t been to any of them however this mural…………..
Chuck Norris

My carer tells me there is a neat ‘hack’ online or was where you would google his name to be given a message that “you don’t find Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris finds you!” This is why it’s good to have some ‘younger fear’ people around. This carer keeps getting mistaken as my child lately. She’s 24, she teases me that I’m really old. Like 60. Um? I’m 45 and 60 isn’t old but I feel old already!


On my scooter ride home, I dropped in on Wilbur but left it too late to snap a photo and here are some cool snaps I took on my way home. My council district is very good to encourage and commission artists to do murals. It keeps tagging and graffiti to a minimum.

Street Art 1Street Art 2Street Art 3Street Art 4Street Art 5Street Art 6Street Art 7Street Art 8


































And despite only being out for 2 hours on my scooter in winter, my face and ears and my left hand were freezing, although my hand is always freezing, still counts. Don’t know if anyone else has this problem however coffee doesn’t help keep me awake! Anyone? Sometimes coffee and a kip? Best sleep ever. Just saying I think it’s my Italian blood. There was that time once working in clubs I had two coffees overnight and when I was in bed trying to sleep hours later my heart was racing. Also, didn’t help I had to get up early and get to the other side of town for my friend’s brothers 21st by midday. Seriously, those were the days. The music at that party was louder than the clubs I worked at and when I inquired the source of the music since it wasn’t coming from inside the house I was informed it was coming from the mum’s car! Outside, in the driveway with the boot up, with all the flashing lights of any 80’s disco. God help us all! I live on that side of town now, where were we?

80s disco

After that little trip down memory lane and to the point of today’s post?

Today’s offering, it’s a return to the Arancini. A pumpkin and spinach with the side-salad. Today’s medicine is complimentary, with a little pink mignon.

Latte 1Mignon









As I don’t have acupuncture today, I might return for the carrot cake I didn’t have last week since it so disappointed Oscar a dandelion another of my followers.

Carrot Cake

Today’s Lunch – 9th May 2018

Published May 9, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch 0905

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

So rather than scootering today, to fit in with Young John’s other important people I’m not on Hellonwheels. This is the time of year every Wednesday is a day to wear my scootering T-shirt! It states on the front “Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat” and as it’s Autumn, every Wednesday could be the last until spring and even then, spring is pretty wet.

T Shirt

I may not have mentioned but Hellonwheels is not waterproof! Sadly. After a few crazy days and weeks, I’ve made it to Clifton Hill in time for lunch before the Punchy/Stabby starts! I’m sitting in the front window today as there are lots of well-behaved doggies waiting for fog biscuits. Frankie is present, let’s see if I can snap a photo of Frankie with her dad. Frankie will beg for food from complete strangers. It’s cute.


Today’s offering is an Arancini Zucca (pumpkin and spinach) and my standard medicine.

Pumpkin and Spinich











When I got to the chiro I ran into Young Johns wife! That’s right! Her names Young Betty!

Young Betty



Today’s Lunch – 1st November 2017

Published November 1, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 2

Today’s Lunch

Just need s simple calm lunch today. Was meant to sign my new lease so I could start locking in appointments, removalist and cleaners and it’s all getting moved to tomorrow. The three weeks until move day has already become only two weeks and haven’t started packing yet.

I have been prompting and organising and no one else is doing their jobs. What’s the point of having this amazing thing called the NDIS if it doesn’t help?

So, today’s offering………is
Arancini bolognaise with a side salad. My standard medicine and a chocolate mignon. Because I felt like it.



















On the way down today I managed to find a home for one of my plants. I am always multi-tasking, messaging, texting. Never a moment spare. Unless I’m asleep. Blessed sleep!



Happy Wednesday

Today’s Lunch – 8th August 2017

Published August 9, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

I know! I know!

It looks like I’m in an uninspired food rut at my fav cafe. But I’m not!
Today’s Arancini is bolognaise so, it tastes like a yummy saucy meaty risotto.
With the standard side salad.


And my medicine.

My medicine


Today’s Lunch – 26th July 2017

Published July 26, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Well, its Hump Day again!

Hibernated yesterday and had the kind of day I was threatening murder. Not mine preferably just other people.

Bad mood

So, today’s meal is another Arancini with Bolognaise and a standard side-salad. It’s like a saucy-meaty risotto with crunchy goodness on the outside.


And thanks to my cheap-ass coffee rewards card todays coffee was complimentary, with the little chocolate Mignon. So, yum!

Complimentary coffee

Today I’m writing a post so with plenty of time I might have a second medicine. (Latte) Then I can speed through the rest of the day!

Woo Hoo!


Hump day

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