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Published September 16, 2016 by helentastic67



Seriously, I didn’t make up this acronym! It stands for Voice At the Table Training. For which I’ve only been able to attend 2 of the 6 days. Don’t worry, people’s lives will not be at risk for not attending the other 4 days and there is no competency needed. The training is about how to be a useful “voice” when on an Executive Committee or a member of a board and NOT A TOKEN MEMBER!

I find I have great idea’s but no one wants to hear them. Anyway, more of that another day.


More important points to make right now. While at this training I was informed an American company (who shall remain unnamed because conveniently I can’t remember) is going to be getting in on making money from the NDIS and offering services etc, in Australia.

This company currently runs Prisons and Detention Centres in the States.



Sorry, had to swear! You have to give me that one!

  1. Can they get their current businesses running properly first?
  2. Why are foreign businesses tendering for our services?

And then I recall Australian Government has already sold off land to foreign countries to grow crops!

And then (not in this order) they sold Australian Government owned companies like Telstra!

Yeah! That’s really paying off now isn’t it?

Which government party do we blame that on? I don’t know enough about Australian political parties to continue really.

So in the middle of my rant. I hope you get that I don’t want to be a commodity just because I’m a minority in the disability sector.

I am single.

I do not have family close by.

I cannot live with my family members.

At this rate, I will never be a homeowner.

We already worked out I will never have kids, right?

I will never drive again? That one is not in doubt…………………

But I care about the environment, I care about the elderly. Since, I will soon be expected to live in an Aged Care Facility!

Oh yeah! And while people with disabilities are no longer institutionalized these days in Australia. You knew, these ‘places’ known to house people with severe Autism or Mental Health issues that rather than deal with the behaviour of the ‘tenants’ (seems the wrong word) Too soft somehow, they put bike helmets on them so when they bash their heads against walls/floors, they no longer hurt themselves.



Group homes exist for people with some disabilities.


And of one I’ve heard of, it houses 11 people who will attest to it sounding exactly like a prison or institution.

Recreational space under lock and key. The office not open to tenants to enter and lights on the outside all night.


Published September 12, 2016 by helentastic67



People don’t realise how much self-advocacy is involved in having a disability and remaining independent.

People would think I have everything in the whole damn world thrown at me because I have a disability.

However, in reality, I’m forever pushing about 5 different issues and at any given time.

You probably wouldn’t believe me but on my limited income I live in private rental. Yes this means I qualify for Rent Assistance, but it hasn’t increased since 2007 when I first qualified for my pension and while rent has continued to increase, Rent Assistance has never increased in line with the market.

The reality? THREE times I’ve moved since 2007, I’ve had to move further from my supports and comfort zone, further from the city. Let’s not forget, I have to compromise, quality of my home and size.


(I went to an open for inspection on Saturday as I’m having to contemplate moving) and the kitchen was crappy 70’s! Not even nice or retro 70’s! We’re talking three kinds of BROWN TILE where there was already BROWN CUPBOARDS! In a really small space, I can’t do it!

I grew up in a brown 70’s house (my dad still lives there) and a BROWN SCHOOL UNIFORM. I’ve suffered enough!

NUMBER 2! My second issue I’m dealing with right now , I’m dealing with the Government and my 2nd appeal so my pension is not reduced every fortnight for the rest of my natural born life!

I’m not being melodramatic, they really want to reduce my allowance at a small amount per fortnight for the next 24 years!

Keep in mind, they harass me every 3 months threatening to take a significantly larger portion that would see me not pay my rent or eat!

Also keep in mind, I’ve previously stated eat Salami to shorten my life and if this keeps up I won’t be able to afford Salami either.

Perhaps, if I’m feeling a Part 2 to this, so stay tuned….. NEXT!!!!


Things to Miss: Fred!

Published February 19, 2016 by helentastic67

Things to miss 3

There are many things I miss from the era before I developed my disability and I’m not referring to the stuff you would miss because you can no longer do them, because sooner or later  you can’t go clubbing all night and not feel like crap the next day even if you don’t drink. That shit happens because you have gotten older and I miss feeling like a valued member of society. I miss intellectual conversations with people.

Once upon a time, I worked for an N.G.O.  as I will have mentioned and a supervisor came to me with a problem. I gave him the answer, he didn’t want. That was “NO!” Then he had a follow up question to circumvent the first answer. To which he got a further answer of “Yes, but NO!” then for safe keeping I answered his next 4 questions; something like this “Yes, no, no, no, yes, no!” I know I could tell you the scenario to help you better understand and while it was 10 years ago, I no-longer recall the clients name but let’s call him Fred!(was definitely not Fred) but recall the situation perfectly, it’s not going to help you to bore you with all the details.

His response to my answers was “What was that for?” And I told him they were the answers to his next 4 questions because I knew exactly where he was going with his line of questioning. The moral of the story was Fred had been lax in starting his obligation. He could not come back as a new referral for the outstanding hours he had missed before his contract ended. He could come back for a whole new obligation before he would be eligible for the allocated funding to go toward studies & further training. Hope you can tell from this that I knew my stuff, despite the terminology I’ve just used. (Obligation/contract,etc)

I do miss those days. I miss having people respect my knowledge and think to ask me for my wisdom.

FYI: My mum hates it when I do this even though I think it slightly amuses her…That is to predict her questions and answer them before she has had a chance to ask.

Assistance Please

Published November 26, 2015 by helentastic67

Assistance please

Some people have really got no idea how the system I live in works and these are people that work in this system and generally (?) want to be helpful. But anyway;-

Example 1

I live in private rental, so when trying to negotiate extra assistance in other areas. I will mention, I live in private rental, to make the point that I’m already doing it tough, paying horrendous rental on a disability pension.

Instead of helping me in the area that I’ve called them for (maybe a donated computer or whatever) they suggest – have I considered applying for Public Housing?

Are all the people they deal with idiots? Applying for Public Housing was on my Top 5 list about 7 years ago and to make it clear NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO!

So, for those who don’t know, you apply for Public Housing and it’s a wait list longer than life itself. Then you get forms your doctor (generally GP) to fill in and that qualifies you for early housing because in my case I have a disability.

That is still 5 years away!

And this is still for Housing that will be smaller than what I want or need, in an area I should be paid to live in. Just so I can pay a fraction of the rent I now pay, so I will have more money to spend not to be home!

I’m a home body, so it seems to defeat the purpose agreed?

I don’t think I’m the type of person who would do well for very long in Public Housing. What remains of my Good Mental Health, would not last long around people who have bigger mental health issues than mine and I really don’t want to live in high density living with people of a drug element, when I’ve managed to not resort to drugs to fix my problems…

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