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Grumble for Help

Published April 1, 2019 by helentastic67

Grumble for help

Grumble for help

It is often a challenge for people to know when to offer help to someone with a disability and when to politely want to be asked. Ironically, I often am asked by people if they should ask at all. I am fiercely independent and I recently had a conversation on this exact same topic with my carer, whom I go out shopping with and do my only food preparation days with.

Do You Need Help

We agreed, I will attempt everything first, I might give out noisy, grumpy sounds as I struggle and when I swear a little, it’s probably still okay. But if I sound frustrated, that’s when she knows to offer assistance.

When to offer help

That’s also what I love about this particular carer.

Love carer

Life One-Handed – Part 2

Published February 8, 2019 by helentastic67

Life One Handed Part 2

Life One Handed Part 2

If you have ever had to do something one-handed, you will know how hard it is. It’s also probably painful to watch someone try to do something one-handed.

Watching one handed

It’s often when I’m trying to do something out in public and seem to be struggling with it, that they will politely offer assistance.

Offer polite assistance

On the tram home one day, I planned to eat a green apple, nice, juice tart green apple. My method to do this pain free is I wriggle into a food handling glove, I’ve found this leaves me without sticky hands for the walk home from the tram and when I take the glove off, I can wrap the apple core up inside the glove and put it in my bag, until I reach home or go past a bin.

Sticky Fingers

Apparently, if I throw the apple core in a school garden bed to grow or for the birds, that’s opening myself up to get a fine for littering.


Anyway, I go the glove on, they are blue so it’s a bit obvious to anyone watching. Then I discovered there was a sticker on the damn apple. With the glove on, I couldn’t use my thumbnail to get it off. Grrrr.

Blue gloves

You get I’m stubborn, right? You need to be in my case, it’s the only way, I was fine, I took the glove off to remove the sticker. This done, I had to get the glove back on the right way, so I could still use it.  No point wasting a good glove.

Stubborn 1

A woman saw me struggling, she offered to help, I politely declined, but I told her to not watch me as it would be very frustrating to see. I also told her I was stubborn.

Dont watch

It was a good apple, the sweeter (tart) by the first bite. I had managed it by myself.

Juicy Apple 1


Published February 26, 2018 by helentastic67



And so, it is Christmas, or it’s just gone past for me, but due to my process of writing long hand, I imagine half of 2017 will have passed, also by the time you read this, might need to tap in my ‘B’ team to type some posts and ask my lovely Administrator to post more often.

Past Christmas

I’ll have you all know, I bought you all Christmas gifts, in the form of when my father gave me Christmas money, I put it all on my Visa. Then I spent most of it buying the things I needed and I paid all my bills.


I guess I should be appreciative I had money. It’s just kinda crappy, I couldn’t spend it on things I wanted and needed.

Wants and Needs

Even to have bought an archiving hard drive to rearrange some files, my other My Cloud 4TB’s is full already and while the process is tedious, even my brain is happy with that.

Computer storage

Christmas can be rather brutal in many families, mine is rather passive/aggressive. It seems Christmas is something to endure.

passive aggressive

For me it’s a time to catch up on TV shows. This year it was Divorce and Westworld, which probably left me less homicidal as the year I watch Sons of Anarchy (SOA) and gifts, I think everyone in my family is happy with books, mugs (just a special one) and alcohol. I’m still getting through my bottle of Bailey’s from last Christmas, but all the same.

Baileys Irish Cream

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