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Today’s Lunch – 12th June 2019

Published June 12, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Firstly an apology to anyone that may have been looking forward to my Monday post. We had a public holiday and it makes me smile a little that Noelle forgot to do a post. She said that it felt like Sunday and I confess to say Tuesday was a harsh return to the norm. Off to the city for the monthly committee meeting, a meeting that always leaves me with a migraine. Spent an extra few hours there with some help from Amy at VATT. (my bad. Voice at The Table) I am applying to sit on another committee board. To be continued.

Left after 4pm, realised how tired I was on the way to the train station at Flinders Street. Caught a train to Clifton hill where I normally change to a tram. There where roadworks everywhere! Eventually, a younger guy directed me to a replacement bus stop as there was no one else around and my eyesight did not help me. It was getting cooler and getting towards dusk. (Have I mentioned I can’t see in the dark?) Also lost two of my regular carers today. Sad. I just lost two friends. Eventually, after a bus ride home in peak hour traffic I arrived at my destination safely.
No migraine but can’t really feel my left leg.

Despite my day not going as I had planned, and things being more challenging than I had expected, I still had a better day than a few others.

Today, sending love and respect to a friend Christie who is grieving. You are in my thoughts and to my lovely administrator Noelle. To whom is responsible for the memes we all love, whose day was well above mine on the level of shitty not that I was complaining. On the upside(barely) a parcel is on its way to Noelle today! It’s got a little of this in it.

So, to Christie and Noelle. You both win! Your days sucked more than mine!

Not prepared to navigate the no tram bus after my favourite lunch location to get to acupuncture on the way home my Girl Wednesday and I found a more local place. So, today’s offering, fish and chips. Or as I prefer fush n chups! We had lunch in Fairfield today for convenience.



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