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Published July 14, 2017 by helentastic67



I hate when I spell something so badly, even the auto-correct on your phone can’t help me.

I have been known to suggest ways I could be excused from having to attend an AGM because, Sweet Jesus some I’ve been to are boring as!

Seriously, like waiting for paint to dry or grass to grow. I always suggest I’d prefer watching paint dry, because at least you can get high on the fumes…

Paint drying

Anyway, I have asked what would be a suitable reason to get out of attending, said AGM’s in the future and suggested Chronic Diarrhea? But the retired teacher told me only if I could spell it correctly!

I can be a bit of a spelling Nazi, because in I’m old enough to know the benefits of using words and yet “young enough” to abbreviate when texting and such…

Spelling Nazi

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve held out my phone to someone telling them I have never typed in Canbu” because surely by now Not-smart phone you can tell I have a fat thumb and really meant to type Can you! Or the shorter version Can u?

Spelling mistake

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