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Published November 4, 2016 by helentastic67



I currently and have only ever lived as an independent adult in private rentals. And obviously in recent years on a Disability Pension and the rental market increasing, it’s been ever so much more challenging, but I manage. I decided 3 years ago, I was done having to have a housemate and for the last 3 years, I’ve lived alone.

There are many pitfalls to having gotten to this point in my life and still being alone, but it was not for a lack of trying.

Anyway, currently I live in a spacious unit on a large block with only 2 other units. Luckily I’m at the front so have street views. The other units have had turnover since I moved in and while Unit 2 are younger and only think of themselves, the back unit has a lovely older woman and her younger son. They are my people.

My landlords are ‘wogs’ (keeping in mind, my father is Italian therefore I’m allowed to use that term) and they live close by. Not next door, but close enough I consider them neighbours. I would drop in treats and soup and such when my landlady was in hospital. I did so because that’s the kind of community I want to live in.


Anyway enough background.

Many things have fallen into disrepair, before I moved here due to lack of upkeep! My landlords don’t like spending money and recently came down with a plastic stool and a fork to fix my front lounge blind.

I had been asking them to attend to it for some time. My side lounge blind having been replaced about a year into my tenancy here.


Sometimes I have to go through a very elaborate process to have anything fixed here.

You already heard in ‘The Horror’ about my new Hot Water Service.

With the blind, my landlord came one day and I suggested he open the blind and while with great pain to my one good hand, I could open and close it. (It’s a block-out blind) the one with the chain on the side he completely F.U.B.A.R.D. it!

It would never work again!

Yeah Helen gets a new blind.

Still not my point.

My issue is this; something needs doing, I call my Property Manager. He steels himself for the call to the landlords because they like to yell! (Not my problem)


The landlords are always nice to my face.

‘No matter! You tell us and we fix!’ Those landlords. But they are elderly (over 70) and I don’t want them to hurt themselves trying to fix things so when their eldest son picks his kids up from Grandparents, Daycare/After kinda care, I often stop to say ‘Hello’ and mention something that needs fixing (he really should have learned by now not to park in front of my home!)

He always says to call the agent!

The landlords always say their kids are the owners yet they deal with the agents!

And the agent says things will come up when he does the next inspection.

I’ve been here 3+ years and by law should have an inspection every 6 months.

He has done 2! Of which nothing or ½ of nothing gets fixed!

The Property Manager told me years ago, when they have good tenants, they like to leave them alone. When my landlady came to see about fixing the blind, about a month ago, she told me “we got home from out Geelong Beach Holiday Home to a $1,000.00 Hot Water Service bill!”

And she told me “It broke her heart!”

It sounds much better with a good Italian accent – trust me!

I wish my rent was $1,000.00 per month!



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