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Sharing is Caring

Published January 24, 2022 by helentastic67

Sharing is Caring

Sometimes I will message a friend just to tell him how I am or cheer them up and then I realize oh that really could’ve been a blog post that really needs a bigger audience than audience of one, so he goes.

Twenty-four months ago I bought some sachet’s for a face mask I’ve still got three left this is before and after.

Winning at life.


Published November 29, 2019 by helentastic67


I am part of a Brain Injury group (if you have followed special links and such you would be able to learn the things these groups have achieved) I feel a little like everything I’m trying to achieve is failing or falling short, because I’m being undermined or sabotaged by  people who do not understand the meaning or importance of returning a call, a message or email (is it just me?), is it that other people with Brain Injuries or one other people are not as efficient as I am?

Think I’ve worked this one out.

BUT, WHAT THE FUCK! (Feeling frustrated) happened to common decency that people are all so busy they can’t respond in a timely manner?

I’m fucking busy, they are winning at LIFE ONE HANDED! I’m nearly ready to give up on quality control and giving a fuck, aren’t I?

I just don’t want people to slip through the cracks and then have to be patient while they complain how bad life is.

When do I get to care less? Unfortunately, that will mean I will feel like I’m failing.

Carer v Family

Published January 30, 2017 by helentastic67



Carer vs Family

It might surprise people but sometimes the difference and similarities between my family in a Carer role or a Carer as a Carer is polar opposites. I know, I’m yet to explain the unique dynamics of my family, but I’ll get there! I know, there’s so much I’m to get to, but other ‘stuff’ keeps being more pressing.

There are times my Carers are more like ‘Family’ to me than my actual family.

Over the years I’ve had much criticism from family, such as how much weight I’ve put on (accumulated/collected) in the last 10 years! Trust me, I know!


My older sister did a course to be a Carer (not for me, but she has done it) and when she learned that putting on weight could lead to loss of independence, she was very concerned, but that’s not how it felt, being told I’ve put on some weight.


Mum likes to tell me too. But it’s often my Carers that point out in the bathroom mirror while I’m standing there naked, I have a waist and hips and a nice bum!


FYI, these are straight women and it really is nice.

The last 10 years has been particularly brutal to my self-body image.


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