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Reasons Why “Reply All” Should Be Banned

Published May 23, 2022 by helentastic67

Reasons why all “Reply All” should be Banned

Years ago, I attempted to dissuade a group I was part of to stop using “Reply-All” in their befuddled state, some asked “What? Why?” It was a brain injury group so there’s that.

I mentioned there’s always one Numbnut, that hits “Reply All” top ask the original sender “Hey XYZ that’s great font! What is it?”

I’m not a PC User and even I know how to work out the font style. But in the meeting the Numbnut in question will prick up their ears and insists “It was a really cool font!” Someone else, not getting the gist of the conversation enquires what was the font? I mutter “Wing dings!” and a few laughs. You’re Welcome and another Numbnut asks (you guessed it) “what’s Wing Dings?”

For Christs sake! Write it down. You just got homework.

If you don’t know what’s going on in those kinds of meetings you gotta make notes, go home and do some research. One Numbnut had never heard about “Ted Talks”. Homework!

Meetings shouldn’t take this much time and I’m trying to not be doing my email at 1AM! It’s gotta stop and it’s because that’s when all my other chores for the day are done.


Published May 4, 2018 by helentastic67



Why is it control freaks have such a bad rep? I mean, I utilise many methods of Quality Control with my carers and family.

Control Freak


There are good and bad things about outsourcing your chores around the house and by saying that I’m talking about things I can’t do myself or they leave me exhausted and still trying to get through my admin/emails at 1am which is ridiculous.

Quality Control

I can only spend so much time watching how someone does something or I might as well do it myself. So, I’ve found ways to do quality control.

I ask my carers to wash dishes, but not dry them.

Doing dishes

There are several reasons for this;

  1. I don’t see the point in drying dishes when they can be left to dry by themselves and I put them away later.
  2. It leaves more time for them to something else.
  3. If they dry the dishes they will stack them on the bench, I have limited bench space, so before I an even make my breakfast, I have to put them away. Or the carers will put them away. * I often can’t find things so I have to think where my carers would have put them.
  4. And likely the most important; I can check that things are actually clean! Because sometimes, they are worse than if I tried to wash them one-handed.

Today a carer containerized up some cat food from the supermarket, I gave her the containers and a small plastic crate to carry them all around to the fridge in one trip. When asked where they were, so I could put them in the freezer, she said she had put them in there already and some hours later when looking for the plastic crate to relocate my “Lunch making” things from the fridge to the kitchen in one convenient trip, I discovered she had put the crate in the freezer with the containers in it.

Cat food

A complete waste of space in my fridge/freezer, as the smaller crate in the freezer, allows me to fit in plenty of other things if stacked correctly.

All in the freezer

I had to drag out the larger crate and I discovered the containers had leaked and giving me another job to clean the inside of my freezer.

Cleaning Freezer

None of the containers had even been sealed properly.

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