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Published May 24, 2019 by helentastic67


Now, bear with me, but I’m OK to take feedback on this. When is it okay for me to deliver a complete stranger a ‘Get fucked or fuck off?’

Ok, fine that by itself with no context doesn’t help so.

Whenever I go into the city, which is several times a month and this week, I’ve been in two days in a row. I cannot tell you how many times someone will cross my path from my left (my blindside) so my foot is clipped by there’s while they have their heads down looking at their phones.

‘Not cars. here we’re testing oblivious texters walking into walls.’

Everyone is so self-absorbed.

God! I sound old, don’t I?

Oh dear.

But seriously, I can’t tell you how often someone is walking from somewhere behind me on my left (and not slow down, OK?) and from nowhere, they cross right in front of me to be far over on my right and they are oblivious to anyone else around them.

Do I get to give a bit of “what-for?” Or only if they trip me over? I’m sure they wouldn’t even if they did. By an extension, they wouldn’t care.

Mostly people are walking directly at me and their eyes flick up, more likely if they hear the slap of my walking stick on the footpath and they alter their path ever so slightly to circumnavigate around me.

There are rare times when they don’t and I just stand still and brace myself. Maybe, I can give them a solidness to hit and all I have to do is plant my feet and bend my knees a little and lean into them. Never done it, but there’s a first time for everything. I’ve usually resorted to growling at people and that works a treat. I figure I could also tell people they owe me a dollar. I’m prepared to start small because I’m sure I would be rich very quickly.

But I might create a little score card.

Nearly walk into someone. $1.00

Nearly walk into someone who is on their phone. $5.00

Nearly walk into someone with head down. $10.00

Nearly get knocked over. $20.00

Get knocked over.

Get knocked over by an adult on a skateboard.

Can I pick that kid’s skateboard up and throw it in a bin?


Today’s Lunch – Yesterday

Published May 17, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch – Yesterday

Apologies for the delay with my Good Mental Health day post!

Have been in the city the last 2 days. I love the city. Love it! But I need my standard calm but scheduled punchy-stabby day!

Monday, had a migraine kept closing my eyes on the tram home as I was not coping and a smelly junkie sat next to me. I mean, c’mon! Dude! He had the nods, so I couldn’t tell if people were giving me sympathetic looks because a junkie sat beside me or if they thought we were both junkies. A much older lady who looked to have had a long life as a junkie was chatting to him then me also. Kill me! Kill me now! KMKMKMKM.

When I have a migraine on Monday, I find I’ve got nothing to look forward to on Friday and my favourite lunch place and a sense of calm.

Today’s offerings included, Pancetta Quiche with salad, complimentary Macron and my medicine.


Hidden Pain

Published January 12, 2018 by helentastic67

Hidden Pain 1

Hidden Pain

Some people are really quite oblivious to the strain and pain on my body when I’m out and about because despite my walking stick and my left arm being in a sling (collar and cuff) and that I’m out of the house, it’s presumed I’m always wandering around with a smile on my face.

Walking stick and sling

In reality, sleep or lack thereof means my left leg works even less than “I make It” and the eyesight in my left eye is worse than people would realise.

Often what I carry and how it affects my mobility even more.

In my own backyard, even moving a few small terracotta pots around means my left hip hurts! WTF! I don’t even use my left side to do anything, so I’ve asked an OT/Physio what that is all about and she had no words of wisdom for me.

Small Terracotta Pots

Yesterday, I went to the city, I travel by car to a train station closer to the city, then a train from there.

When I’m out and about my ‘handbag’ (hate the term) is a large street-wear bag with the clash on it. (I just like the image) the strap on the bag hangs from my left shoulder and the bag sits on my right hip and gluts as in Gluteus Maximus. If I buy something when I’m out, it must fit in that bag. If I can’t carry it, I can’t buy it…

But yesterday, I also had to transport a delivery of Ginger Kisses. I have a cool bag, big enough for six cans (so Australian for those serious drinkers; not me, other people) and in it were 2 large ice blocks (heavy) and 30 Ginger Kisses (cool).

Ginger Kisses

I got out of the car at the train station carrying the walking stick and the cool bag and walked the twenty metres to the train platform without the aid of the stick.

I missed the train by “that much”. A train station staff member told me I’d missed it. No shit Sherlock! Because he hadn’t held it for me for two seconds despite my efforts.

Missed Train

So, I asked him to help me put the cool bag on better. I gave him both the stick and the cool bag. I eased the two loops of the collar and cuff down over my hand and proceeded to have him put the handle of the bag on my arm up under my elbow. The collar and cuff goes back on and keeps the bag from slipping down.

The weight of the bag hangs by my side and doesn’t obstruct the forward motion of my left leg.

On the train to the city I often find myself eating my breakfast. Vegemite and cheese on toasted bread. Good breakfast for on the go, not great every day.

Cheese and Vegemite

I got to the city, scooped up my coffee in my keep cup in Degraves Street and got to the AGM for the Self Advocacy group I’m part of. There was only one table at the front that four people were to sit at in a ‘panel formation’.

Degraves St

I put my bags down and looked around. No-one! So, I dragged a table over. At which point my left hip is hurting. Seriously, don’t know what it’s complaining about when it does nothing.

Had the meeting.

Did some serious walking.

More serious walking.


More serious walking.

It’s now been several weeks since I started this post. I think I got lost in the details. Relevant details, but today I was off to the city again with that damn cool bag.

Cooler bags

I realised how the added weight changes how I move and balance and the impact on just walking by the end of the day…

Hidden Pain

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