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Hot off the Press – 26th June 2017

Published June 26, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press

Not much to bang on about for the week that was…….didn’t feel like I ‘kicked any goals’ so to speak.

My mum was down literally for only 24 hours in which time we drove several suburbs out of our way to get my new Dripolator coffee machine. Don’t ask……….Mum was actually down for a medical appointment of her own so once in the electrical goods store when mum mentioned where she was from and what she had come down to, (medical appointment) the staff murmured a noise of concern. (You know how woman do?) I cut the tone short by saying “It’s ok, she going to live forever!” Then they presumed I was not thrilled by this prospect. So, I had to dispel that also. I paid for my new medicine machine (coffee maker!) and mum of course stated she was there to carry it to the car. I growled at her that the box was full of plastic and air, as if she should stop complaining and because we always compete as to who gets the last word I snapped out; ” It’s because of me we get a carpark right next to the door!” I gave a coy smile to the startled staff and turned to head for the door. They laughed!



This is pretty stock standard of my mum and my level of communication. We don’t hold back if one of us things the other is deserving of a “Fuck off!” Or a “Whatever!” And it has taken 10 years for us to reach this point. Don’t be concerned, it’s a positive.

Sometimes I wonder how other bloggers go about ‘naming and shaming’ poor attitudes of family and friends and if they worry about backlash? But I understand my family might occasionally look at my blog but largely don’t bother. That said, I heard this week my younger sister (I’ll point out arrived just shy of my 15th birthday) is just starting 4 weeks of leave from her work. I offered she could come and visit a few days, we could hang out, go places, do things. Visit the Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV?

little sister

This quiet not confident offer was suggested on Facebook, the way distant family communicate. I was swiftly dealt a curt, “Nope!” I offered she could think about it a bit longer before deciding. Did I mention I changed this sibling’s nappies 28 years ago? And I see my sisters usually once a year.

Said younger sister, well deserving of her holiday. Not untrue, just doesn’t get my call for a visit and I couldn’t be bothered poking this bear. Leaving me a little sad. Does anyone else have a suggestion on how to prod family in a way I won’t have my one good hand bitten off?

And yes, like I mentioned I don’t think my family will read this since I have proof I have more Impact on people around the world from me than my own blood. Nothing like feeling like your living outside a family, trying to look in.

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Otherwise, the week saw 2 comics move locations this week. No new posts written in pen on paper. A visit to the city to see my shrink. Did a workout (one-handed) on a photocopier of the next 40 posts to post to the lovely Noelle my Administrator.

Discovered my new favourite card shop in the city. Found completely on a whim, and was even able to replace my oven timer for baking accuracy. Didn’t realise how heavy it was until I got home. My bag was so heavy on Monday!

Kitchen timer

Got some big numbers on my pedometer this week. 4,444 – 5,739 and today a neat 69! My left foot is really paying for it. Often those busy days I can’t feel my left foot until it HURTS! So clearly not happy I still don’t have my NDIA funded shoes!

Had my once-yearly haircut this week, only 9 months overdue. I’ve given up paying rent on time and prioritised things I want/need instead. I asked my hairdresser for a discount on my trim (B.T. dubs:3 inches) and I’ve never felt so humiliated for being poor but wanting to be treated like everybody else. How dare I imagine I was allowed to? Left me feeling rather sad and sick and unpampered. (I didn’t get a wash or a blow dry and she was still put out for not respecting she was running a business) very sad face!

Hair cut

Still plenty of issues managing my HR, (Human Resources/carers) but it’s an ongoing issue.

Single girl date night saw me watch Underworld. Blood Wars. Mostly, I single tasked but it’s always a challenge………


With the plunger coffee finally put to rest with the new medicine machine I posed the question of a few trusted advisors, plunger coffee or no coffee? In the same tone as bad sex or no sex? The answer was neither in case anyone asks?


And then another week begins!

Lack of caffiene





Hot off the Press – 29th May 2017

Published May 29, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 1


This weekend I’ve been considering if you went to an Elvis Convention with that many in the one room would they be Elvis’s or Elvisi? I was considering this after checking out a new show. Called Big Little Lies. It’s actually a miniseries. 7 episodes, an hour each. Sometimes a short and sweet season of something that doesn’t continue can be good. If every show I watched went on forever I would need to be much choosy about what to watch. Ok, House with Hugh Laurie could have gone on forever, but it is what it is.

Elvis Convention

Big Little Lies in short is about parenting and marriages in a small close-knit but often bitchy area. Themes include domestic violence, bullying and the balance between parenting and career. At the start I was convinced, “The Butler did it!” there is NO butler, but you watch every episode wondering what this big secret is? But the first character to raise my suspicions is guilty of something, but you have to hang in there with an open mind and you finally find out in the last 10 minutes. It’s also about Nature versus Nurture. And how woman can communicate so much with a few simple glances and woman’s intuition is a powerful force. Lastly, the one character, the protective mothers saw as a husband stealing hot chick, they all hated was the one that had the independence and sense of survival instinct and came in, saved the day and took care of business for the sake of all woman-kind.

Big little lies 1
If that doesn’t sell you on 7 hours of TV I don’t know what will. Also, ladies, don’t forget domestic violence is wrong. It’s not the answer for anything.

Also, I do not get all the running! Too much running! And so many familiar faces, too many too mention but a must watch! It’s definitely the location of where I’d want to live in a completely different reality. Very picturesque.

Also got a little Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and, Mindy Project in this week.

Criminal MindsBlue bloodsThe Mindy Project

















Yes. I’ve still been rather busy but I skipped my single girl date night film, commonly referred to as Saturday Night! To wrap up Little Big Lies.

Oh, and I should throw in Alexander Skarsgard ‘butt’ makes a brief appearance in episode 2! And no, I didn’t replay it…….if you are not familiar with Alexander think True Blood and Generation Kill. At least he is age-appropriate for a change.

Alexander Skarsgard

If you decide I’m sounding a little pervy, what I have to say is; “I’m broken! Not dead!”

And maybe because I left the house today, Aunty Christine took me out for lunch to meet her hubby I had 2 coffees! So, I’m catch up on admin, email and even managed a second comic to the smaller pile today!

Side topic; I broke my coffee pot this week. Things will be dire by hump day if I can’t come home with a new one…….big day Thursday coming with an adventure to report on next week!

Coffee machine

After great discussion from last Fridays Postcards Post I thought since it sounds like I’m not the only one who misses a good postcard found in the letterbox, to my trusted followers (You know who you are?) email me your address & I’ll send you a postcard.


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