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When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 4

Published September 28, 2018 by helentastic67

When disability becomes embarrassing 4

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 4

Fred Gets Taught a Lesson

The final day of the conference everyone was tired, but content they had gone, conquered and achieved what they had gone there to do.

End of conference

I came across Fred and in a casual setting he approached me to apologise for the previous night at the dinner and throwing me under the bus in front of everyone.

Fred apologizes

I told him “It’s OK, because I had been about to tell him to go outside and call all his friends and family and loved ones and tell them how much he loved them!” because I was going to kill him.

Im going to kill you

He seemed to sober immediately and to confirm he wouldn’t do it again. I told him it would be OK because I could always claim brain injury to “get off”.

Blame brain injury

I left him with a friendly pat on the side of his arm, but I think he also knew not to do it again. It should be a warning to others.

Dont mess with me


Yet to kill anybody, but there’s always the first.

Always a first time

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 3

Published September 24, 2018 by helentastic67

When Disability become Embarrassing 3

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 3


The following day, I went looking for a particular speaker and topic at the conference, that others in my group were looking for.

It was something about “sex after ABI” for example. I find the right room and joined some fellow guys I already knew. This won’t be awkward right? Since he had given me his business card, the night before.

Sex after ABI

The guys I knew and I looked around thinking we were in the wrong place because it seemed everybody else in there were “industry-types” service providers, whatever.

Industry Types

Then in came the presenter.

That’s right, Stacey!

She started by recognising there were more industry-types there than she expected. I suspect she had wanted to empower people with ABI’s that sex could still be a natural part of life post ABI.

Sex is natural

Here’s an example:

Stacey2 (not related to Stacey) had, had a stroke. She had her stroke while having sex (a little rumpy, humpy) with her husband.

Stroke during sex

There was a moment of sadness in the room when we heard this. Apparently, the married couple had a very healthy sex life before the stroke.

Healthy Sex Life

So, when in hospital, when she was able to get up and move around, they attempted to have sex in the hospital.

Sex in the hospital

Must put this one on the bucket list.

Bucket List

We were made to understand it was perfectly normal and for them vitally important to be able to continue and maintain a normal sex life for them as part of her rehab and existence.

Sex in Rehab

You might ask how they did this?

Stacey informed us they did it standing in the bathroom with her holding onto the handrails. And success apparently.

Sex in the Bathroom

Now, Stacey 1, asked us a question. She asked us, what happens when we reach climax? (or orgasm). The room was dead silent.

What happens when you orgasm

I piped up,

“What? Your muscles tighten?”

Stacey was impressed and said I was correct. The industry-type people checked me out wondering how I knew.

How do you know


So, I struggled a little and said,

“It’s been a while, but……”

It's been a while

The following day, at the end I walked Stacey out because I had enjoyed spending time with someone ‘normal’ as you do surrounded by numpties all the time. She thanked me for being her “Conference Friend” Sad face…

Sad face

Stay tuned for the lesson I gave Fred.

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