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Winter Part 1

Published December 19, 2016 by helentastic67



It’s the second day of Winter in Melbourne. (Although by the time you read this, I don’t know. I’ve just sent another batch of post to my Administrator). And I don’t know what it is but the last few years Winter has taken me a little by surprise. I seem despite no longer being a size-skinny, I really feel the cold.


The first Winter after my “Stroke” (Stroke, but not a stroke!) I need to give up my flannelette sheets. I wear flannel pj’s in Winter and bedsox’s and flannel on flannel when trying to rollover when ½ your body doesn’t comply is like Velcro. I’d roll to my right and the top sheet would follow leaving my back to get cold.


I moved to my current home, a spacious unit 3 ½ years ago and the first Winter I rolled the radiator heater into my bedroom and switched it on.

I convinced myself I would only have it on at night! Then, I told myself I would only have it on, on weekends! Then, I got my next power bill!

Nearly died! Took that heater, unplugged it and rolled it back into the spare room. Haven’t used it since.

I saw an elderly gentleman on A Current Affairs program a few years ago discussing how hard it was to live on a pension. I quote him when I say “It’s heat or eat”.


It’s a horrible thought that I can’t afford to do both. I really can’t do eating disorders as food inspires me and gives me great joy to shop (Ouch $$$$) and even more to send out my texts to have people come collect my ‘treats’.

But it would seem I can’t afford to heat either.

To be completely clear, I don’t cope in Summer either! 25 Degrees C is my limit! 40 Degrees C means I stay in the lounge with the air con on! I have just officially become an old person.



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