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Fresh Friday

Published December 20, 2019 by helentastic67

Fresh Friday

It’s not every Friday, it’s not even every other Friday but when it happens it’s fresh! And I’m writing it the day before it goes live because it’s time sensitive and needs to be said. That is because Christmas is only a week away – not even!

While there are many pluses to being a single barren spinster, there are a few negatives and the main obvious ones is the dilemma of Christmas. Before you ask, no my family do not read my blog! But it is also to say, despite the situation at Christmas time it’s not anyone’s fault. No one is to blame it still goes under the heading, it is what it is.

It’s just kinda crappy!

At Christmas, my family is in opposite ends of the state. My mum and younger sister live in one direction close to where I grew up. My older sister and her partner, sorry fiancé live in the other. My father is still in my hometown and I only generally get there to see him when I go to my mums at Christmas for about a week.

While arriving at my mums in the countryside, opening the car door usually late at night upon arrival, brings an instant breathe of fresh air, I fled with pine trees and wood smoke. But from the moment of my arrival, I need someone to help me do everything. There is slip and trip hazards everywhere. Also, doors that must be kept closed to keep this cat outside, my cat inside, me away from cobweb-hazards.










And while my mum very generously gives me her bedroom for the duration of my stay, I’m down the other end of the house from activity. It’s hot and isolating. We all like different things but mine is not at all in line with my hosts. I pitch in by way of packing and unpacking the dishwasher and usually upon arrival I get a wave of OCD, because so much doesn’t have a home, and they have both been so busy making it to Christmas the dust kick-starts my hay fever and I can’t sit still for collecting things for recycling, etc and that just drives them insane that I can’t sit and relax.

We are all tired and we mostly all go into a kind of survival mode. I hibernate, watch my TV shows and sleep.

There is a day I go to visit my high school friends for a few hours, I browse my favourite shop and go visit my father where he has arranged his two brothers and sister in law to visit for afternoon tea. My Aunty always asks, “do you still like honey bread?” Do we all of a sudden stop liking chocolate? Or needing air to survive? And I go home with honey bread. It’s rhetorical right?










My older sister and fiancé are dog people. They have three. Why are they not labelled crazy dog ladies??? No! Of course, it’s just cat-ladies that get a bad rap. They generally do their own thing Christmas Day, this year being the first Christmas my future sister in law without her mum, sadly.

In recent years, we have managed to get together for what I refer to as a lovely lady’s lunch. Usually early December, somewhere a bit special. This year, I offered to attempt to arrange where and when and something we could all afford to contribute to. We all have vastly different fluidity of funds. (That’s a lot of F’s, and none of them my favourite version) You gotta give me a point for that? And after early efforts it became obvious it was to be put off for January, I was fucking (sorry, not sorry!) busy and everyone was proving hard to please. So, I dropped the ball.

So, it has not happened. I made the decision to spend Christmas home with Mika in air-conditioned comfort where I can at least have my carers every day and maintain my independence without need for someone to stop what they’re doing to open a door or move something for me. Not to mention our blend of intolerable foodie intolerance’s. No turkey? Last year I was informed mum forgot the stuffed turkey roll only 30 minutes north of Melbourne in a 3.5-hour drive to the country. Take me back and no Christmas pudding! Because the youngest hates peel! What?

So, this year I decided to go it alone at home and I’m ok with that. I’ve got enough ham to last me a portion a day for two weeks and some for the freezer. Not yet sorted a pudding, but I can cope with that. Besides I have rum balls.

I’ve also been managing the guilt and expectation of others, at the last minute my mum has asked if I can invite some of my neighbours over on Christmas Day? Because Christmas is supposed to be about family and being together and putting all of your shit aside for one day, so you can celebrate together and I don’t want to inflict myself upon others and ruin some other family’s day. I told my mum the people she suggested I could invite over we’re going to be in the States for two weeks and the other neighbour is Muslim, so no ham for her, or rum balls.

So, as a gentle reminder to those with plans for Christmas Day. Please check in on a neighbour or elderly person or anyone you know who may be socially isolated. It means so much to hear a friendly voice when you feel you are all alone.

FYI, I’m off social media Christmas Day and both my numbers are silent. So, if you want to reach out be prepared beforehand.

Now, on a more upbeat note: I do have a really upbeat post planned for Christmas Day, so stay tuned. And JD, you will get your cat-friendly Christmas tree!


Today’s Lunch – 26th December 2018

Published December 26, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, this week’s foodie, good mental health day post will be different again!

Merry Christmas for yesterday and today is Boxing Day so I’m not actually out at my regular haunt. I’m in the country where I visit at this time of year for a week.

Country Victoria

Our standard Christmas celebrations this year was to meet the girls from the Peninsula somewhere central for a nice lady’s lunch. My mum and younger sister drive 3.5 hours south to scoop me up and we drove into the city. This year we went to the Chocolate Buddha at Federation Square.


I meant to take photos, I swear I did again, reasons why I shouldn’t be on Instagram! Just picture it like this. 5 ladies. 7 entrees shared, I shared my main with my mum and I shared dessert with my older sisters’ partner. It is always debated that my older sister has big eyes but a little tummy. So much teasing in her direction, hence, by sharing my desert with her partner, she actually got a fair share. I did get a photo of that!

Chocolalte Buddha 2Chocolate Buddha 1










We had a lovely chick as our waitstaff who was from New Zealand who we wanted to adopt. Her name is Bianca and when we were selecting the entree’s, she told us she understood our making a serious effort to make sure we had enough. She told us she was one of eight kids. she very quickly followed this announcement by explaining it was very cold in New Zealand and they are very fertile. We had dumplings, tempura pumpkin and capsicum, and other yummy things. My younger sister is very keen on ramen right now as she was overseas eating tasty goodness all of September.


Went back to my home to pack and headed north to be informed only 20 minutes from home I was told there was no turkey to be had. (we usually do a turkey roll stuffed with fruit and nuts and such) prompting me to call out “Take me back home!”  I think the last time we had an actual turkey, my mum stated we wouldn’t do another until one of us had a husband! (The pressure, right?) And my sister has a partner of the fairer sex so that’s no help what’s so ever! Haven’t had turkey since…………

No Turkey

Skip Monday as it was spent in PJ’s, and sleeping, so on Christmas Day lunch was had at 4pm, with baked ham, roasted pork with crackling and yummy roasted vegetables. Both cranberry jelly and gravy.  After a break, some TV and a kip, we had dessert, which was this gingerbread pudding with caramel and Connoisseur ice cream, followed by a second course of dessert which is traditionally trifle in this house.











Big thanks to my mum and younger sister for all the yummy food. They wouldn’t let me help. I’ll make up for it, in clean-up duty. Promise.

Cleaning up

I don’t yet have photos of just how country I am just now but to say I do NOT have mobile reception here. Like, seriously first world problem!

No phone

But another perfect example of just how country I am, within 30 minutes of arriving here and mum rummaging around in the hallway cupboard to get some bedding out I found the first huntsman. It was about a 50 cms in diameter. It was still pink, meaning it was still a baby and where there’s one there’s more. Mum came with a glass and a card to implement catch and release. Cringe. It should be mentioned huntsman spiders are rather friendly spiders, they just like to hang around on your ceiling………but in Queensland I’m told they can be as big as dinner plates. #Never living in Queensland. They won’t kill you just frighten you to death……….


So, doing this post late Tuesday night I’m finishing the evening with my once-yearly alcoholic drink, in the form of a little Muscat. It’s really all I drink at this time of the year. I still have a bottle of baileys in my fridge at home from two Christmas’s ago. Must finish that!

Glass of wine

Catching up on Thursday with some high school friends. Will remember to get some foodie photos then. Or I will try.

Hope you are all well fed and safe with family.

Safe Christmas

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