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Published June 9, 2017 by helentastic67



I guess I’ve not mentioned but I come from a “Crafty family”. You can probably file this post under “funny stories”, however my mum is a very crafty lady.  With respect.

Back in the 70’s she did macramé, made sheepskin hats, vests and slippers, best slippers ever! She has done the knitted woolen thing and when I was younger she even had a knitting machine.

knitted socks

There was a wool factory and a fabric factory in my home town, I think they are still both in production, however the ‘wog-migration’ that worked there (Uncles and Aunts included) however since the late 80’s (?) my mum has been a quilter.

Buying fabric


I’ve been dragged to many Quilting Expos, fabric shops and warehouse. I prefer the fabric in the ‘Toile’ variety but generally when I pick something out ‘it’s the wrong one and to put it back!’


My other sister had a Tiffany lamp and leadlight faze and while at College she double-majored in printmaking and photography, eventually photography won out.

I was into painting, photography and had a few years in the late 90’s doing mosaics, but the Craft Markets are a killer.


Occasionally, when I’m out with my mum and younger sister, my mum might say a word that triggers me to start a chant.

I only know a few lines to the song, but Andrea (my sister) will chime in.

It’s not completely accurate, but it amuses me greatly.

Mum usually growls “Stop That!”


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