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Today’s Lunch – 14th November 2018

Published November 14, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First, I want to mention with great sadness while America has mass shootings and it’s really awful, Melbourne last Friday had an incident of our own. When some ass-hat who decided because they couldn’t deal with, whatever issues they couldn’t deal with, to take it out on others and a well loved and respected Melbourne icon is now without a hero and beloved kind soul.


Pellegrini’s is a place I used to go for great coffee in the top of the city back in the 90’s after dinner and before clubbing and could always be relied on for great coffee to help get me through. My uncle when in town from Queensland, I know would go there. I will go once again. Sit at the counter to enjoy my medicine.


Now, on a lighter note. I had a dinner party on Saturday night and number 1 reasons why I shouldn’t go on Instagram?


Food arrives and forget to take a photo before eating/serving dinner, in all fairness, my guests arrived in time to take my lasagne from the oven. I usually take it out after I’ve let the top brown I put on the foil and after another hour or so it’s a safety hazard for me to take it out one-handed. So, timing is of the essence. Threw together a salad. (Not pictured) and my guests provided a baked cheesecake. Which was delicious! It is just so rare to have company at home and it’s even better to be able to be relaxed. Better than going out.

Dinner Party

Crazy day Monday, with my NDIS review, mum was here over night and when she is here, we smash out ‘all the things that don’t get done unless she is here’. You picture those crazy crime scene maps with the red string?

Crime Scene

That’s what we did to Melbourne in my mums little racing car. Think mum was a rally car driver in a previous life. Her, Mazda and Google Helen (I’ve recently been called) and a Sally the GPS (after Sally the over-locker!) totally writing that post later! We even got to the Swedish warehouse.

After exactly a year of apartment living, I have worked out the best place to hang out to ‘accidentally’ run into my neighbours. While hanging out in B1 (the basement level where my scooter shed resides) while mum went to get the racing car, my neighbours came down for whatever reasons, one I even got to give him the light globe I had bought for him when I got some for myself, the other neighbour who was heading off for work. She is a night shift nurse and some grumpy guy who parks next to my shed. He was really friendly, (note sarcasm)


Now back to normal programming, have slotted back into normal Wednesday programming with the assistance of a carer, I’m getting to my favourite cafe in Clifton Hill, then my standard punchy/stabby day.


Today’s offering, a chicken and turmeric salad and my medicine.













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