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Forever Frustrated

Published March 22, 2021 by helentastic67

Forever Frustrated

I am forever frustrated and outright pissed off by the lack of quality service in both Government and Disability sectors.

Today, I actually had a reason to be grateful, I didn’t rely on TAC funding. Ironically, I generally make a strict decision not to name and shame, however I’m going to today for a one-off.

A provider of a service, fuck OK, Chiropractor had a call about one of their patients. Let’s keep some mystery. The chiro was away on holidays. They would be busy with patients anyway, so Helen (my name for a change) from the TAC left a message. They called again and left a second message from Helen from TAC, stating they had rung twice.


And they didn’t leave a fucking number. Poor chiro, on her day off had to call the 1300 number and was on hold for an hour, while they had to work out ‘Who this Helen was!’ it’s on my top five most hated things.

How people, companies get away with getting paid to not do their job.

And let’s not forget the difference between TAC funding is they pay for everything. Computers, phones, chiropractors and my NDIS won’t pay for chiro or computer devices.

Disability and Social Life

Published October 4, 2019 by helentastic67

Disability and Social Life

Disability and Social Life

Since my disability and in particular my loss in eyesight, I rarely go out in the evenings. My physical disability zapped my ability to run around like I just didn’t care. My loss of eyesight zapped my ability to see in the dark. My financial restraints zapped the ability to enjoy going out anyway.

Feeling Zapped

But on a rare occasion I get scooped up to go out for dinner by people who get up super early for work. We go somewhere local, cheap and cheerful. Close to me and I’ve usually eaten by 7pm. Oh dear, I’m getting ready for the Nursing Home after all.

Going out for dinneer

I’m often home again by 8pm. No joke. I might go out two or three times a year for dinner and this year I managed to get out for the Comedy Festival. I haven’t been out to the festival for about seven or eight years and it’s an effort to say the least.

Coming Home Early 1

I was dressed from early in the day, even though I didn’t need to leave the house (apartment) until around 5pm. I had a kip in my clothes even because I wouldn’t have made it otherwise and I even put on make-up. Effort.

Getting Ready to go out

But once committed, that was it.

These days there is a tram stop at my front door, which is awesome and at times I’m normally at home committed to a quiet evening on the couch, I go out and on the tram. As per usual, all things do not always go to plan. When do they ever?

Quiet Night At Home

I catch the tram past my favourite Wednesday Café and into the city via Smith Street, Collingwood and on Smith Street, the tram stopped because a car had broken down in front of the tram and an announcement came over the loudspeaker.

Catch a Tram

“Waffle, waffle, waffle”

Sometimes the messages are a little hard to decipher. A woman stood up behind me and in a rather grumpy tone, demanded “Can someone please translate that for me?” The tram emptied out of about 80% of the passengers, including the grumpy lady.

Translation Please

The tram driver walked down and stood next to me to tell the back part of the tram passengers what the issue was. It was that a car had broken down, people and a tow truck had been called. We could sit and wait (for an undeterminable time) or we could choose to get off and walk if we didn’t have far to go.

Car Broken Down

I reached out to the driver and gently touched the back of my hand to the back of his wrist (I was going for the non-gropey/non-offensive gesture), he looked down at me. “Can the car be pushed out of the way? Because we just lost all our muscle.” The driver responded “No, because the car has an electrical system.”

Car Electricial System 1

WFT! C’mon! FFS!

Another message came over the loudspeaker and the grumpy lady was back. She wanted to know why everyone had gotten off the tram, if we didn’t need to. She felt everyone had been told to get off and why had that been?

Grumpy Lady

I got up and moved through the tram to speak to her. I stopped where she had last been standing, the younger couple sat staring at me a little bewildered. I asked them “Where is she?” They motioned outside, I said “I got this” It was suggested the grumpy one was probably after a fight, so I used my standard line of “It’s OK, I’ve got a stick.” (Hey it’s a walking stick, but it’s still a stick).

I got this

The younger woman sat up with keen interest, like there was about to be a rumble and someone was going down. Enter in my head the Cure song “Fight! Fight! Fight!” like the Rocky soundtrack. Can you imagine smartphones going out and it being all over Social Media?


I told the young lady that was not going to be like that. I got off the tram and went over to the grumpy one. I asked her if she was Ok and I offered to explain what the voice over message had meant. The first as I’ve already explained. The second message was more for people who were further away on other trams who had the option of abandoning their trams to catch alternative methods, so as not to get stuck on Smith Street.

What the voices said

She was rolling a cigarette and seemed to be okay with my version of the translation, but she still seemed argumentative about how she felt we had been told to get of the tram. The driver came over and the car driver had reported a tow truck had been called again and would be fifteen to twenty minutes away. The tram driver told us we could get back on the tram to wait.

Rolling a Cigarette 1

Grumpy lady was still grumpy and she felt she had been advocating for people like myself. I wish she didn’t. I told her the next tram over wasn’t far away, so I would walk. I spoke to the tram driver again before I departed and he felt the need to tell me the next tram over was quite far and I should just wait. I took it as a challenge.

Still Grumpy

Sometimes, when the plan goes sideways, I can roll with the punches. It is a lot more physically taxing, but I had somewhere to be, places to go, food to be eaten and did not want my night to be squashed when it had only just begun.

Places to Go

To be fair, I walked half the distance I had intended, messaged my friend to alter where we would meet in the city and I even walked through the public housing block on Brunswick Street. I almost went around it, but I could very easily be in public housing, so with a “Hey, these are my people mentality” I forged on. Came across a black guy (not being racist) he was maybe early 20’s African and I gave him a little smile, said “Excuse me and asked which path would have efficiently take me to Brunswick Street?”

Change of Plans

Out of the tram, walked to meet my friend, walked to Degraves Street, had medicine. Mmmm and shared three Tapas meals. Then walked to the Forum. Next venue, built in 1929 and saw Daniel Sloss.

Degraves St

Ok, don’t know him?

The Project


Ted Talk

He’s young, 28, he’s Scottish, he’s interesting, amazing thought provoking. Go See him.


Published February 22, 2019 by helentastic67



Sharp or quick witted, I’m told I’m both by people who have gotten to know me in the last few years. I mention this because it’s not what people imagine when they learn I have a brain injury. The general perception of someone with a brain injury is, someone who can’t think for themselves and can’t walk or talk. But definitely the process stuff.


Today, I saw the lovely Bella (it’s Italian for beautiful, but more importantly in the feminine) it’s what I call her because I can’t recall her name, however she speaks Italian, I do not, but not the point right now.

Bella 1


I asked how she was and took it as an opportunity to answer honestly. Winter has just begun in Melbourne and she stated her throat is a little sore.

I recommended something and wrote it down for her. I explained to her while I don’t know Italian, I am a bit of a Nonna (Italian Grandmother who likes to look after people).


On leaving my favourite café I handed the information on some paper to Tobey (the Barista), I mentioned my handwriting has really suffered of late, so I wrote it twice. He read it and passed it on to her. He said “Yes, echinacea, I could have told her that”, so I asked “Yes, but did you?”


He didn’t hear me the first time, but he did agree he had not thought to tell her. Luckily, I will be able to give him some cheek about it tomorrow and he won’t be offered. And I will have some for Bella tomorrow.


When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 2

Published September 21, 2018 by helentastic67

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing Part 2

When Disability Becomes Embarrassing – Part 2


And he thrust a microphone into my face and had sweet Jesus! What just happened?

I looked at Stacey and pointed a finger at her saying “I’ll kill you later!”

I'm gonna kill you

I think she already realised her error. Fred would learn later the following day. Sometimes I’m very grateful I think quickly on my feet, quite literally and despite my ABI I have not been slowed down too much.

Quick Wit

Oh, Fred had or myself, I can’t recall, had suggested all those single guys looking for love to stand up.

Looking for love

Are you feeling my pain right now?

I started to speak and address the room. I asked for all the guys with an ABI or anyone not with-in a stones throw of Melbourne to have a seat. I explained I have an ABI and I couldn’t for see two people with brain injuries residing under the same roof successfully as I have proven on more than one occasion and as I would eventually like to see a relationship, I am in the future to be.


I confess to say; many seats were taken and the room got rather still and quiet again. I finished my ‘forced’ situation by saying “being single and dating with an ABI/disability is not easy.”

Dating isn't easu

I think I thanked everyone for participating in the brief experiment. I handed back the microphone to Fred who looked a little deflated.


He announced again, that there were single ladies at our table if anyone wanted to come and introduce themselves. Some did.

Introduce yourselves

And that someone was someone I knew from the ABI GROUP I WENT TO IN Melbourne. Now, he doesn’t live in Melbourne, he walked around the table and delivered all the hot chicks (OK that’s exaggerating) a business card.

Business cards

I looked up at him and growled ‘What are you doing?’ and while a bit older than I, I would not want him dating my mother.

Worst date

So, you might wonder about Stacey? Yeah, she wasn’t single, but the next day.


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