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Hot off the Press 17th May 2022

Published May 17, 2022 by helentastic67

Censorship – The Next Exciting Episode

This week, I am following up on last week’s post and asking for your support for my blog and my intention to do brain injury differently. My question is “Is bullying OK?”

So, had a very ordinary meeting last Tuesday, trying to convince people who had not bothered to read my blog, that the blog link remains on their website (that features a disclaimer) for the group I’ve volunteered for 10+ years. 

A fellow-member and friend suggested if I wanted to have my blog appeal to more people, I should change it. To be blunt, I could write about brain injury but it’s not sexy and people don’t want to know anything about brain injury until it’s absolutely relevant to them.

I could write about risk-taking behaviour but you don’t have to drink, take drugs and try to drive a car and potentially kill people while you nearly kill yourself to get a brain injury. I’ve done none of those things and I have a brain injury. 

I am probably only alive because I didn’t do drugs, I barely drank. I found alcohol used to make me feel like my head was swimming. Probably because alcohol thins your blood and my AVM once diagnosed was stated as being enormous. So, I suspect its why I was feeling unwell I just didn’t have an interest in doing something that made me feel so awful.

That I don’t ever mention companies or organisations good, bad or otherwise, should tell you I have some ethics.

That’s this NGO (Non-Government Organisation/Not for Profit) thinks to bully me to remaining quiet for the bullying they think to visit on its long standing members and that it’s acceptable. Other members have been destroyed by its poor behaviour and so, if you are still with me? You don’t have to love everything I write or stand for, but if you have any appreciation for what I stand for please Like, comment (positively please) and share through your networks. 

My deadline to have support in my corner is 14th June, 2022.

Thanking you in advance and with much love and predication.

Like, share and subscribe…

Love and Drinking

Published January 27, 2020 by helentastic67

Love and Drinking

For someone who barely drinks, I have remembered this quote for a lifetime. I’m not looking for love at all. I’ve imagined love might find me. I’ve never thought to look for love or even just answers to life in a bottle. No judgement to anyone that does. I just don’t get it? I guess due to alcohol thinning one’s blood, drinking never made me feel particularly great. So, I’ve not given it a good hot go. I don’t think I’m missing anything.





That reminds me to write the post about discovering the dark secret! It was the pro line for black opal Nera Sambuca back in the early ‘90’s. I didn’t need to discover it, I happily waited to be informed. Let someone else take the hit on that one!

Sometimes you just want to short and sweet.

To be continued…….


Punchline Revealed

Published October 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Punchline Revealed

I think the punchline to the previous post is that despite eating dinner by 7pm, doing the classic dinner and a show, I was actually home by 11.30pm.

Despite being completely spent and everything hurt from the 4,500 steps I’d managed all past a time I’m normally committed to my couch, I couldn’t go to bed until 2am.


It takes me days to get over it. I don’t drink, so I really don’t understand the drinking/partying mentality. Where you are hungover the next day, or is this just getting old?

Did I mention I didn’t even drink?


Good Times

Published March 30, 2018 by helentastic67

Good times

Good Times

It was a hot day last Friday and I’d gone out with Ms Tina to do my weekly shop. On the way a short distance, I received a text telling me I had not escaped my third rent increase. Hence my previous post where I needed to vent about housing and all that, that entails.

Hot day

I suggested we sit on the bench just inside the entrance to take a moment to cool down. We found ourselves sitting in front of a Travel Agents, Flight Centre, something or other.

Travel Agency

Now I don’t get to holiday or travel and apart from two nights in Tasmania about six years ago, when my boyfriend was still faking that we were still actually together. I’ve not been in an airplane ‘overseas’ since 1994. So I looked up and discussed with Ms Tina. “Wow look at that!”

No Holiday

Next month I can pay for rent or I can go to ‘somewhere else’ for eleven days.

Ms Tina suggested eleven days away and some drinks. Now, you know I don’t really drink, but I think I could learn.

Should have holiday

I imagine life would be a little easier to deal with if I drank. Pity I don’t like the taste. Or the ones I like I can’t afford.

Holiday end

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