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Today’s Lunch – 24th April 2019

Published April 24, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First, a belated Happy Easter.

Last week I had to smash 5 days of ‘Life” into only 4 and as the weekend just gone was Easter it meant public holidays. Yes!!!! I love public holidays! Because it means long lazy weekends of afternoon naps and 3-ish meals a day, cups of tea a plenty and medicine and lots of binging TV. On the flip-side, struggling to do ‘Person’ when the following week resumes.

Monday, I actually got out on hellonwheels to meet my old neighbour Megi, her sister Lucy and their mum. We met for lunch followed by a little scooter around the neighbourhood and a cruise through the supermarket. Once home I set myself up on my balcony to do some writing. Here is my view………

Easter Sunday I had some people over from my floor of the apartment complex. In an effort to not be alone on a weekend people either go to church (hard no!) or spend with family (too busy and too far away) so I invited the people I’ve encountered on my floor. Not everyone but maybe half the apartments. Four people came, one of which was a surprise so that was nice. I had bought a dozen hot cross buns and two of my guests bought stuff so now I’ve got cinnamon donuts and mini chocolate croissants and profiteroles to give away.

So, briefly today my standard punchy/stabby day includes this offering……..










Before another public holiday tomorrow. My body clock is so out of whack right now!

Today’s Lunch – 28th March 2018

Published March 28, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, midweek in a short week. This Friday is Good Friday, so if you were planning too many things this week and will struggle with only a 4-day week. You can blame Jesus! And strap in, next week is a short one also!

Good Friday

Here’s something a bit different and, well I think interesting? This was breakfast! You know those days where you think this will not make a very good photo?

Prickly Pear
This is the Prickly Pear and no, I can’t describe it but it tastes delicious and despite only touching tongs and the plastic bag I still had annoying thistles in my ONE GOOD HAND! File under weird Wog food. Your welcome!

Today’s offering, is an Zaffarino Arancini with side salad. (Saffron rice, mint and peas) With my medicine!












And you should know this is not what I would cook at home.


Happy Wednesday

Hot off the Press – 1st May 2017

Published May 1, 2017 by helentastic67

Here is the news 010517

Shock horror! I’ve kept to the self-challenge of a weekly post fresh from my brain to the iPad to Noelle. Woo-hoo!

We have had two long weekends in a row, one was thanks to Good Friday and last Tuesday was due to ANZAC Day.

Good Friday

In very simple terms I found myself explaining to one of my two youngest carers the significance of this day admittedly, this carer is not Australian born.

Anzac Day

ANZAC day is when we commemorate/celebrate the Australian and New Zealand diggers efforts in WW1, now 102 years ago. To be completely fair, it’s been pointed out to me I would not pass an immigration test on some Australian topics and I was born here. But I had to explain to said young carer they would not cancel or postpone the March through the city because of a little rain. Rain was the least of the problems faced the day they landed in Gallipoli.

This year they emphasised the younger generation of soldiers who seem to be over-looked despite them dealing with fresh PTSD and re-entering society. And there is no excuse, we now know these things exist.

My two youngest carers these days are both half my age, I occasionally have to remind them and thank them for making me feel sooooo old!

This weekend I dug out some clothes from my former lives working in clubs and an office environment. I have not been a size “tiny” formerly known as “petite” for some years. It’s not like I would ever wear them again, it’s just been a process of letting them go. Maybe after a wash, iron and photographing I can sell them online. Worn by people far, far away and I can continue living in the style that I have become accustomed to.


Haven’t seen any new properties this week. We started the week feeling a little like summer wasn’t completely over and by Wednesday it was ‘full winter! What just happened?’ So yes, the woolens are now out!

Oh, this week despite getting back into my baking and my plan for World Domination through people’s stomachs, I put a rib out!

rib out

Did you hear me? I put a rib out…….oh, how I hear you ask? Well, I get to ride shotgun when ever in a car, due to motion sickness dating back to day dot! And because it’s more room? This means in OZ, I sit in the front on the left. My left arm doesn’t work, so I twist and reach with my right arm to close the door. That’s how I do it.

My chiropractor puts it back in. First on my back, then the front. Finally putting some tape on my ribs under my left ‘girl’ (breast) it both tickles and hurts.

Lastly, I have felt Jamima’s presence (if you believe in that kind of thing) several times since her parting. Most recently, this morning, while I was in bed trying to sleep. A pressure of the blankets pushing down against my legs. My shins to be more exact. I didn’t move, but accepted the presence to be her checking in on me. One of my blogger cohorts said good bye to their Rumpydog last week bringing it all back. At least Meimi now has the husky dog keeping her company up there.

Rumpy Dog

Nearly midnight, must be time to single task!

Lots of love

Hot off the Press – 10th April, 2017

Published April 10, 2017 by helentastic67


Hot off the press 1Ok! If I get this right I might be 2 for 2! And I’ve stuck to my commitment of a live-ish current post this week.

Walking and talking

Have been crazy-busy as per usual. Lots of things happening to help stay upright and walking and talking. Had the added hindrance this last week of getting a cold. I last had a cold maybe 8 years ago. It was early days with my disability. Having a cold one-handed really sucks so I made the strong statement back then never to get a cold ever again. Ok, but 8 years isn’t bad, right?

Have a cold

Have been extra busy house hunting still. Saw 2 apartments during the week and 3 on Saturday with my mum who was here. I love my mum! I arrived home in time to sit in my lounge and overhear an auction across the street. The auction started at a million and it went up to 40 grand over that, enforce several interested parties went inside to duke it out. This doesn’t help me being able to afford to even rent in the area. I don’t think you get much for a cool million these days.

House hunting

Autumn is just getting under way in Melbourne. After a great week of laundry weather, Sunday arrived with much needed rain. Great day if you can stay in bed or if you are a duck! I’m the first, so I’m not complaining.

Sunny day

Might take a break from house hunting this week, it’s Easter after all.
Hope you all have a great week, whatever you do.

Its Easter

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