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Today’s Lunch – 23rd January 2019

Published January 23, 2019 by helentastic67

todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, sadly I’m not at my favourite cafe today. I’m at an old haunt for a BBQ for a Brain Injury group I’m connected to called United Brains. Although apart from those beautiful, beautiful words (ok, acronym) the Great Aussie BBQ! I do get to see some old familiar faces I’ve not seen for a while and before I show you some photos of today’s lunch, here’s some pictures from my exciting Ladies Adventure Day on Monday. A friend and I went and scooped up Caroline my masseuse on the way South! We literally kidnapped her for a day of, what I prefer to call “Eat! Eat! Eat! (Take a few photos) and get a little burnt day.

united brains

Our destination was the Mornington Peninsula, first to Dromana where we ate fish and chips on the foreshore, got a little wind-burnt after about 20 minutes. Before moving to lie on our towels, not on the beach but under a nice tree in some shade. Getting up was lots of fun, my knees finding every single twig and stick my towel had covered with the kind assist of my 2 lady friends they hoiked me upright.

fish and chips

lying under tree










Did the sightseeing tour along the coast through Mount Martha to Mornington and despite the ladies calling from behind me to “wait up” and that we had just walked past a gelato shop, I powered ahead not preparing to change course from my destination. Found my preferred location for both ice cream to die for and coffee (to die for) just next door the ladies understood my mission to get to this particular ice creamery. I’ve only been once before, but I got my usual chocolate, Tiramasu’s you and lemon. The chocolate was really dark and rather than sickly sweet you could taste the cocoa. Tiramasu’s? Mmmmmmmmmmm, do I need to say more? And the lemon finishes it off with a little tartness! Then medicine.

ice cream shop

ice cream










I don’t get to have holidays and such so a nice lady’s day away was just what Helen ordered!
Hope you enjoy the photos!

morningtonbeach 1









beach 2beach 3









And then today’s lunch……..
Some bread with a snag & sauce, a hamburger & sauce. Some salads. So, typically good fair.
I did have some medicine but it’s gone already. Strong & sweet is what you get here.













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