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Today’s Lunch – 7th November 2018

Published November 7, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Allow me to introduce you to some beautiful things about Melbourne, spring and apartment living in today’s post.

We are currently in Spring Carnival season here in Melbourne, in Spring in Melbourne we get most of our rainfall. Yesterday was the Melbourne Cup! Supposedly, the race that stops the nation? (I wouldn’t know as I was asleep when it happened) and I woke this morning just before 8am to the sound of thunder, pouring rain, someone running past my front door down the hallway towards the lift and my water feature on my balcony had returned. Looking outside to the otherwise busy intersection to see rain coming down ‘side-ways!’. You know the kind? With the sound effects of (ssssshhhhhhhh!!!!)

Spring Carnival

Melbourne Cup is very well known for people getting dressed up (or down) people basically making a huge disgrace of themselves and celebrities hanging out and rubbing shoulders in a pavilion called the Birdcage and the catering being to die for.


In short, I’ve never been, I don’t gamble and despite it raining buckets, the race still goes on.
The water feature on my balcony, I have a drain pipe on my balcony that was bubbling up water, that in itself you might think what’s so bad about that? Um, yeah. I live on the second floor! This is not a great thing, but it’s only happened twice now and I’ve just signed a lease for my second year here so I shouldn’t stress?

Bsalcony flood

Also, because I’ve had a 4-day weekend due to the public holiday yesterday and purposely keeping Monday’s schedule clear, I venture out of the house for the first time since Friday!

Long Weekend

Doing full Person and back to my crazy normal Wednesday schedule. So today’s lunch is a pancetta quiche with side salad and my medicine.

Pancetta QuicheLatte












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