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Lettuce – How much for an Iceberg?

Published August 8, 2022 by helentastic67

Lettuce – How much for an Iceberg?

Oh, Australia. Remember we had the fires, then yes, the plague thing, yeah, Melbourne has been through six lockdowns. I think Singapore is the only place that has lived through the same.

We struggled to get our hands on toilet paper and the term Karen was born. Did I mention, that was when I started a liver cleanse? Yeah, that’s right, ME, I made a one-off purchase of the dreaded home brand of Toilet Paper I can guarantee I’ll never revisit. The packaging claimed it was embossed. Um, it was Single Ply, I would have traded that little extra for another ply. Then, we’ve had floods, right.

Everyone caught up.

Now, we have the horrid prices and reboot of boring conversations about which lettuce is best and how much you need to pay to get one.

Seriously, it’s probably easier to get hard drugs. I was faced about a month ago with paying $13 for an iceberg lettuce. That’s my go-to. I had sent a new carer to grab me a lettuce while I got something else. She saw the price and called it out to me. I said “I’m sorry, what!” She repeated and another shopper came over to discuss this ridiculous notion. I recalled a newsworthy story I had seen and I told this other shopper. “Apparently KFC have started substituting cabbage for lettuce” He looked surprised. I told him… “I have to tell you I don’t eat their burgers for the lettuce!” I eat salad for my lettuce and I do like lettuce to be a staple in my crisper.

So, now I’m posting and bragging on social media I managed to get a lettuce the size off my head for $8.00. My last lettuce was down to a tiny heart and I wanted to list it on marketplace for $50 like when some smarty pants posted a Toilet Paper roll with its last two squares.

Lastly, I’ve been having plenty of nonsense old people conversations. But again, more of that later. Yes, it’s worthy of its own post and I haven’t written it yet. Next.

Today’s Lunch – 2nd January 2019

Published January 2, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Happy New Year 2019. When did that happen? How many of my followers were born after 2000 I wonder? Feel free to comment.

Happy New Year

You might recall I went to lunch with some high school friends after Christmas. Yes, that happened. Photos of proof? That did not happen, I imagine if I explain my morning you will better understand how these things get missed.

Forgot Photos

Try getting to sleep around 5.30am, waking around 10am, scrambling to have a shower where the water pressure leaves a lot to be desired. It’s called country living. We hit the road to get to the arranged meeting place and we had the whole hour it would take to get there by 1pm. First there is the gravel road to navigate and the swerving of the road, the hills and dips that we navigate. Did I mention I get motion sickness? My mum has missed her calling as a rally car driver. After being on the road 10 minutes phone reception kicks in and I’m inundated with messages and texts, despite all of the above and mum driving at 95 kilometres an hour, me checking and replying to messages and because there was flooding damage along the way mum giving me a tourist guide description of fences down, the piles of refuge that has been dragged out of creek beds.

Rally Driving

A few weeks before Christmas my hometown was inundated with floods. Well, all the outlying areas that usually flood this time even the freeway on the outskirts of town were unpassable. While Melbourne was said to have had a month’s worth of rain in a day, my mums area had a month’s worth of rain in half a day and the creeks near her, run down into the river that goes through all the low-lying areas. A young couple made the news because they had been rescued from the roof of their car by helicopter. (Sounds great right? Wait for the punchline) The girl said the water was fine, it was more the spiders! Turns out spiders don’t like to drown either………shudder! I’ve mentioned my white tail spider bites previously and the baby huntsman only last week. Made a quick stop at the bank teller and my loss of eyesight means for a frustrating transaction. Don’t see the prompts, swearing. Etc. Arrive at the destination and lemon, lime and bitters. Bliss! Oh, and it’s 34 degrees outside! Don’t know how that translates to wherever you might be? But keep in mind my happy place is 25!

Flood waters

So, when I order lunch, I order salt and pepper calamari. It’s soft and cooked just right. The chips, not so great. The salad could have been bigger. But it was over. Hence, the no photo, but it was delicious!

Delicious Calamari

Returned to Melbourne on Sunday night and didn’t stop until I was completely unpacked and I had cleaned up my couch and dining table.

Unpacking 1

January can be a bit slow after Christmas, many places close or people are still on leave from work. Today is my first day back at chiropractor and acupuncture and I’m not filling my days with too much as there is no point and even, I need some time out. I had been promised my new plan from the NDIS review before Christmas. They had literally told me it was a definite since my extension on the last plan ends 5 Jan 2019 and I’ll let you know when I get it. If the 3-month extension had been given from the end date of my actual plan it would go another month but it seems it’s all about not providing funding. I find it all rather morally bankrupt. The plan is generally what funding you have and what you are meant to spend it on although written in such a way you will never use it all and be very frustrated trying to work it out. I guess if you get pissed off enough you might just go get a job. If only I could.


Spent New Year’s Eve unpacking a parcel I had received from a blogger friend in Norfolk in the U.K. Stephanie Faith and her family of little Chau wow wow’s. (Sorry, I got it from a comedian) The box was almost childproof. Almost. Mika’s fish is fantastic! I’ll need to teach her how to play as she isn’t big on toys. I love it! Rally love my new salt and pepper shakers. They are purr-fect too!

Mikas fishSalt and Pepper










I hope you put together your jigsaw puzzle.

So, today’s lunch, I’m already in my summer foodie happy place, because, salt & pepper calamari with salad & sum chippies.

Calamari and ChipsLatte










Cheers H

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