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Scooter Etiquette

Published June 11, 2018 by helentastic67

Scooter Etiquette

Scooter Etiquette

Get out of the Fucking way! Is that rude to say that? I did mention early on that I swear and that has meant I’ve been really good not to in print – much.

Get out of the way

Or I substitute other “words” or phrases, I do my best. Often when debriefing someone about some shitful situation, my frustration is so great every other word is the F* Bomb.

I do it with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye and when I do this with people who know me they find my humour and appreciate it too. Thankfully.

Twinkle in the eye

Make a mental note: Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and smile and let you be yourself.

So, I’m getting back into my lunch at my favourite café on Wednesday, no matter how poor I am, so I can write and today, despite being Autumn in Melbourne I was able to scooter.


As I was cruising along the High Street to where I have my last appointment and I park my scooter, I was stuck behind two girls just dawdling along. One walking, the other walking her bike, both definitely ‘blocked’ me (saw me other their shoulders) and neither decided to make room, so I could pass. I was late for my rendezvous with Young John and as I was passing the Post Office, I still wanted to make a quick stop.

Walking in front of scooter

So, these fucking girls, not a fricken care in the world.

I have a horn on my scooter that I rarely use. It’s more a “beep” so, I avoid using it. But occasionally, I’m tempted to just growl.

Get out of the fucking way


Is that rude?

Is that rude


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