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Hot off the Press – 29th November 2021

Published November 29, 2021 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press

So, Melbourne recently was freed from its sixth lockdown to slow the spread of the plague (cannot keep mentioning the C-Bomb!)

Just in time for my birthday, but a lot of cafes have not been able to put patrons back inside while socially distancing and it requires more staff to police and restraints in the evenings is pretty similar.

Starting with the first lockdown in 2020, I started doing more take away lunches, even collecting and taking home in-between appointments, anything to support my favourite cafes. Gotta have a place to go write my blog again, right.

On Wednesdays, being the day, I haven’t been to my regular Wednesday locale I started shaking things up a bit. A fish and chip lunch, a Lebanese wrap lunch, even a beef curry pie and all of these on a steady rotation.

Fridays became the days to support my regular haunt. My Girl Friday and I would order in, wait out the front for our order and then sit in the car for what we dubbed Car Café. Here is what the dashboard looked like.

I would call on Thursday to ask if they could put my new favourite thing aside for me. My new favourite I for years ignored due to its simplicity. But now, I’m convinced that thing has crack cocaine in it. Because the humble ham and cheese toastie has something in it that just makes it next level. I think I know what it is, it’s not drugs, but either way, I’m hooked.

They also started making this naughty little thing Robert (the owner) came down from his office one day and grabbed one. I asked what it was and he told me if I didn’t have the last one, he might come back and get it too. And I did. Treats are always cut in half so I can share them with Girl Friday. Shared calories equal no calories as far as I’m concerned. I went to order one a few weeks ago and I was told they were not doing them anymore. They were only over winter. But I had only bought 2 and I had shared them both with my Girl Friday. FML. This is the “Fly Me To The Moon” and the very addictive Ham and Cheese Toastie.

Ways to survive lockdown in Melbourne.


When Everything Was Going Well – Then

Published December 13, 2019 by helentastic67

When Everything Was Going Well – Then

Ok, this must be said first, we will never speak of it again. To be fair I will probably need to start a series and this is a very mild one, as the others are very embarrassing and will come complete with a threat of violence to any who mention them in my presence.

This is not so embarrassing, just a moment of pure frustration where everything was going so well (in my kitchen) and then all of a sudden: Just NO.

As you should be aware, I’m a pretty decent home cook, even for a one-handed numpty like myself. So, when things go somewhat sideways, I’m wondering how it happened. I have a cooking shift with a carer once weekly.

It’s with my Girl-Friday chick and we are really good working together in the kitchen. I’m the experienced ‘brain’ in the duo and my Girl-Friday is the muscle.

Don’t think for a second I give her all my shit-work. I don’t. We work really well together, I do more of the cutting of vegies, while she does the peeling, but while she has things to do, I will clean the sink and pack the dishwasher well and dictate what she needs to do next. Normally, when we bake cakes (or muffins as I can turn them out one-handed) Today, we did a double batch of some muffins I regularly do. I make them regularly and I never do a single batch. It requires a big bowl which the dry ingredients goes into (the flours, sugar, raising agents) then another (with the secret ingredient/the vanilla essence/the oils) and a third bowl to whisk the eggs. Add C to B, then to A.

Oh, what’s that? You want the recipe? No. Or I’d have to kill you all.

Some recipes I don’t give out. Never. They come with the polite threat “I can tell you, but I’ll have to kill you!”

So, today all of the ingredients were doubled, except I quadrupled the two flours and it wasn’t until Girl-Friday had mixed the wet into the dry that I stated “Why is it so dry?” 6.30pm came and Girl Friday will try to continue to ‘fix’ them and I’m more of the mind to ‘bin-it’ and move on.

I’ve been known to rescue a bechamel sauce from disaster and Girl Friday (20 years my junior, often mistaken as my daughter) is in awe.

But on a rare occasion I don’t know what the hell happened, in the end I baked ¾’s of the mixture and will try one tomorrow with a little butter to make the final decision.

While on other days we will smash out a double batch of other muffins, a batch of mushroom baskets, (including halal-friendly dozen for my neighbour) and a cauliflower and sauce.


Published December 6, 2019 by helentastic67


You have all heard comedy is the best medicine. Well, it’s probably not going to cure cancer or get my Pap Smear done. But however, I’m just suggesting laughing is better than crying.

Patch Adams

I will record comedy on late night TV on my Toppy (Topfield) and these days as my kitchen, lounge and dining area is all in one. I will put on some comedy while I cook, for company. A young Aussie comedian is talking about how hard it is to get a fitted sheet on a bed. So,


In the last place I lived I had three bedrooms; I know rich right! No, it was a dump, it was hot and the landlord was a creep. But it allowed me to have a study and a spare room with a single bed for when friends or family stayed over.

The sheet changing day, I would have my morning carer take the sheets off, so I could get them in the machine, then on the line. I would usually get out clean sheets and put them on the bed so my next carer could just get stuck in. Mostly. This particular day I had gotten distracted, didn’t get them out. My next carer arrived, no sheets. She asked which colour I wanted and I suggested she choose. Honestly, I am in my ‘Oh white sheets place, I get it now’ faze and the other set I have is say a French Chocolate-grey. (Yes! I’m that chick)

Now, also whatever sheet is in the washing machine, the other goes on the bed. Two weeks on, two weeks off. I wear pyjamas, so it’s not an eeeww moment. I told her to pick.

She called to me from the bedroom to the lounge several times and not waiting to be distracted, I suggested she choose.

I thought I was empowering her to be independent. I’m like so, made to be a mum, right? This carer is still my regular and I really love her. She is often mistaken as my daughter, but that’s another story.

Eventually, she came to me with a barrage of questions and I put what I was doing aside and went with her to the bedroom. I got to the door and stopped.

“Are you sure these are for this bed?” she asked me.

The sheets were light purple, they went on the single bed. Oh, sweet Jesus! I just laughed.

I told her I was laughing with her, not at her and she informed me how hard it had been to get it on the bed.

But she didn’t find it as funny as I had. I suggested I wouldn’t do it to her again, however I did ask if she struggled again, could she come get me so I could watch.

I call this carer my Girl Friday and these days she is also my Girl Wednesday and once a month, my Girl Tuesday. We laugh a lot as we had built up the rapport to do that which is nice.

More about my Girl Friday another day.

Today’s Lunch – 21st August, 2019

Published August 21, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

A few weeks ago my Girl Friday and I made a batch of rum balls. A great Aussie classic from the CWA-Lady era. (Country Women’s Association) My food prep carer is much younger, often being mistaken as my daughter. I taught her the only way to measure the rum for the recipe. Follow the recipe, then Oops! My hand slipped and if you recall I’m not really a drinker. I’ve since given away more rum balls than I’ve actually eaten and I’ve got a 500mL bottle now to use, so more rum balls to make.

Here’s a nice recipe to try…

My recommendation is keep them small, about 2 bites each, best with coffee.

Also, an apology, I’ve had 400 emails I’ve just found in an inbox I didn’t know I had. I normally visit the blog of every new follower or at least any new Like I see and hit them with a Like or comment to let you know I’ve seen you. So, apologies, I’m catching up.

Was at my favourite cafe in Clifton Hill yesterday as I was in the hood seeing my GP.I had the bolognaise arancini with a side salad. Latte (My medicine!) with an escargot and more medicine!



















I’m busy at a meeting today and have my lovely Girl-Friday doing some admin for me while I’m at it. Hump day is not close enough for me to the weekend. Seriously, are we there yet? Friday is going to be painful.




Judgement – Part 1

Published August 12, 2019 by helentastic67

Judgement – Part 1

There are times I am sick to fucking death with random strangers having an opinion about me, that I don’t need to hear.

The other day my Girl-Friday (one of my lovely assistants was with me) were walking down the street. Just paint a picture; using a walking stick in my right hand and my left arm in the cuff and collar (it’s a form of sling) and an older lady sitting on a park bench on the footpath chooses to announce to me “Get a walking frame! You are the third person today I’ve seen with a walking stick.”

Now to say I think I kept walking, shaking my head at her helpful comment, I would have just said “No! No! No! No! No!”

Without any obvious professional experience in any medical or rehab field, I am vitally aware she did not take into consideration without BOTH ARMS WORKING. I would actually be more likely to fall over.

There is one thing about falling on a hard but flat surface, but falling on a structure and part of you falling on the floor are two different things. Hard, but flat surface please.

So, I go back to my original point, I am done with people giving me their random opinions to which they have no actual qualification.



Published July 22, 2019 by helentastic67


Oh! Going to write about something a bit different today, despite the backlog, I’ve got to catch up on.

Was having a conversation with my Lady Girl-Friday earlier. She’s one of my carers that is often mistaken as my daughter.

We were discussing travel and the mentality of when you travel. I should point out she has travelled to New Zealand on a typical ‘young-person’ travel holiday and then with her Oma (Dutch for Grandmother) to Holland for a slightly longer period of time.

My only real overseas holiday dates back to (wait for it) 1994, with my first serious boyfriend (I will circle back to this later) Needless to say, I don’t mention him in current time so, plot-spoiler, it didn’t end well. Most of the three months, I went to the UK for a visit with a whole week in Europe (two days in Paris, two days in Rome and two days in Florence).

So, it’s safe to say our experiences were very different. However, I made the point that when you travel, it’s great to be somewhere different, see different things, places, cultures, languages and the food. Oh my God the food.

But, if you are in one place for a few weeks, you will likely go out and find a café. You will also keep going back to that café because you can quickly get to be known as a regular. If you are trying to not spend too much money, it’s not a huge expense, it gets you out of the ‘house’. I spent my first month staying in a place about an hour from London while the boyfriend waited for his ‘interest payment’ to come through so he had his spending money. So, even on a holiday, we crave a place that makes us feel like home.


Today’s Lunch 1st May 2019

Published May 1, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Today is a great day. Why is this you may ask? Well, I’m paying three bills today, while I could easily give my lovely assistant Girl-Friday (I have this carer Wednesday’s too more recently) the bills and the pre-prepared envelopes of cash for each bill, I love to have the satisfaction of paying my own bills. I still like to go to the post office to pay my bills rather than do it all online. At least the ones I don’t do online, I pay in person and even better, today I’m sending parcels, Noelle, my lovely administrator of this blog and the bringer of the memes that amuse me no end will have her parcel delivered in time for the weekend up in Sydney and another parcel is destined for someone I haven’t seen or heard from for a while, Oscar Dandelion’s Stephanie who is in Norfolk in the U.K. if you are reading this? Get ready.
I’m also posting a little something-something to my friend in Texas because I can’t help myself.

I’ve otherwise been doing some rearranging at home and trying to clear my desk in the study, which is a never-ending battle. So, if I find things that are destined for elsewhere, I prefer to get them there.  If you are lucky, next week I’ll include a few pictures of my study.

Meanwhile, today for lunch I’m having half a pork schnitzel baguette with a side salad and medicine also a panachocolate! (When I say it I make it sound like a French Nanny! It’s a chocolate croissant.



















Such a zombie today!




Today’s Lunch – 13th February 2019

Published February 13, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, today’s post is bought to you by the letters J, M and J and the word “OUCH!” I woke up early Tuesday morning, that being only yesterday and my neck was killing me! My plans completely changed.1) I needed help to get out of my pyjamas! My PJ’s I tell you! This is not a good start. 2) Call chiropractor!


After the chiropractor I went home to ice my neck. Had a little kip where it hurt just lying down. My lovely Girl-Friday (she has been my Girl-Tuesday and Girl-Wednesday this week also) delivered me to my monthly GP appointment while I had to tram it home. I had to let 2 trams go past me so I could wait for an accessible flat-bed tram to arrive. When one finally arrived, I passed up a seat offered to me because it was less challenging to stand. The stop near my home is not an accessible tram stop. I fully imagined to step down and would let out a yelp and maybe even a little pee would come out! Yeah, that level of ouch! Thankfully none of those things happened but it still hurt!

Neck Pain

So today, another chiropractic appointment and on to our normal programming.


Today’s lunch, cannot get enough pizza right now. So, pizza and a side salad with medicine with a red velvet cupcake for Valentines.











Red Velvet 2

I’m staying in tomorrow. Valentine’s day is no fun for single barren spinsters! I am fully aware of the irony of this comment.

Single Barron Spinster




Today’s Lunch – 6th February 2019

Published February 6, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Firstly, I need to apologise for the break in standards last Wednesday, I had serious technical issues, followed by a meltdown! Super! So, this week has been way too busy already. Here is last week’s offering with a mention of todays.

Technical support

Secondly, I’m going to make a very brief announcement. Something to celebrate, particularly if you are a Foody or a big fan of beetroot.

Big announcement

My girl Friday, this is what I call her she told me she is now a big fan of beetroot dip! Her family are really big cheese fans and she isn’t. I’ve tried to interest her in olives but so far, no chance but beetroot dip. Yes, it’s pink and she hates pink, but I’m taking it as a win. Celebrate with me and tell me in a comment below what you can’t live without?

Beetroot dip

So, at the moment I can’t live without Smooth Iced Tea or ice cream. Today’s lunch from last week is, Chicken and Turmeric salad with my medicine in the background as you can see. My girl Friday’s thick shake looks good doesn’t it?

Chicken & Salad

Latte & Thick Shake










Mmmmmmmmmm, onward!

Hours later, still Wednesday I am sitting reassessing my day. It’s actually my first day out and about since last Friday. While I love my days where I’m off-grid. Taking a break, not doing adult or barely even person, I find once I do get out, I over compensated maybe. I had a brief chat to the owner of my favourite cafe and realised sometimes when people ask how Christmas was? I should revert to my first instinct and say “Good. Good!” Even if it’s not true. So, I actually overshared and I feel terrible.

Over compensated

You may have noticed; today’s post is actually the post that should have gone live last Wednesday? I’m a bit of a stickler for schedule. It’s important to me so, I apologise for the delay, because Australia has shitty, shitty 3rd world internet! It’s fucking outrageous! I realised last Friday I had crappy internet all last week because my brain training has not been doing its job and my favourite news program made a mention that all NBN providers are being made to credit customers for not providing quality services as advertised. I had good internet over the weekend and rubbish ever since. Tonight, even my home phone (Yes! I have a landline!) wasn’t working and my mobile. Yeah, that apparently needs a software update because it won’t let me make calls, as I discovered earlier today.


I use messenger a great deal on my phone to connect with people, my phone still has internet, but I try not to use it too much so I keep my costs down. I sent S.O.S to my family hoping they could assist. They took an hour to even respond and I received a call (at least my landline is back up!) and that was just to manage my expectation of a service I’m not getting and just to be patient! Which I must say doesn’t help one iota. As in it just added to my frustration! In the end a short convo with my lovely administrator, Noelle was just what I needed. Just a calming presence. If only I could bottle her. She didn’t fix my lack of internet, but she gave me the calm needed to deal with the whole situation myself. I love that woman!


And today’s lunch, a lovely Pancetta quiche with the side salad, with my medicine.

Pancetta Quiche












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