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Today’s Lunch – 13th March 2019

Published March 13, 2019 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Today, I am going to start with a free gift. What? I know. I never. Your welcome! Wait, what?

Free Gift

You know I’m part of a self-advocacy group of people with brain injuries and a project was to create an App for free download to help people anywhere in the world with brain injuries. Or not……who want to see me live! And talking……..if you dare.

Yeah, it’s when I realised, I’ve a face for radio, but full disclosure, I am very low maintenance these days and no matter what I always look stoned or hungover. Awful when you are never either. I’m just tired and after a long weekend and an early start Tuesday shy of a migraine! Yeah, that was yesterday.

Looking stoned

Oh, met some people from just south of Seattle in the city yesterday. I took them part way on my way to the Pancake Parlour, as they just looked lost. I love offering complete strangers in the city directions. It’s even better when I know where they are wanting to go. Too easy! They were really lovely.

Giving directions

Happy to be doing my usual punchy/stabby day! Really need to be well-adjusted today and even better to have a nice lunch, today’s lunch is Calabrese pizza with the side salad and my medicine.











This is the birthday cupcake extravaganza I presented my carer on Monday and the French Toast I made her, complete with cuppa tea in my wonder woman mug. (Yeah, she is!)

Birthday muffinFrench Toast













Published May 11, 2018 by helentastic67



A simple guide for when around people with eyesight problems (ie, they are partially blind).

Partially blind

DO NOT SPEAK LOUDER. (We are not deaf) or stupid, which you seem to be if you can’t tell the difference.

Don't shout

Giving directions by pointing and using words like “over there”

That does not fucking help!

No. 1 I might not be looking at you.

No. 2 I might not be able to see where you are pointing…

Give directions

Happens to the best of us, my own family do this to me. I once followed a woman who was leading the “vision impaired” around the back entrance. The other vision impaired person had a guide dog, I hung back to follow because I can see ‘something’ whereas the guy was completely blind.

The woman waved a hand in a direction and yes, you guessed it said ‘over here’.

Over there

How to direct someone who’s visually impaired is to use ‘Verbal Cues.’ OK, were now veering slightly right, your one o’clock. There are about ten steps, one metre apart with a small single brick step up each time. The Entrance is fifteen metres away.

Verbal cues






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