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Today’s Lunch – 11th December 2019

Published December 11, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Today, while still a classic mid-week foodie post I’m giving you a crash course in classic Melbourne weather, we are only 10 days into summer. Part of Australia is on fire! Sydney, is covered in smoke.

And on Monday, Melbourne had a hot day, close to 40 degrees. I was down in Collingwood for my osteo appointment and as we sat around complaining about the oven-like temperature an older gentleman informed us in no uncertain terms we were complaining too much and I quote: “It’s been summer for 6 hours and you are all acting like you are going to die!”  I agreed with him but told him tartly, “you make a fine point except for the fact that two weeks ago we had our second fake winter!”

I’ve been way too busy of late and with carers away on holidays, I’ve had many a call or text to negotiate last minute changes. It’s an ongoing saga. I refer to it as Putting out spitfires! Obviously, preferable to actual fires.

Last week, I had a migraine for days! As I ended up taking a tramadol! And Thursday my carer convinced me to go back to bed. She actually tucked me in. #love my carers

Today, I’m over in the west, in Footscray! (I refer to it as ‘scray!) As I’m at a meeting finishing this post.  Had a visit with Wilbur yesterday.

What? You can’t imagine I can multi-task one-handed? Have you met me? My names Helen! And today’s lunch is…………….some healthy fruit, beetroot dip & crackers.











Note; NO MEDICINE?!!!!!(coffee)

Good Mental Health

Published November 25, 2019 by helentastic67

Good Mental Health

Sometimes having to rely on carers is detrimental to my Good Mental Health. So, in case you had been imagining having carers makes up for being one-handed in life. It really doesn’t.

It often requires a skill set, not everyone with a disability has. I mostly have carers older than I am. It’s not by choice, that’s what it is. I’m not complaining, it’s good.

However, I find older carers sometimes think they know best, so do things how they want to. The downside on occasion is when they don’t listen. They are not there to deal with the consequences.

Some carers only see me when I’m upright, chatty and engaged. They don’t see me when I’m not coping. They are not there when I have to bring my washing inside and hang it, so it has a chance of drying on racks.

Some items in Winter can take days to dry because it’s cold enough to need a heater on, but I have to negotiate spaces around drying racks. My left-hand catches on things as I move around, my left foot catches also. I can easily lose my balance and fall and trust me, no-one around when I have a migraine. Because they don’t limit themselves to the days, I have to suck it up and get shit done.

Migraines will come every day of the week.

Today’s Lunch – 28th August 2019

Published August 28, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch
Good Mental Health Day

It’s come around again! It’s that time of the month, when I am emotionally brittle and have my monthly migraine! Just as Mother Nature ordered! So help me GOD! (Sorry)


As I’m sliding into the Pause, Shark week doesn’t always happen, but it seems all the other symptoms come around like clockwork, right on time. I spend a day confused and over thinking the whole “I can’t afford to live past 65/I will never own my own home/Will I die alone surrounded by cats and half eaten by an Alsatian?/Grieving Original Helen/Finding my new identity” and this emotion lasts all day, only to be replaced by a stabbing eye-gouging pain behind my left eye(my version of a migraine these days!) and I struggle to find the motivation to move off my couch. Even though if I get through dinner, I am just a little closer to getting back to bed.

Alas, yesterday, being at home with appointments I made something num-num (tasty) lunch. Here is my panini-pressed light rye bread with salami, cherry tomatoes, marinated split green olives, marinated black kalamata olives and 4 different cheeses! Because, why wouldn’t you? Hello! A slice of tasty coon, Camembert (or as I call it: Bert!), Feta and a slice of Kraft Plastic cheese. Which reminds me of my childhood and it looked like this!

Note, how flattening it makes it so much easier to eat.

But one thing that has made me very, very happy lately is this!

You know those albums, where as soon as it ends your soul feels empty until you put it on again? And again! And again! Give it a listen. There is something in it for everyone…….it’s like a score that ebbs and flows.

Today I’ve got a full crazy day of chiropractor, then acupuncture, then physio and I guess today’s offering? So, punchy/stabby and electric-shocky! Guess I should do it on a full tummy! Today’s offering, Pancetta Quiche, my medicine and a complimentary Macaron.



Here’s Mika with her new friend. Mika and the Unicorn! Also, a great band name, si?

*Original Helen is every version of Helen before whatever this fucked up shit is?
I’ll have something more cheerful on Friday. Promise!

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Today’s Lunch – 17th July 2019

Published July 17, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I actually had a nice lunch here yesterday on my own. Even did some writing, catching up on the back log. Had two appointments with two different GP’s, so got to have lunch in between.

Monday, I learnt what the financial value is of my time to sit on a committee board as a consumer of public health. I do some voluntary efforts. Some, monthly meetings, locally a bi-monthly meeting all to contribute to offering feedback and ideas on how my experiences can improve other people’s ability to use or access the system we all have access to. There’s plenty of emails, phone calls and politics at times. And none of it paid.

It’s considered we all do it for the love of it, it sometimes it all has its own rewards, like when I got to go to a dinner at Government House a few weeks ago. But nothing helps put food on the table better than cold hard cash! So, for a 3-hour gig I have been told my time is worth $40. Might be having a Naomi Campbell moment but I’m considering setting the standard of not getting out of bed for less than $100. What’s say you?

Meanwhile, today’s lunch consists of a Pumpkin & Spinach Arancini, with side salad and today my medicine is complimentary and comes with a chocolate macaron.











But today I was introduced to my chiropractor’s new resident Enzo. So coot!

Today’s Lunch – 29th August 2018

Published August 29, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First, I must share my adventures of yesterday. That being Tuesday. I went on a trip down memory lane! I went “South-aside!” That will mean much more when I get around to writing my post on basic 101 of Melbourne and many, many months before my posts catch up on the backlog I’ve already written. However, in short, I went to a part of Melbourne where I thrived back in my 20’s in Prahran and South Yarra! (Pronounced Prah-Ran! And South-Yarrah) Good times for sure! Chapel street once a thriving cultural shopping hub is now rather lacking and my friend Susanne and I went on a mission to A) Relive my memories. B) find me a new streetwear bag and without meaning to. C) unravel the mystery of why Chapel Street has died? (Many shops are vacant)


Let me say, tick, tick and tick! Mission accomplished.

A. So many shops no longer exist! Sad face. One shop does still exist and when I walked in I was greeted by a very familiar face, bearded now and rather grey, he said he had only recently been thinking of me. It was Jeremy from Shag! (Not kidding!) the Windsor end of Chapel street became cool around the time Grant and Jeremy opened their pilot ship store back in the mid-90’s and I lived very close so often just after closing I would return and go upstairs where they lived at the time and Grant previously a hairdresser would do my plaits in the style I often wore in clubs and on one occasion a serious bee-hive! Also, around this time I decided only gay hairdressers should do my hair! Going to return to this methodology later this year. Attempted with Jeremy to give him the cliff-notes (short version) of what’s happened to Helen’s arm? Sorry, there is no short version.

Beehive do

B. Got my new bag in the last shop we went into and only $20. Done! (False alarm, the shoulder strap is not nearly long enough! Crap!)

New bag

C. We decided with the gentrification of the area and the obvious older population dying off, or selling up and moving on, a new generation has moved in. Apartments have gone up everywhere! I found the 90’s living in that area, the clubs, the street culture, the music scenes and perhaps the lack of the blond Kardashians, also the era where you would go out to dinner at one location and go to a club elsewhere, even a recovery somewhere else. Not even in the same area. Imagine being trapped in the one venue with the same people all night! This is the reality now with lock-out laws. Choose your own adventure gone to hell. In short, the yuppies moved in. Then complained when in the morning they would find someone had vomited in their doorstep and defecated! They would bitch/whinge and moan about it and the things that made the neighbourhood cool would disappear when rent would price the cool people out of the market! Hello, I’ve got my hand up! Lesson Number 1! If an area is really cool don’t live there! Go socialise there, party there. Then fuck off back to the suburbs whence you came.! Problem solved!


Anyway, eventually settled on a location for lunch and had great gnocchi with something-something beef and mushroom ragout, with shaved Parmesan. I know, I forgot, so no picture, instead here’s a beautiful picture of my fur-baby Mika!


D. (There is now a D) I did 8,000+ steps! Just to remind you a normal person should do 10,000 steps a day. So, having a disability and mostly I don’t get anywhere near that. Smashed it! And back in the 90’s I would have done more than that every Tuesday as it was the day I did my rounds on Chapel Street and Grenville Street, back in the day.

8000 steps

Tell me if you liked this extra little bit about what I like to call, Original Helen? Life from a lifetime ago. Before what life is like now.

So, while this has not even my normal offering on a Wednesday, it was a bit more into the life and times of Hellonwheels and definitely good for my mental health!

So, Today’s offering, a nice Moroccan chicken salad with turmeric and a little sweet treat called the Montague and Capulet plus my medicine!

Morrocan Chicken

Montague and Capulet











Hump day

Today’s Lunch – 1st August 2018

Published August 1, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Punch and a kick for being so quick! Yeah, where has this year gone?

Pinch and a punch

Got some good news today, which was worthy of a hot off the press Monday but I couldn’t get it together so.

Meet. Mika!

Mika 1

Mika 2










Officially, found her last Wednesday in a pet shop that gets its cats from the Neko Cat Lounge. She is less than 2 years old and had kittens before she was fixed. It is awful for such a young cat to have had a litter however, it will mean she will be more settled. After I get her settled in to apartment living that is!

Mika 3Mika 4










And because I forgot to include it on Monday? How I make my bread and butter puddings.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Oh, and what Wednesday’s are all about? Today’s offering, this yummy chicken, pumpkin, spinach and feta panini and my medicine!

I’m closer to home today as Young John stood me up!












Great Day

Today’s Lunch – 6th June 2018

Published June 6, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Despite a busy week I managed to get down here two days in a row. This is what I had here yesterday. It was a yummy cwoissant (imagine me saying it with a bit of a French Accent) with pumpkin, feta and spinach with medicine. To go with the migraine I had.










Also had added drama of no landline or internet and my mobile was low on battery all friggin day!
Not suggesting the cause of yesterday’s migraine but sure as heck didn’t help!

No internet

And today’s offering I feel a little like I may have found a work-around to having a Arancini Zaffarino. Just come twice, week and my standard medicine.


Latte 1










Even got to scooter today! Two hipsters following me on the footpath on their bikes, huh? When I pulled up in front of the acupuncturist to park the Hipsters thanked me, I don’t know what for because I’m legally allowed to use the footpath and I have insurance. They legally cannot and don’t (have insurance.)


Migraine prevails………!

Good day

Today’s Lunch (Yesterday) – 20th December 2017

Published December 21, 2017 by helentastic67

Todays lunch 2012

Today’s Lunch

Warm weather really brings out the good in people in Melbourne. Was down here yesterday for a meeting. On the tram I used my super power of Tolerance. There’s a guy that got off the tram, I noticed he had a Jesus Badge on. I’ll just say Jesus had not taught him anything about deodorant. Hence my super power. Tolerance.


Right now, Wednesday early evening I’m really glad I started this post yesterday. As today was in warp speed from about 12.30pm, when my carer left. I inhaled my pills and my mineral supplement and my juice. Then left on my scooter Hellonwheels. Her first journey out from my new place, the first 5 minutes and I was on familiar territory. That’s right no breakfast, no Young John, no time for diddly squat! Scootered to my normal parking location at acupuncture and crossed the street to catch the tram to Chiro. No time for lunch either.


Hence, officially but not officially a normal Wednesday, good mental health day foodie post! Once at Chiro I had a small piece of Christmas cake. Seemed heavy on the rum but not complaining. Had my rib put back in, I was correct as predicted not tickle.

Chiro and then back on the tram north, no time for lunch then either. Picked up pumpkin bread for Christmas, two cannoli from another of my local’s, so I considered that lunch.

Got to have a microdermabrasion abrasion facial. I seem to get one once a year, not often enough. I have an ethic on my beauty regime that is I’m a high maintenance girl in a low maintenance way. Or maybe a low maintenance girl in a high maintenance way. Hard to choose. Anyway, after my facial I collected Hellonwheels, my dry cleaning and pumpkin bread. Scootered home via one of the many Burger places that have cropped up around Melbourne. You may recall I mentioned Coburger and Co some time ago? My local is Kustom Burgers


I would like to include a picture of the delicious burger I ordered except after arriving home I inhaled it. I was a little dizzy by that stage. I really must prioritise regular meals in 2018!

Made it to 7.30pm before I crashed. Had a kip before getting up to pull the rest of the night together.

Nap time

Apologies for lack of photo moments today, so even the best laid plans and my ability to be flexible and roll with the punches food is often an afterthought. I can always eat later……….
This is always why my Wednesday plans are always so vital to good mental health. To more calm in 2018!

Mental health day

Just a reminder, for the next week the normal routine will be different. Stay tuned you might get a surprise………


Hot off the Press – 18th December 2017

Published December 18, 2017 by helentastic67

;Hot off the Press 1812

Hot off the Press

Monday, off to the city to get shrunk! Ok, I see my psychologist, but it sounds more entertaining to use the other term. I’ve been seeing her for years and still not fixed!

We all know, good mental health is about maintenance. There is no fixing it. It’s ongoing,
scored a great book for free, just because I asked about it. I was informed they couldn’t sell it. So, I was gifted it.

T world

Had a few brief stops to gather more goodies for a parcel I’m sending to Texas, to a blogger friend.
Medicine while getting shrunk! My comic shop, much catching up to do. Tram home and my bag was so heavy I was co pulled to weigh it five kilograms! I don’t understand how I don’t have a fully blown second disc-bulge. Have some symptoms of anxiety and no idea why. Since, I live with a level of anxiety all the time, I just don’t know what I can do to alleviate these symptoms.

Bulging discx

Tuesday, a quiet day at home massage, followed by a kip! Some admin and phone calls and then caught up on some TV.

I hope you saw my Wednesday foodie post? Ended the day with more medicine before my last appointment and this thing…

Chocolate thingy

Made it home and found my carer didn’t take the full bucket of water in the kitchen sink out to water the plants on my balcony. So, I had to, in stages. It was 40 degrees in the shade today and my first hot chocolate Calla Lilly has arrived. So, after watering the plants I had a kip for about an hour, but I just couldn’t make it. After my kip I smashed through all the rest of my chores and admin. Ironically, a friend said a while ago while we were discussing Banksie/life/the universe “back when Banksie was living with him!” What! He told me he went by a different name, let’s say “Fred!”  because it’s been a while. It’s a very small world!

Thursday, finally got my shed put up in the car park and funded by the NDIA. So, it has power and get back out on the road. Well, the footpath……..but still. I went up and down so many times to take the handyman down to B1, and collect the woman with the agreement for me to sign. Then had to go let my carer Sana in so we could do some prep work for my bread and butter pudding. Sana arrived in time to help relocate some gardening and cat supplies to the shed, clearing the last of the thing from my balcony and the main bathroom. Things can actually settle now. Thankfully.
Hellonwheels rides again!

Rides again

Friday! Please let this week be over! Have had a little migraine niggling behind my left eye the last two days. Finally got a commitment from mum for the days I would go up to her house for Christmas and when I would come home. Mum has to drive Three and a half hours each way. So, I could finally contact the three service providers to put my services on hold. By the end of the day, I already have to reinstate some of those services. Still trying to get everything done before Christmas! Snuck in a visit to Wilbur today. Bella has been hard to find. But Wilbur is usually sleeping, quite contented on the counter.


The bread and butter pudding has already started going out the door.

It’s already Saturday and I’m not yet off-grid. Not happy! Must quit! Actually, had my phone on over the weekend, but on silent. Megi, my old neighbour visited, and bought presents. Now I have to find someone to re-gift chocolates to. I did the sleep/eat/TV weekend. Very happy I didn’t attempt to do anything more.


Starting the week with a rib out and it’s one that will not tickle when my Chiro puts it back in on Wednesday. Counting down to Christmas and going home. There are two fur-kids there of the cat variety. I will share some pictures for Christmas, it I might take a break from my Hot off the Press Monday posts so I can burn off some of my handwritten older posts. Feel free to offer constructive feedback. Definitely hit me with a Like. Have a great week!

New week

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