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A Little Variety

Published July 26, 2021 by helentastic67

A Little Variety

Because we all need a bit if variety, and because sometimes we need a little light and shade. Do you remember jokes from your childhood that seem to have been lost?

This is maybe the first joke I remember as a kid in the 70’s in Australia. You are welcome.

There are two kids playing out in the street. Called Shut-Up and Trouble. They got separated and a policeman found one of them and asked him.

“What’s your name son?”


The policeman, thinking the kid was giving him some attitude repeated, “What’s your name son?”


The policeman, “You looking for trouble?”

Mmmmm…. Good times.

It’s a clean joke though, you have to admit it. I have not thought about this joke in years.

Good Times

Published September 3, 2018 by helentastic67

Good Times

Good Times

So, I’m the first to tell you, my mum and I haven’t always enjoyed our time together which is harsh to say, because she is my biggest, well, most of the time, the only family member to support me. There are times we really don’t hold back in telling each other where to go.

Mum and I

My mum is known to give me her first “whatever” within minutes of arriving and then I inform her exactly how soon she has given me a “whatever”. Mmmmmmm


Today, while out in the car. No Young John, as I had my mum taxi. Out on the road, she asked where we were going? Yet she chooses when she wants directions for how to get there. Everything was fine, she insisted if she needed directions, she would ask.

Mum Taxi

Not much later she was driving into a carpark and she fudged it and I said nothing. Until, she insisted I could have “helped her”.

Parking car

So, I started to commentate “I wouldn’t have done it like that!” “Too deep.”

That really was just the surface. “She laughed”

I had previously explained my younger carers that take me shopping, often feel very self-conscious about their driving, so I feel the need to explain I didn’t drive before my disability and there have been moments when I have been sitting in a car in my own driveway diagonal to the street. And I have been wondering “How the fuck did this happen?”  But all I could do was take a deep breath and pause.

How the fuck did that happen


We arrived at my chiropractors and I shared this experience with my Chiro, who explained it was hard to drive into carparks (parallel carparks) and I replied. “Mum used to drive into carparks when she drove a Ford Falcon station wagon on Chapel Street!” followed be “Game on wench!”

Parellel Parking

She just looked at me and laughed.

On the road again and mum spies some guy crossing the street, she comments “see that guy with the backpack on?” I looked confused? “You mean that guy with a child on his shoulders?” Oh, so it is!” mmmmmmm

Child on shoulders

Have I mentioned my eyesight? And that I’m not allowed to drive? To be fair, I wouldn’t drive with all my other physical deficiencies. It would just be stupid.



Good Times

Published March 30, 2018 by helentastic67

Good times

Good Times

It was a hot day last Friday and I’d gone out with Ms Tina to do my weekly shop. On the way a short distance, I received a text telling me I had not escaped my third rent increase. Hence my previous post where I needed to vent about housing and all that, that entails.

Hot day

I suggested we sit on the bench just inside the entrance to take a moment to cool down. We found ourselves sitting in front of a Travel Agents, Flight Centre, something or other.

Travel Agency

Now I don’t get to holiday or travel and apart from two nights in Tasmania about six years ago, when my boyfriend was still faking that we were still actually together. I’ve not been in an airplane ‘overseas’ since 1994. So I looked up and discussed with Ms Tina. “Wow look at that!”

No Holiday

Next month I can pay for rent or I can go to ‘somewhere else’ for eleven days.

Ms Tina suggested eleven days away and some drinks. Now, you know I don’t really drink, but I think I could learn.

Should have holiday

I imagine life would be a little easier to deal with if I drank. Pity I don’t like the taste. Or the ones I like I can’t afford.

Holiday end

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