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Dress Code

Published November 15, 2019 by helentastic67

Dress Code

I’ve received an invite to an event, I did put my hand up to go, so it’s not like I’m special.

The event is at a place called ‘Government House’ without mentioning what the event was in aid of, the point is it sounds special and impressive, right.

Also, it has a dress code.

Now, I don’t know if any of you realise, but I do not have an exciting wardrobe these days. If unsure, No, I don’t.

The invite states

“Men: Lounge suit.

Women: Accordingly,”

Um? Do I get free reign? I’m taking it to mean I don’t need to wear a suit or dress, but I should dress appropriately.

Not like I’ve got my Hoochie-on or a like a slag. I don’t know where ‘Hoochie’ came from but, a slag is rather 80’s term for a woman with loose morals.

To be continued…

Today’s Lunch – 26th June 2019

Published June 26, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, this week has been so crazy! Let me tell you in photo form.
Monday! Osteo….

If we didn’t have churches great architectural features would be lost. Hope I get to the Notre-Dame one day! What? I might get there one day? I didn’t see the Sistine Chapel when I was in Rome back in 1994. It’s not even funny, but I always figured it meant I would go again. Right?


























I digress, Tuesday, I provided the catering for an event for BIM the self-advocacy group I’m a part of. Basically, did the hunter/gathering, bought the cards, got everyone to write in them. Might get a little career being the buyer for people seeking cool birthday cards. Got an amazing cake for our lovely admin’s birthday! Here is a photo I got before it was almost gone! (#: Another reason Hellonwheels cannot do Insta)

Then, with many steps on my smart phone and minus any medicine. I was home, changed, make-up on and ready to be scooped up Foran event at the (wait for it) Government House Melbourne. It really is spectacular! The invite stated dinner and an upcoming post with better detail the issues with a dress code. But, in short, it’s a challenge for me to find something deemed ‘Appropriate You will see some pictures with me doing ‘Appropriate if you look closely.










































Wednesday is looming as I write this. Another crazy day ahead and no sign I’ll get to Clifton Hill to my favourite cafe. No sign I’ll have lunch before this post goes live.

To be continued………………OK, I had lunch but it wasn’t photo-worthy.



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