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Whose Job Is It?

Published August 20, 2018 by helentastic67

Whose job is it

Whose Job Is It?

“How is it my fault, I’m smart enough to know they are doing a shitty job for me and if I’m smart enough to know, what about those who are not smart enough to know.”

Smart enough

I’m currently experiencing something where (because I don’t have a name for it) I’m being under valued by family and thrown under the bus as having a ‘brain injury,’ my intelligence is being dulled so, I seem to need more help than maybe I really do.


Then it opens the door to people thinking they can perform at a sub-par or standard level and half doing a job. Am I meant to apologise or monitor my frustration or bad behaviour, just because I may make them feel guilty or incompetent?

Feel guilty

I hate to say I told you so, but when I push so hard to get ahead of certain issues, there is a reason. When the fit hits the shan (you heard me) it’s then your mess, not mine to fix it and you must give it as much energy and time that it requires.

Fit hit the Shan

No excuses from having put it off for weeks as other ‘things’ seemed more important. Don’t all of a sudden complain to me when I need to rebel and spend money on things that are important to me, so I can feel better.

Spend Money

I seem to be the only person who is abundantly aware all of my family would see me homeless, then help me financially or offer me a place to stay despite how ridiculous or unrealistic that would be.


I feel sick to my stomach that my family cannot put all of their own ‘stuff’ aside.

Put stuff aside


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