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Happy Stupid Millennials

Published June 7, 2019 by helentastic67

Happy Stupid Millennial’s

Today, I was down in Collingwood where I rarely go these days and after I saw something that rather pissed me off. I got to do something that made me happy, then very quickly grumpy.

Firstly, I saw a young Millennial take a bite of something out of a paper bag, crumble up the bag and throw it behind her into the gutter.

To be perfectly clear, I would have handled this scenario the same way twenty years ago, or even fifteen years ago before my disability. This shit is like a red flag to a bull, to me. I motioned to her to stop. I told her to go back and pick it up and that there would be a bin around her somewhere and go put it in the bin. This makes me happy to growl at the ‘younger people’.

Then she completely ignored me, walked past me back into the shop she likely got it from, to get something else, that she didn’t do as I suggested, pissed me off even more.



Published May 3, 2019 by helentastic67


Sometimes the littlest things make me so very happy. Not everything in my life is all hunky-dory. I’m still trying to encourage family to assist me to buy a clothes dryer and that is a monumental fucking nightmare. So, today on my scooter ride down to lunch, I did a little scooter stalking.

That’s where I scooter behind someone walking rather slowly along the footpath, oblivious to anyone else around them. I just pick my time to open ‘it’ up and overtake them and by the time I get to a major intersection close to where I’m going, I’m waiting at the lights and I spy someone I knew from the DAC (Disability Advisory Committee) opposite me and I give him a big cheesy smile and a wave if there is time.

I sometimes imagine that when I see people, I know who I have a history of friendship with and can have a conversation with a few words and facial expressions. I encountered Young John at this intersection and he called out to me that I was making him late and he would call my mother. So, I imagine to others who think all people on mobility scooters or people with disabilities cry into their cups of tea all the time, can’t smile (sometimes) or laugh or be happy.

Sure, it’s harder, it’s not as often, but when I laugh or smile, it’s contagious.

Catch some happy!

Baby Brain

Published January 27, 2017 by helentastic67


Baby Brain

Once upon a time I sat at my GP’s office and while waiting a woman and her young baby sat outside the nurse’s room.

After she had been there for some minutes, she spoke to her baby and claimed “Mummy has a brain injury”.


Got up and left.

Now, I imagine the woman was suffering from something known as “Baby Brain”, where for some reason they are overloaded with a mixture of happy Mummy chemicals, a very busy schedule and likely a lack of sleep due to said adorable fashion statement baby. Looks like a baby, I suggest.

Perhaps you have a baby?

So, please feel free for having a baby brain.

I have a brain injury! I didn’t choose to have a brain injury. So, considering it’s all I have when it comes to blaming any of my weird moments so, please don’t steal it.


The Look

Published January 6, 2017 by helentastic67


The Look

I get some really odd ‘looks’ from people when I’m out and about. Today I got that disgusted look from a “young” lady who seemed to think (from the expression on her face) I was somehow a representation of something or one she would never be.

Maybe I’ve gotten old, but I find the attitude of this young snot to be a complete opposite of what I had at that age.

I think I was open, happy, respectful towards others and myself. So really didn’t much appreciate her grumpy attitude, I chose to ignore her.


I otherwise find when I walk past people in the street, they look away when we are close and passing. When I make the conscious effort, always to make eye contact. I always like to catch their eye, smile and acknowledge people no matter where I am.


I don’t need to stop and have a conversation, I just like to think life could be a little better if we could connect, even in this tiny, minuscule way.

I also think it’s respectful.

Is this wrong to think like this?


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