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Today’s Lunch – 19th December 2018

Published December 19, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

It seems after several months of ploughing through meetings and appointments I realise there are people I have not seen for a while. Social lunches that I thought needed priority to help ease the way into Christmas. So, Monday and Tuesday I caught up with two friends I’ve not seen for a while.

Social catchup

Monday, very local to home I had this yummy beetroot salad, with feta, hazelnuts and orange and other yummy things.

Beetroot Salad

Tuesday, I wanted to try a place one of my carers had mentioned. This particular carer, the conversation went like this, she started with “what are those people? Not. Millennials, the other ones?” I was very confused, you need to give me more. You are telling me this story, not me. She mentioned ‘beards.’ Oh, Hipster? Bingo! I got it right! Love this game. So, Tuesday, found our way to a hipster cafe in Northcote called Tinker. Like typical hipster cafes you need to ask for explanations for made-up things on the menu. After being educated about what a ‘redox beef burger’ was. It’s after you have the detox salad and you want to replenish yourself of toxins? What the F?! I did not have the burger as burgers are a particular challenge one-handed in public and a very happy meat eater not too pleased. My vegetarian friend had this concoction.


And I had the hot cakes with so much yummy I think I’ll be going back there very soon.

Hot cakes

Today, back to my regular Wednesday haunt and I fear the upcoming holiday spells, finding an alternative lunch spot as it’s the only time they close for a break. So, I guess you can expect some variety in my lunch offerings in the New Year. Today’s offerings, another chicken and turmeric salad with medicine.

Chicken and Tumeric SaladLatte









If anyone receives a Christmas card from me before actual Christmas? It will be a Christmas miracle! I finally outsourced them to a carer and put them in the post only yesterday.

Christmas card

Lastly, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. I’ll be going home to the country for a week, which will be 4 days too long. Then back for New Year’s Eve where I might make it to midnight before going to bed. Feel free to share what you will be eating to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas 1


Kick Arse

Published February 19, 2018 by helentastic67

Kick Arse

Kick Arse

I kicked someone in the bum yesterday, I mean, I kicked a guy in the arse and he did nothing to deserve it. It’s not something I meant to do, it’s actually fair to say he had it coming by sitting where he was.

Melbourne these days filled with hole in the wall hipster Café’s. So, this guy was sitting on the footpath with his feet on the road drinking his coffee, outside one of these hipster Café’s and along I come walking down the footpath.

Hipster cafe

Firstly, I didn’t see him. Which after my Daisy Grazing drop foot collected with his bottom, he bolted upright and that was when I apologised by saying, I hadn’t seen him and I have a drop foot, which is why in the early 90’s I could not perform a dance move called the Melbourne Shuffle.


Went to a club in Wales, UK back in ’94 and saw a guy at the end of the dance floor doing the Melbourne Shuffle.

Melbourne shuffle 1




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