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Published February 23, 2018 by helentastic67



I confess to say, I don’t often go out for lunch or dinner or anything else exciting. Obviously, that is to say I go to my favourite café every Wednesday where I’m writing this post right now. But I mean other than that.

I have a few friends that take me out occasionally each year and those adventures, I really appreciate.


Firstly, these were the characters I called friend that day and for obvious reasons, I’ve also taken the liberty of creating acronyms.

There’s the oldest in the party who was very anxious and socially awkward that day, feeling she was over dressed. Let’s call her (A.S.A.). Then, there was the youngest, a jeweller, the only one in real life, the tallest. Let’s call her the Giant.


These two have been housemates for the better part of twenty years, so they have back catalogue of experiences and conversations only they share. I’m already the third wheel with these two and these two stayed at my house the night before and escorted me to lunch.

House mates

The other two characters are best described as Miss Piggy (self-confessed, I didn’t say it) and the down to earth surfy chic. (who is not a leggy blond) Sorry guys.

I often feel socially awkward around these friends, it’s a bit passive/aggressive and I seem the only one who is aware that some of them are rather grumpy with one of the others. Miss Piggy to be exact. But we all catch up so rarely everyone puts on a happy face.

Socially Awkward

I should mention it’s a week before Christmas and it’s a Christmas gathering. I feel like I get a lot of criticism from the moment the day starts and as two of them get ready at my home, I’m aware Miss Piggy and the Surfer Chic have probably made a bet as to, if we will be late or not as we have the lesser distance to travel and if we’re late I will somehow be to blame. I booked a carer at the appropriate time, so I would be ready to go without any assistance.

being late


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