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Welcoming in 2022

Published January 3, 2022 by helentastic67

Welcoming in 2022

So I guess it’s time to say a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so I suggest as 2022 starts I’m going to make a New Year’s resolution. A simple one and that is to better be able to decipher my own handwriting. As I’ve been one-handed for over 10 years now, I’ve started to develop carpal tunnel so I think this year will be getting much-needed carpel tunnel surgery.  Imagine this means ill have no hands for a bit. A week if all goes well.  To be continued.

January, I learnt years ago, that it is really hard is achieve anything in the Disability sector. So now I just have learned to relax and take time off. Not racing around trying to fit everything in, is a holiday in itself. So much still to do, including the now overdue Ladies Lunch with the Ladies in my family for our Christmas get together. Yeah, I know! Someone recently said, “You get together once a year with family for Christmas and realise why you don’t bother to see them during the year” Yes, a comedian, of course. Covid hasn’t made it any easier, but I think the less time we spend with family the less we have in common and the less we understand how to best communicate.

So, Christmas day I had a migraine because well I don’t get a day off from having migraines.
A friend came over for an hour to set up some tech and three days, later he told me he had to isolate and get tested for Covid-19 he was fine but he was very stressed about the two people he’s going to spend some time with on Christmas Day.

It is summer in Melbourne, I don’t tell many people I am spending Christmas alone, it is better to not  disclose this until after the fact. It doesn’t help when people give you lots of pity, for some people spending Christmas at home alone is better than all the alternatives. In my case staying at home means I get Carers from my normal agencies, I don’t lose my independence and it is easier to deal with being alone rather than spending time in someone else’s home and spending time alone.

The best time on my balcony as my Hot Chocolate Calla Lillie’s are in bloom.

A special mention to the anonymous person/ ‘s who gifted me my new iPhone 13. I’ve been learning new things. And hopefully I’ll get better at doing things Hands-Free. Briefly.

So, going forward please stay safe. Covid, sorry the Plague, is still kicking our asses, so be mindful, we don’t get to celebrate and have big parties (Plague-spreading events) just because we fear another Lockdown. Melbourne holds first place for the most to date. (6) Not something to be proud of. But here we are.

Today’s Lunch – 5th December 2018

Published December 5, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays Lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

As per usual, just when my Wednesday settles back into a comfortable routine there is a spanner thrown into the works. If you need a reminder, my Wednesday used to completely revolve around lunch at my favourite cafe followed by a short walk to chiropractor then tramming it back to acupuncture close to home then a hearty walk home. But because one of those things relocated from Clifton hill away from the tram route that I rely on. I would catch taxi’s however I am lucky young John fits me into his schedule and doesn’t charge me, in his words because he says he’s a “decent human being”, and I otherwise cannot afford to do taxis and the NDIS expects me to Uber. Hell NO! So, I started getting a carer for a rather lengthy shift just to get me to my standard Wednesday appointments.

Normal Plan

Just pointing out I don’t need handholding for 4 hours but here we are and you may wonder about this “red-tape” I’ve mentioned previously in regards to funding for disability? I learned yesterday the NDIS has decided I can’t use core supports (fancy word for carer hours) to cover the mileage for my carers. I will now be billed for that separately. Only .80cents a kilometre, but if you add it up for the year? Ouch! After consulting the lovely Noelle, my blog administrator and the person solely responsible for my memes, her son also a client of the NDIS recommended I have mileage written into my service provider agreements.

Red Tape

My other solution is to only use the providers who don’t charge for mileage. My Friday chick who takes me shopping claims hers I believe on her tax, which makes me favour her for community access shifts. Are you picking up my subliminal messages of all the new names and terms for things under the NDIS? Yes, let’s recap, shall we?

Service Providers – Companies that provide carers or other needs funded and registered with the NDIS.

Core Supports – The name given to funding allocated for hiring person carers or support Workers.

Subliminal – Like, how I’ve been sneaking it into your minds that not all brain injuries are the same.

The general consensus is that all people with brain injuries sit in a corner and drool without conscious thoughts and you are getting it that I don’t have that kind of brain injury. Nailed it!

Brain Injury

Also, today is different again and not getting to my favourite cafe at all. Instead going to a free screening of a film called Defiant Lives.

Lucky for you I managed to get a quick coffee break last Friday in between missions and my Friday chicks, really should call her my Girl Friday. Had this delicious little treat. It’s half a lemon tart and medicine.

Lemon TartLatte 1










I may squeeze in a medicine at a more local cafe close to home before I get home. To be continued……….

Latte 2

Oh, and here is my first calla lily out on my balcony garden. Only planted them a few months ago.

Calla Lilly 1Calla Lilly 2











Wonderful Wednesday 1


Published March 23, 2018 by helentastic67

Chocolate 1


Again, another post that is telling on how long ago I wrote this. For me, this is possibly the best thing that happens at Christmas. About fifteen years ago, I went to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. It’s been running annually since 1995 and I distinctly recall the first time I went because of a purchase I made that time. I’ve maybe only been once since because all the soil I own is in pots and I’m always feeling too poor to go. Paying an admission fee is one thing, but if you don’t have some spending money it’s just easier not to go.


So, a long time ago I went with a college friend, let’s call her Jane (it’s been a while since we used Jane, right?). We wandered around outside before venturing inside into the Melbourne Exhibition Building. It’s a beautiful landmark as it’s Heritage listed, it’s in Carlton, close to the city.

Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne (Royal Exhibition Building)

As we wandered around we heard a voice calling out ‘Hot Chocolate’ over and over again. It was monotonous. We kept wondering around down stairs, before venturing upstairs. We kept hearing this chant, ‘Hot Chocolate’.

Hot Chocolate

Seriously, when we found him, he stood at an exhibition stand with tall posters made of plastic fabric. We asked him what he was going on about. “Hot Chocolate”.

Their was a spectacular lily with a rich velvety colour and variegated leaves. The product came in a white plastic tub in the shape of a coffee mug. The packaging came with a bag of soil and another bag with a bulb in it. They were $50.00. We both walked away from that stand carrying one each. And he was still alive.

Growing Calla Lily

We were promised we would have flowers the first year. We should have killed him because that didn’t happen. After, I think two years I re-potted it into a bigger pot and some years later, I re-potted it again into an even larger pot.


That $50 really was an investment because I think it took about five years just to get foliage and about ten years to get flowers.

Even now, Christmas 2016 I got three flowers the first year I had flowers the requests started from family and friends alike for a part of the bulb when it multiplied.


They stopped asking…

At the start of Summer, the pot, a large plastic pot in the corner of my back yard, that I start to water religiously in Spring, starts to get little spikes in it.

I’ve found Jamima nestled on top of the pot and I’ve had to shoo her off.

The spikes become too tall here, leaves open and stretch upwards and around a week before Christmas comes the best reward.

Tell me if you think it was worth it?

Hot Chocolate Calla Lily

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