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Published December 6, 2019 by helentastic67


You have all heard comedy is the best medicine. Well, it’s probably not going to cure cancer or get my Pap Smear done. But however, I’m just suggesting laughing is better than crying.

Patch Adams

I will record comedy on late night TV on my Toppy (Topfield) and these days as my kitchen, lounge and dining area is all in one. I will put on some comedy while I cook, for company. A young Aussie comedian is talking about how hard it is to get a fitted sheet on a bed. So,


In the last place I lived I had three bedrooms; I know rich right! No, it was a dump, it was hot and the landlord was a creep. But it allowed me to have a study and a spare room with a single bed for when friends or family stayed over.

The sheet changing day, I would have my morning carer take the sheets off, so I could get them in the machine, then on the line. I would usually get out clean sheets and put them on the bed so my next carer could just get stuck in. Mostly. This particular day I had gotten distracted, didn’t get them out. My next carer arrived, no sheets. She asked which colour I wanted and I suggested she choose. Honestly, I am in my ‘Oh white sheets place, I get it now’ faze and the other set I have is say a French Chocolate-grey. (Yes! I’m that chick)

Now, also whatever sheet is in the washing machine, the other goes on the bed. Two weeks on, two weeks off. I wear pyjamas, so it’s not an eeeww moment. I told her to pick.

She called to me from the bedroom to the lounge several times and not waiting to be distracted, I suggested she choose.

I thought I was empowering her to be independent. I’m like so, made to be a mum, right? This carer is still my regular and I really love her. She is often mistaken as my daughter, but that’s another story.

Eventually, she came to me with a barrage of questions and I put what I was doing aside and went with her to the bedroom. I got to the door and stopped.

“Are you sure these are for this bed?” she asked me.

The sheets were light purple, they went on the single bed. Oh, sweet Jesus! I just laughed.

I told her I was laughing with her, not at her and she informed me how hard it had been to get it on the bed.

But she didn’t find it as funny as I had. I suggested I wouldn’t do it to her again, however I did ask if she struggled again, could she come get me so I could watch.

I call this carer my Girl Friday and these days she is also my Girl Wednesday and once a month, my Girl Tuesday. We laugh a lot as we had built up the rapport to do that which is nice.

More about my Girl Friday another day.

Hot off the Press – 29th May 2017

Published May 29, 2017 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press 1


This weekend I’ve been considering if you went to an Elvis Convention with that many in the one room would they be Elvis’s or Elvisi? I was considering this after checking out a new show. Called Big Little Lies. It’s actually a miniseries. 7 episodes, an hour each. Sometimes a short and sweet season of something that doesn’t continue can be good. If every show I watched went on forever I would need to be much choosy about what to watch. Ok, House with Hugh Laurie could have gone on forever, but it is what it is.

Elvis Convention

Big Little Lies in short is about parenting and marriages in a small close-knit but often bitchy area. Themes include domestic violence, bullying and the balance between parenting and career. At the start I was convinced, “The Butler did it!” there is NO butler, but you watch every episode wondering what this big secret is? But the first character to raise my suspicions is guilty of something, but you have to hang in there with an open mind and you finally find out in the last 10 minutes. It’s also about Nature versus Nurture. And how woman can communicate so much with a few simple glances and woman’s intuition is a powerful force. Lastly, the one character, the protective mothers saw as a husband stealing hot chick, they all hated was the one that had the independence and sense of survival instinct and came in, saved the day and took care of business for the sake of all woman-kind.

Big little lies 1
If that doesn’t sell you on 7 hours of TV I don’t know what will. Also, ladies, don’t forget domestic violence is wrong. It’s not the answer for anything.

Also, I do not get all the running! Too much running! And so many familiar faces, too many too mention but a must watch! It’s definitely the location of where I’d want to live in a completely different reality. Very picturesque.

Also got a little Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and, Mindy Project in this week.

Criminal MindsBlue bloodsThe Mindy Project

















Yes. I’ve still been rather busy but I skipped my single girl date night film, commonly referred to as Saturday Night! To wrap up Little Big Lies.

Oh, and I should throw in Alexander Skarsgard ‘butt’ makes a brief appearance in episode 2! And no, I didn’t replay it…….if you are not familiar with Alexander think True Blood and Generation Kill. At least he is age-appropriate for a change.

Alexander Skarsgard

If you decide I’m sounding a little pervy, what I have to say is; “I’m broken! Not dead!”

And maybe because I left the house today, Aunty Christine took me out for lunch to meet her hubby I had 2 coffees! So, I’m catch up on admin, email and even managed a second comic to the smaller pile today!

Side topic; I broke my coffee pot this week. Things will be dire by hump day if I can’t come home with a new one…….big day Thursday coming with an adventure to report on next week!

Coffee machine

After great discussion from last Fridays Postcards Post I thought since it sounds like I’m not the only one who misses a good postcard found in the letterbox, to my trusted followers (You know who you are?) email me your address & I’ll send you a postcard.


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