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Published September 8, 2017 by helentastic67



You know those days where you have the best of intentions to make the world a better place for the next poor bastard whose life sucks more than it should? And well, it was never meant to be?

Had a lovely day on Monday. No appointments to work my stressed body or brain, so instead booked a friend to come do lunch.

There must have been way too many milkbars (or Corner shops) in my neighbourhood in the past as the ones that managed not to be renovated to within an inch of its life have become cool hipster Café’s. Beards, dyed grey hair, great food and coffee. Happy Days.


Add a trip to the cinema and you have a perfect Monday.

So, here’s the thing where I tried to pay it forward and make the world a less shitty place.

Before going into the cinema, I went to use the facilities. I generally use the disabled toilet, because A. I have a disability that is physical. B. I struggle in a normal public toilet cubicle. What with the wriggling around in a small space, closing and locking the door, putting my walking stick down, taking my bag off my body (it hangs from my left shoulder to rest on my right hip/buttocks). So, I digress, disabled toilet, NO TOILET PAPER! Grrrr!

No toilet paper1

Luckily, I always check before I pee, no drama. Go to the ladies, deal with getting stared at. Before and after I wriggle into a toilet cubicle. Deal with all of the above-mentioned challenges.

No toilet paper

Bit of growling, wriggling out hence probably the strange looks once I’d extricated myself from the cosy cubicle and before going into the movie session, I wandered back to the staff checking tickets to mention the lack of toilet paper in the disabled toilet…

disabled toilet


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