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Published May 31, 2019 by helentastic67



Now, I think you all know me by now and you know I don’t often use people’s actual names. I don’t mention companies; I deal with good or bad or otherwise.

Unless, I mention Apple products, because I use them and only have my laptop, iPad and iphone because about five years ago I had one-off funding that helped pay for those things and maybe one day before I have to do a Go-Fund-Me page they might sponsor me for these things. Hint! Hint!

So, Sally the overlocker, it’s not actually about either of those things, but once upon a time back in the 90’s when a few people would gather at 5am in my lounge for raisin toast and cups of tea after the clubs, at my home in South Yarra.

A few of the guys were discussing some ‘guy’ topic. The other two ladies that were there and myself got a wisp of their blokie conversation.

To not be left out, we created a fictitious lady-friendly topic and we name dropped, you guessed it. Sally the Overlocker.

Clearly, a fictitious personality we dropped her into conversations at random intervals, even to the point where one of the two guys looked over rather curiously.

FYI, South Yarra is a rather exclusive suburb to live in and I was ‘crawling’ distance to the Jam Factory on Chapel Street and the house I was in, while not at all amazing, was the cheapest rent I’ve ever had in Melbourne. $262.15 per calendar month in 1993. Those were the days.



Tram Stop

Published January 18, 2019 by helentastic67

tram stop

Tram Stop

I was standing at the tram stop the other day when waiting for a tram. In a perfect world every tram would be a flatbed tram (that’s accessible) and one pulled to a stop, but the doors didn’t open.

flatbed tram 1

One of the other two women mentioned the tram stated it was not in service, I hadn’t noticed. I claimed poor eyesight and the other woman mentioned she’d broken her ankle at Christmas. Broken ankle lady stated she was doing a Masters in the effects of Social Media and the internet on society (I think). I got my phone out of my bag and looked at it. My phone apart from driving all the amazing things like text, phone, cull emails while out and countless other things. It is my watch, because I don’t have one.

effects of social media

I briefly looked at my phone then up and way down in to the distance, I saw a tram and commented that one was coming. Broken ankle/Masters degree looked at me and asked if I’d ‘Looked it up?’ I said I hadn’t but I had ‘Looked up’ and she told me I’d made a joke.

looking up

Even more amusing, was that Masters was older than I am, so she remembered a time without internet/computers and socializing online better than I do. So, for once I didn’t feel like the old one.



Published January 14, 2019 by helentastic67

ndis 1


One of these days Alice! One of these days! One of my work colleagues (still a friend) from fifteen years ago, used to say that to me all the time when I was giving him a bit of SASS.

one of these days alice

What can I say? I refer to him as my Gay Silver Fox.

grey silver fox

Anyway, I digress.

One of theses days I want to be able to tell someone how amazing it is to have the NDIS. If your new to my blog, National Disability Insurance Scheme.

how great is the ndis

I don’t want to utter the words. It’s an absolute shitstorm of red tape and the goal posts moving and it’s a friggin’ nightmare.

Why is it so hard?

Should point out the NDIS is the ONLY FUNDING I’ve had.

Wait, I had some one-off funding of $9,000 about five years ago, which is how I bought my laptop, iPad and iPhone and a number of other things.


When you first get given that kind of funding and a time limit of six months to spend it. (it must be spent on disability related such and such) You struggle to imagine how you will use it all.


But, nailed it, I did.

nailed it

But, seriously the NDIS!!!

seriously ndis


Published July 2, 2018 by helentastic67



It might surprise you all to learn, I’m not as tech savvy as you all believe. Despite only being one handed, I will use my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone all at the same time.

Not tech savvy

My laptop is hooked up to the TV with a HDMI cable, allowing me to use my computer on a bigger screen. I use my iPad for email, then my iPhone for texting or messaging. All simultaneously.

Laptop to TV

Try it, it’s a challenge, not for the faint hearted. But it’s often how I stay on top of “Admin, work social connections and TV.

Social connections

At the moment, my laptop has a virus (cough, cough) and things have been getting glitchy (as I call it). I’ve go big black bars appearing down either side of the screen and font that is tiny.

And yes, I’ve looked at the basic things to fix it. I’ve mentioned my virus (cough cough) to a few people hoping I might encounter somebody kind enough to help fix it.

Often the response is; But don’t you have an Apple? (I thought they didn’t get viruses?)

To which all I can do is growl.

“Shuddup! Have you met me? My name is Helen!”

Computer virus 1

I guess this is a good time to mention, I only have these toys because of some one-off funding I received about four years ago and not a moment too soon. My laptop prior to this was ten years old and I’d been begging for help for years.

New computer

Fat Furniture

Published May 18, 2018 by helentastic67

Fat Furniture

Fat Furniture

Who loves a good classic piece of furniture? But hates how disability makes us fat. Well, strap in you will love this post.

The early days of my disability I started to get just a tiny little jelly belly, yes, it’s how it starts.

Jelly Belly

I used to create a diamond shape around my belly button and push together so it resembled the buttons on a Chesterfield couch.


Then I got my disability and I could only do it one handed, not nearly as effective, clearly.

My belly has gotten bigger. Yeah, it’s the only word for it. Bigger, still jelly, but bigger. But there are rare moments I actually appreciate having a belly. I know right?

After disability

Last week I departed home on my Hellonwheels and halfway down the street, running late for my local appointment I heard the clown horn on my phone in the satchel bag, on the back of my scooter. Running late, couldn’t stop to check it, have to prioritize and get to where I’m going, then check it.

Running late

Around the corner on the High Street, to the pedestrian crossing, press the button for the lights to change and grab phone. The lovely Noelle, start to respond, we have an understanding we text when we can, but when we’re busy we let the other person know we are unavailable.

Unavailable 1

So, I tucked the phone on the top of my thigh under my belly. Not the safest option for an iPhone, I didn’t pay off on contract. The first and only phone I’ll probably ever get funded, but I don’t have any tummy muscles, so think I’m safe.

Hiding Phone

So, there you go, a bonus from having a disability.

Bonus Disability

Single Task

Published March 6, 2017 by helentastic67


Single Task

Being one handed means everything takes longer. I’m always multi-tasking, which means while I’m waiting for the omelette to cook, I’m unpacking my dishwasher and repacking it.


I’ll be watching something on my TV from my laptop which is hooked up to the TV with a HDMI cable. (for better viewing) and on my iPad, I’m checking my emails. And texting people so I can keep in touch. This is how I manage to keep on top of all my ‘chores’ because it’s all the stuff that helps me maintain my independence.



But often at midnight, I need all the “busy” to stop so I can start to wind down. I have a term for it. I like to call it ‘Single task!’ And it’s not as easy as it sounds. I like to put on a TV show that I can put everything else down and not allow things to distract me.


No phone, no emails, no magazines, no word puzzles, nothing! Just a TV show.

Because I can no longer read novels, I don’t have that wind down time in bed where you read a few chapters that helps you get sleepy. Within a few days, you go to bed earlier and earlier so you can read longer, I have TV.


Right now, I’m writing while eating lunch at my favourite Café. Wednesday’s, I try to get out early enough to have lunch at my Café, because if I wait until I’m home, I get lunch around 5pm. From here I go to my chiropractor, then back to my neighbourhood where I get acupuncture. I call it my “Punchy/stabby” day…


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