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Best Intentions

Published February 14, 2022 by helentastic67

Best Intentions

You know those things we say or do that seem offensive, racist or ageist and we didn’t intend it that way? Here’s one of those posts.

Years ago, my older sister sent me one of those really cool bags that you keep inside your bag or car, or you know, somewhere handy. When you go into a supermarket or shop you pull it out and unfold or open it to put your purchases in. Once home, unpacks fold and return it to your bag for next time. My sister called it a ‘nanna bag!’

See? Not intending to be ageist but nailing it. Nannas are not wrong, that bag was so handy, then it shrank a bit after years of torture and washing. I’ve replaced it with a new model. This one has owls on it! It’s pretty cool, I got it from Wilbur. 🙂

(20+) Wilbur | Facebook

The only problem it’s worse than trying to fold a map one handed, but I’m really lucky these days I’ve got two Japanese carers who live for this stuff.

Clap for Carers / Asian woman applauding at home in quarantine

See? Seeming racist.

Not meaning to be however, they seem to have infinite patience to fold, fold, tuck, fold and well, it seems to be their ‘Jam’. Like their ‘happy place’.

So, while not meaning to be ageist or racist, I’m noticing some vintage/nationalities have and contain certain skill sets or temperaments I don’t have and I have my own skill set and appreciate those that have the skills I lack.

Annoyingly, now I no longer have either of my Japanese carers so need a new one.

Today’s Lunch – 24th July 2019

Published July 24, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

I’m writing this with a migraine so cut me some slack.

Have been the usual way too busy, last Friday I went to the launch of the first Changing Places in Darebin (that’s my council district) in Preston. It still had that fresh/never used smell which I imagine won’t last long. Thankfully, my mobility won’t mean I ever need to use it. Not complaining!

Sunday saw the arrival of the ladies in my family arrive for the celebration of my mums 70th! Logistically, I’m more in the middle so mum booked a Japanese banquet close to me and I did thousands more steps than I normally rack up! (It’s normally 26 steps, which is the distance from my bed to the couch a few times!)

I had a moment before mum arrived at the restaurant to seek my sisters’ partners advice. I did show the Aussie Slang card to mum and she did laugh but she would not have been pleased had I given it to her. I would never by the way.











I confess I’m not big on raw fish. At one point, my younger sister (30) commented to me “it’s tuna! It tastes like jello!” No, it didn’t. It felt like slime. I’m much more into tempura and definitely the green tea ice cream.


























Now, today’s fine offering is panino Milanese with salad and medicine!










Lastly, a shout-out to my Young John and his wife Young Betty who are currently in Greece and to my lovely masseuse and friend Caroline who is in Italy with her husband! Where the rule of no pasta for health reasons sadly still applies. Speaking of pasta.

Young John & Betty












Last Friday my Girl Friday and I did pasta on Smith Street Collingwood. Here is a before and after picture.

Pasta Before

Pasta After




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