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Published September 10, 2018 by helentastic67



Sometimes with depression it’s good to appreciate the little things to help us get through life, because we can’t all climb mountains, or save the world or have beautiful children to make us feel like we have achieved greatness.

Achieve Greatness

For me it’s all the little things and that I have a decent memory and can use Hellonwheels to share those stories.

Here’s todays example…..

So, before my diagnosis, I worked in admin, you know that generic term for the wench in the office who does all the stuff no one else wants to do etc.

Office wench


At the time of one particular Census I was an admin wench doing the work of a TPO (Training Placement Office) and living with my fun housemate. B!



We decided to sit on the couch to do the Census together, to make it easier.

Here’s the thing, the Census asks lots of repetitive, ridiculous questions and most were harder for me to answer than B.

Census questiions

Job Description. Sure but…..

Describe tasks you do every day? Bam. There you go. That last one, I was very perplexed. My answer went something like this….

Job Description 1

“Answer calls, deal with clients, negotiate and liaise between government agencies, hosts, sponsors, management, email etc.

Job description

B and I looked at each other and we discussed what he should write. We settled on these three words.

“Lifts heavy things.”

Lifts heavy things





Published May 5, 2017 by helentastic67

Census 1


Going back in time to the Australian Census…

Well tonight, sorry last night was Census night! I’m going to presume you know what that is?

I made a joke to Noelle tonight that I turned away a booty call to make filling in my Census form easier. But as I said that was a joke.

Booty call

Ten years ago, when I had the best housemate ever, previously mentioned as ‘B’ (Fred’s been overworked).

At the time, I worked in Admin and B was a roadie. We both sat on the couch on Census night and handed the form back and forth taking our responsibility, seriously. It hard to justify and explain what you do for a living when you make people do work for the dole.

Job description

Answer phones, encourage client to attend, set up sponsors, host and negotiate with other Government agencies. Basically, make unemployed people do things they don’t want to.

How to describe what a roadie does? We learnt to simplify.

Lift heavy things!

Lift heavy things

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