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Rehab – Part 2

Published October 22, 2018 by helentastic67

Rehab Part 2

Rehab – Part 2

Things to do when you are in rehab and bored.

Bored in Rehab

If you can –

  1. I took a box of rather generic chocolates, someone had given me so that I could give them away.
  2. Once you have eaten all the good ones, the orange coated ones, the Turkish Delights, you get the idea.
  3. Offer them to all your favourite people.
  4. Not the people with diabetes, without will power. (I will not be your drug dealer)
  5. And only if you are like me (bit cheeky). Wait until 2am when you can’t sleep and wander out to the nurses’ station when everyone else seems to be asleep. (including all but one night nurse)

Chocolate for nurses 1

I know this, because as I was making my way back to my shared room, I saw a nurse (male nurse) walking back towards the nurse’s station. He gave me a look as if to say I did need anything? I shook my head and indicated all was well. I went back to bed and he came into check on me. He asked what’s up? And I told him I couldn’t sleep, I had left some ‘things’ down at the nurse’s station. I told him, I hadn’t been up to anything bad.

Caught out

I had just creatively hidden the chocolates around the nurse’s station. Under phone handpieces, on top of light boxes, on top of power switches, behind things on the desktop.

Hiding chocolates

Just anywhere I would come out and do a lap of the floor cruising slowly past the nurse’s station. Eventually, they were all discovered.

Finding Chocolate

Life is short, have some fun.

Life is too short

All I’m saying.

Because Life is Short

Published August 17, 2018 by helentastic67

Life is too short

Because Life is Short

Because life is short, we should sometimes write about the little things that amuse us, that might amuse others. Rather than doom and gloom all the time.

No doom or gloom

So, this week I have been introduced to a new term for when a woman has her period.

I like the IT Crowd reference to Aunt Irma. If you are not familiar with the show, you just got homework. Wonder if my male followers read to this point.

Aunt Irma

The term I’ve been introduced to this week is called “Shark Week” I mean, on this topic in general, men can be such bastards. Oh, they think we blame everything on our periods, but if they had crazy hormones once a month and had just one full on menstrual cycle, they would bite their tongue and be much more considerate.

Crazy Hormones

Where was I? The other name I’ve heard, this one Oprah uses, “You Know where Aunt Flo visits.” Oh Oprah, so love her… Then theirs “I’ve got the Decorators in.” What? That person also explained ‘You know the painters?’

Oprah painting

What term do you use?

Tell me

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