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Today’s Lunch – 7th August 2019

Published August 7, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Had a bit of an adventure prompting a “Facebook post along the lines of my body protests to the pain, Bitch is that a bra? Go back to bed!” It was a Saturday after all, I went to the west! To see my friends

piece in an exhibition. Here is Larissa McFarlane herself!









The look on Larissa’s face when I climbed the stairs was priceless.

Yesterday, I joined a special club for women of a certain age! I did not have any fears to prompt joining this club for women, just that I’m now of “that age”

Anyone want to guess what I had done yesterday for the first time? All of my older carers (all bar one) told me it’s only painful for about 20 seconds, so that was promising. If you are not sure? I had my first mammogram! Go women’s health!

Now most importantly, in Clifton Hill today at my favourite café, today’s offering is a Zaffirini arancini (saffron, mint & peas) with the side salad and medicine.












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