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Welcoming in 2022

Published January 3, 2022 by helentastic67

Welcoming in 2022

So I guess it’s time to say a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so I suggest as 2022 starts I’m going to make a New Year’s resolution. A simple one and that is to better be able to decipher my own handwriting. As I’ve been one-handed for over 10 years now, I’ve started to develop carpal tunnel so I think this year will be getting much-needed carpel tunnel surgery.  Imagine this means ill have no hands for a bit. A week if all goes well.  To be continued.

January, I learnt years ago, that it is really hard is achieve anything in the Disability sector. So now I just have learned to relax and take time off. Not racing around trying to fit everything in, is a holiday in itself. So much still to do, including the now overdue Ladies Lunch with the Ladies in my family for our Christmas get together. Yeah, I know! Someone recently said, “You get together once a year with family for Christmas and realise why you don’t bother to see them during the year” Yes, a comedian, of course. Covid hasn’t made it any easier, but I think the less time we spend with family the less we have in common and the less we understand how to best communicate.

So, Christmas day I had a migraine because well I don’t get a day off from having migraines.
A friend came over for an hour to set up some tech and three days, later he told me he had to isolate and get tested for Covid-19 he was fine but he was very stressed about the two people he’s going to spend some time with on Christmas Day.

It is summer in Melbourne, I don’t tell many people I am spending Christmas alone, it is better to not  disclose this until after the fact. It doesn’t help when people give you lots of pity, for some people spending Christmas at home alone is better than all the alternatives. In my case staying at home means I get Carers from my normal agencies, I don’t lose my independence and it is easier to deal with being alone rather than spending time in someone else’s home and spending time alone.

The best time on my balcony as my Hot Chocolate Calla Lillie’s are in bloom.

A special mention to the anonymous person/ ‘s who gifted me my new iPhone 13. I’ve been learning new things. And hopefully I’ll get better at doing things Hands-Free. Briefly.

So, going forward please stay safe. Covid, sorry the Plague, is still kicking our asses, so be mindful, we don’t get to celebrate and have big parties (Plague-spreading events) just because we fear another Lockdown. Melbourne holds first place for the most to date. (6) Not something to be proud of. But here we are.

Today’s Lunch – 25th December 2019

Published December 24, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good mental health day! Or as I like to say Merry fucking Christmas!

It’s actually Tuesday right now, Christmas Eve as I tap this out. It’s a good day, I’m well-adjusted as I’ve seen my chiropractor who I won’t see now until mid-January. My girl Friday and I had fish and chips for lunch in Fairfield.

I will have a medicine later at home. I received a gift from my mum yesterday in the post and presuming it was a tree, due to its shape, I’ve left it to open tomorrow. A message late last night came from my mum stating I should open it and that it wasn’t a tree? I don’t know, you tell me? Mine is on the right, she lied didn’t she! It’s a tree!

My Christmas Tree

Mums Christmas Tree











Also, a photo of it during daylight without the lights on. I hope JD is impressed? As promised, cat-friendly. It is sitting on top of things in my living room about a metre off the ground and Mika can’t get to it, or shows little interest.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Be safe and try not to eat too much. I received my new NDIS Plan just in time for Christmas. I’m not looking at it until Thursday and over the New Year, I need to take some time off. My first medical appointment in the new year is the 9th and all the crazy starts again.

Also, while my girl-Friday was away I had some fresh new carers, one day I was in K-Mart on an important call from a lawyer. Trying to take it seriously when I looked up and this is how my girl-Friday 2, Oh had kept herself busy……..









I don’t know how I made it through that phone call.

Lastly, a big thanks for my wonderful blog administrator Noelle for whom hellonwheels would not happen. I am lucky her husband has a thing for trying to give himself diabetes. Last week, I managed to mule some gifts their way via a friend.

And today, the 24th, I managed to mule some goodies to the States to be sent to my friend in Texas! I have a post to write about to gift for appropriating people to mule things for me.

Also, Many thanks for my 200+ followers, for comments from close and far. Hope to see you in 2020!

Rest! Replenish and see you back for more in 2020!


Today’s Lunch – 26th December 2018

Published December 26, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Well, this week’s foodie, good mental health day post will be different again!

Merry Christmas for yesterday and today is Boxing Day so I’m not actually out at my regular haunt. I’m in the country where I visit at this time of year for a week.

Country Victoria

Our standard Christmas celebrations this year was to meet the girls from the Peninsula somewhere central for a nice lady’s lunch. My mum and younger sister drive 3.5 hours south to scoop me up and we drove into the city. This year we went to the Chocolate Buddha at Federation Square.


I meant to take photos, I swear I did again, reasons why I shouldn’t be on Instagram! Just picture it like this. 5 ladies. 7 entrees shared, I shared my main with my mum and I shared dessert with my older sisters’ partner. It is always debated that my older sister has big eyes but a little tummy. So much teasing in her direction, hence, by sharing my desert with her partner, she actually got a fair share. I did get a photo of that!

Chocolalte Buddha 2Chocolate Buddha 1










We had a lovely chick as our waitstaff who was from New Zealand who we wanted to adopt. Her name is Bianca and when we were selecting the entree’s, she told us she understood our making a serious effort to make sure we had enough. She told us she was one of eight kids. she very quickly followed this announcement by explaining it was very cold in New Zealand and they are very fertile. We had dumplings, tempura pumpkin and capsicum, and other yummy things. My younger sister is very keen on ramen right now as she was overseas eating tasty goodness all of September.


Went back to my home to pack and headed north to be informed only 20 minutes from home I was told there was no turkey to be had. (we usually do a turkey roll stuffed with fruit and nuts and such) prompting me to call out “Take me back home!”  I think the last time we had an actual turkey, my mum stated we wouldn’t do another until one of us had a husband! (The pressure, right?) And my sister has a partner of the fairer sex so that’s no help what’s so ever! Haven’t had turkey since…………

No Turkey

Skip Monday as it was spent in PJ’s, and sleeping, so on Christmas Day lunch was had at 4pm, with baked ham, roasted pork with crackling and yummy roasted vegetables. Both cranberry jelly and gravy.  After a break, some TV and a kip, we had dessert, which was this gingerbread pudding with caramel and Connoisseur ice cream, followed by a second course of dessert which is traditionally trifle in this house.











Big thanks to my mum and younger sister for all the yummy food. They wouldn’t let me help. I’ll make up for it, in clean-up duty. Promise.

Cleaning up

I don’t yet have photos of just how country I am just now but to say I do NOT have mobile reception here. Like, seriously first world problem!

No phone

But another perfect example of just how country I am, within 30 minutes of arriving here and mum rummaging around in the hallway cupboard to get some bedding out I found the first huntsman. It was about a 50 cms in diameter. It was still pink, meaning it was still a baby and where there’s one there’s more. Mum came with a glass and a card to implement catch and release. Cringe. It should be mentioned huntsman spiders are rather friendly spiders, they just like to hang around on your ceiling………but in Queensland I’m told they can be as big as dinner plates. #Never living in Queensland. They won’t kill you just frighten you to death……….


So, doing this post late Tuesday night I’m finishing the evening with my once-yearly alcoholic drink, in the form of a little Muscat. It’s really all I drink at this time of the year. I still have a bottle of baileys in my fridge at home from two Christmas’s ago. Must finish that!

Glass of wine

Catching up on Thursday with some high school friends. Will remember to get some foodie photos then. Or I will try.

Hope you are all well fed and safe with family.

Safe Christmas

Today’s Lunch – 19th December 2018

Published December 19, 2018 by helentastic67

Todays lunch

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

It seems after several months of ploughing through meetings and appointments I realise there are people I have not seen for a while. Social lunches that I thought needed priority to help ease the way into Christmas. So, Monday and Tuesday I caught up with two friends I’ve not seen for a while.

Social catchup

Monday, very local to home I had this yummy beetroot salad, with feta, hazelnuts and orange and other yummy things.

Beetroot Salad

Tuesday, I wanted to try a place one of my carers had mentioned. This particular carer, the conversation went like this, she started with “what are those people? Not. Millennials, the other ones?” I was very confused, you need to give me more. You are telling me this story, not me. She mentioned ‘beards.’ Oh, Hipster? Bingo! I got it right! Love this game. So, Tuesday, found our way to a hipster cafe in Northcote called Tinker. Like typical hipster cafes you need to ask for explanations for made-up things on the menu. After being educated about what a ‘redox beef burger’ was. It’s after you have the detox salad and you want to replenish yourself of toxins? What the F?! I did not have the burger as burgers are a particular challenge one-handed in public and a very happy meat eater not too pleased. My vegetarian friend had this concoction.


And I had the hot cakes with so much yummy I think I’ll be going back there very soon.

Hot cakes

Today, back to my regular Wednesday haunt and I fear the upcoming holiday spells, finding an alternative lunch spot as it’s the only time they close for a break. So, I guess you can expect some variety in my lunch offerings in the New Year. Today’s offerings, another chicken and turmeric salad with medicine.

Chicken and Tumeric SaladLatte









If anyone receives a Christmas card from me before actual Christmas? It will be a Christmas miracle! I finally outsourced them to a carer and put them in the post only yesterday.

Christmas card

Lastly, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. I’ll be going home to the country for a week, which will be 4 days too long. Then back for New Year’s Eve where I might make it to midnight before going to bed. Feel free to share what you will be eating to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas 1


Hot off the Press – 25th December 2017

Published December 25, 2017 by helentastic67

Merry Christmas 1

Hot off the Press

Firstly, allow me to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! This is a strangely typical sight in Australia despite being almost 40 degrees in the shade. Prompting me to ask….”is it melting?”


I’m spending Christmas with my mum and younger sister, three and a half hours north-east of Melbourne. I actually lived here about twenty years ago for two years. But it doesn’t make it easier to cope being out of my comfort zone.

Mums place 1

Mums place 2










Day one, I couldn’t manage to cook my toast even without incinerating it. I can’t see the forest for the trees when looking for my juice and mineral drink in the fridge. But the first breathe of air as I get out of the car is worth it every time. The other downside is, there is no mobile reception here. When I head out of the valley I turn my phone on and it goes crazy with messages. In the car, half an hour. before arriving, I found out there wouldn’t be turkey! I insisted on being taken back home, but here I am, Sunday night in mums’ armchair, feet up, a small quilt on my lap and a ginger fur child stretched out up my legs. Did you hear me? A fur-child, there are two here, brothers. My sister named them after two anime twins Hikaru and Karou. I can’t tell them apart and at times neither can my mum or sister. They are very well-loved kids. They roam free during the day and remain indoors at night.

Fur baby 1Fur baby 2








Christmas here is all about eating, sleeping and catching up on binging TV I think we are all exhausted for our own reasons and for me being here is a complete break from needing to deal with appointments, carers and the three different service providers and all that, that requires and the constant dealing with idiots! So up to pussy’s bow with the idiots!


Although I did get an early Christmas present. From the NDIS, considering what a monumental stuff-up that has been. I cannot tell you the wasted hours spent chasing getting my shoes paid for and in the end the person in the office who had met with us and completed my plan had not pressed the button triggering spending my funding. Seriously, I have received a document so long it’s impossible to understand even what I can use my funding for. But yet some idiot didn’t press a button so I can actually have the funding. I digress, I got my early Christmas present. I got my shoes.

New shoes

And they are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever had. About $340 and they are not even paid for. The lovely Kim at Extra Depth Shoes in Elsternwick was really nice to let me have the pair she had been saving for me until the NDIA get their shit sorted out!

Christmas eve, my sister introduced me to a great show. I commented it was just so wrong and my mum told me I couldn’t be offended. I wasn’t but to be clear some of you might be. Try Trixie and Katya, two bitchy guys in drag. Offering dating advice and answering mail from their fans. That segment is called Male Bag! They are very funny. Check out this Link…….

Might I mention, the Christmas lights are turned down to what is described as “not to epileptic fit” setting.

Stay tuned for some photos of our traditional Christmas trifle and our ham and this year lamb roast. You might get hit in the face with those for the untraditional Wednesday good mental health day post! And when I get out into reception I’ll share some pictures of the great outdoors.

P.S. a mystery gift arrived from my older sister in with mum and my younger sisters presents. I announced “Oh, hell no!” She sent us a Christmas CD.” I’m just saying next year we are regifting that back to her. We are now listening to Nine Inch Nails! And mum put it on so don’t think she is being tortured.

Christmas cd

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