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Hot off the Press 31st May 2021

Published June 1, 2021 by helentastic67

Hot off the Press

A Hot off the Press like no other. Last week I was able to have my visit to Young Betty. We met in Rehab and for just a moment I’ll let you imagine we met in drug-rehab, except we didn’t.

Betty is my 90-years young friend I tease every week day after and before watching a trashy TV show I introduced her to. I’m not even sorry.

Although Betty was not having the best day as it was the 1-year anniversary of the passing of her husband (and a day) and the day of the 4th lockdown in Melbourne F**k You! CoVid! (I might just mean thank you)

Friday, I put a rib out!!!!!!! Nothing! I’m just answering your question. Ok, I was putting on my jacket, then just couldn’t move. Trip to chiropractor (2nd in 3 days!) I actually used a swear word I’ve not used before, she laughed! Thankfully, as I was squirming. It hurt so much. Anyone who speak “Chiropractor” it was L10/11.

Friday night, the tram works began out the front of my apartment complex. I did get a 15 second audio sample of what I referred to as the “Soundtrack of my lockdown!” But didn’t save it. (Don’t even start me on that monumental fail!) Here are some photos instead.

The whole street is closed for a week. For all the noise they are making, they had better be making the new tram stop accessible. Progress, you know. I could Fang it out of the garage on hellonwheels and straight onto a tram, to my local appointments. Wouldn’t that be good?

On the upside to the lockdown, currently only 7 days, is I get a 4-day weekend. So much for catching up on what didn’t happen in 2020. At least I’ve got Mika for company next.

Stay safe.


Today’s Lunch – 4th March 2020

Published March 4, 2020 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

R.I.P. last Friday, I lost one of my favourite carers. They are all my favourites they just all bring something different to the party. This carer I will likely write about in a future post. I’m going to refer to her as FP, I only had 5 minutes notice before she arrived for her last shift. I would have FP up to 8-11.5 hours for 1 week every month and often mistaken as my daughter. She has not passed on but merely gone to study for the next stage in her life. I had, had her as my carer for three years! I mean, I had just gotten her trained. She could accurately read my mind, finished my sentences and I got to feed her.

I’m a feeder! I love to send my carers off with something to eat on their way to their next shift. I used to ask FP if her mother questioned me feeding her and the response was this. “If I go home and eat my dinner she doesn’t need to know” I believe this is exactly how she put it. I think she might waste away and her mum might wonder why, I might need to prepare her a care package.

Now, Autumn has arrived in Melbourne and I’m never happier than when wearing full black. It’s a rather strong Melbourne trait and it doesn’t hurt, it’s very slimming. I was down in Cliffy Hill yesterday to see my GP and he loves to encourage me to get on the scales. I fight him every time! It’s been good to catch up on some blog writing, as I will do again today over lunch.

Today’s lunch is the brain grain salad, because sometimes I need all the help I can get and medicine!










After another long day I’ll have to go home and give Mika to sit her down and give her the talk. You know, the one about how one of her favourite people is now gone from our lives.

Today’s Lunch – 29th January 2020

Published January 29, 2020 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

This is the time of year Australia stands divided. Do we celebrate Australia Day or Invasion Day? It marks the 232nd anniversary of white man in Australia. The exact date is debated every year, so in simple terms, it’s a day to get together with family and friends, have a BBQ and celebrate our greatest Australian pastime “The long weekend”! In the U.K. it’s referred to as a Bank Holiday.

I do none of those things, instead I use the excuse to make a lamb roast. I ask my butcher to butterfly it for quicker cooking, and easier carving one-handed. I also marinate it with tandoori paste. Might sound odd but try it? It’s just a little different, it’s even better lightly fried the next night and wrapped in some small Lebanese wraps with lettuce and mayo. The rest is frozen and during winter I will prepare a shepherd’s pie. So, the tandoori adds another layer of yum!

I actually went to have the roast Monday night, but having separated the roast from the vegetables, in two separate trays. I bungled the oven temperate and turned it off. So, Monday night I had the wraps. Tuesday night, I had the roasted veggies with the roast.

Today, feels like a Monday, Tuesday I had an appointment at home so it felt like a 4-day weekend. With the exception of smashing out some admin.

Back at my favourite cafe in North Fitzroy. Today’s offering is pancetta quiche with side salad and medicine!










In in case I forgot to feature recently? Mika had a great long weekend too! Let’s see if we can get a feature in Tummy Rub Tuesday?



Today’s Lunch – 8th January 2020

Published January 8, 2020 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

My appointments are all starting back again way too soon. Yesterday, I returned to Clifton hill to see my GP and as my favourite cafe is not yet back after Christmas, I found another place to have a quick light lunch. a rather strong coffee with an almond croissant. Neither as good as at my regular haunt. Over my respite, I wrote some blogposts.










I confess to say over Christmas and the New Year, I’ve only left my apartment on the Friday’s to restock. I have not even checked my letterbox. Do I feel badly? No, I do not.

Tuesday ended with my egg dealer delivering my eggs. In my efforts to create community, I have become the middle person between my egg supplier, Bill who I prefer to call my egg dealer and about four others for free range happy-eggs! I was expecting him Thursday evening but he ended up in the area earlier. Just in time for a true wog classic. Poached eggs in sauce, these were the two eggs before I put them in the sauce. Feel free to count?

The trays of eggs are 20 to a tray. My masseuse is not back from India until next week and she has forty eggs awaiting her return. I then of course like to remind people if they don’t collect them In a timely manner, I don’t want to wake up in the morning surrounded by 100 baby chicks recently hatched.

To be clear, I think Bill delivers the day the eggs get picked. You realise, eggs do not grow on trees? And eggs need to be sat on, by a hen for some weeks or kept warm another artificial way to hatch presuming they are even viable.

My mum had about twenty chooks when I lived up in the country 20 years ago. So, in short waking up surrounded by little yellow chicks. Not going to happen. But I hope you can imagine the image I just described…..?

Poor Mika would be beside herself! Get them off me!










Also, don’t think I’ve ignored the worldwide exposure of the bushfires in Australia! Melbourne has a Smokey haze over it. Homes and lives have been lost and it’s just the start of summer. It’s just the beginning……………













Will be back to normal programming next week for sure!

Cat Toys

Published December 27, 2019 by helentastic67

Cat Toys

I have discovered my cat’s favourite toy. I was (as I call it) cat-less for about two years, between my beloved Jamima, Patch the Pirate cat Puddle Duck.

Before getting Mika, just Mika. Or as I sometimes mistakenly call her Ja-Mika. SHUT UP.

Yes, I might have a type it’s tortoise shell. Once you go tortoise shell, you don’t go back. There’s a crazy little psycho in there in everyone.

Anyway, I digress at first, I did what many parent does, I got out Jamima’s old toys, some of which she showed no interest in what so ever and that tradition seems to have been continued.

Of course, like any new hopeful pet owner when the time came, I went out and bought what I like to call the ‘bird on the stick’ and the ‘snake on the stick’. These just live on the bed these days.

Actually, she’s on her second ‘bird’ as one day there appeared to have been a massacre of a bird on the bed.

But, however her favourite toy, I discovered purely by accident as we all do.

One evening, as I was sitting on the couch catching up on my admin, I crumpled up a piece of paper quarter of an A4. Mika appeared from nowhere like a meerkat in front of my legs.


The meerkat version of Mika, sitting on her rump, head twisting from side to side and keen interest on what was in my hand. I threw the wad of paper towards the apartment door. Mika did go get it. I don’t know where she takes them, but occasionally I go around within ‘Reachy-Grabby – thing’.

And collect the balls of paper from every nook and cranny. Tonight, I found this under my Happiness cabinet.











Fuck! I nearly died laughing. There was another toy there, but Mika came and took it away before I could get a photo. I think my neighbours might think a crazy woman lives here.

*No birds were killed during the writing of this post and Mika is an indoor-cat only, so I want to keep it that way.

Today’s Lunch – 18th December 2019

Published December 18, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

It feels like just yesterday was the 1st December and all of a sudden Christmas is next week. I’m not ready! I still haven’t done my Christmas cards yet, not kidding. If you are expecting one? It’s coming, it will just be late.

Last week I had a stressful week thinking my laptop had died, I was not happy. Took a serious effort to work out the not one but both power cords for my laptop had been compromised. One cord had bare wires, the culprit?









Stay tuned Friday for a brand-new post about my plans for Christmas, spoiler alert. I’m staying home with the above alone and stay tuned to appreciate why it’s the best option.

Meanwhile, really need a stress-free lunch today. So, here it is, Chicken and Tumeric salad and medicine.










And I got a present from Robert & his wife Nikki.


Sock Nest

Published October 25, 2019 by helentastic67

Sock Nest

There are brief opportunities to be answered by the little things about disability and you need to embrace them. Keeping in mind I’m well aware compared to others with disabilities far worse than mine, they would wish this to be one of their problems. But I still like to share.

Having a full left-sided hemiplegia means I have limited sensation on my left. My left arm, leg and particularly my left foot gets rather cold, so beds socks are a must.

But you know that half sleepy moment in the mornings, you stretch out and draw your feet up in bed? Sometimes, if you feel your sock coming off, you push your foot back down to push it back on, then change the angle before you repeat the movement, in the hope you don’t lose your sock. I often get out of bed in the morning to find I’m missing my left sock.

My carer generally notices it and I snort a ‘whatever’ and later I need to go back and dig around for it. It’s often tucked under Mika my cat, who settled at my feet.

Other times, by the time I get to find the sock, there is more than one. Last week I found a nest of three socks and they were all together.

No wonder I had carers complaining they couldn’t match up my socks. Clearly, it’s no biggy. If no one dies, we’re all ok. It’s a damn bed sock. Put it in the draw, it’s mate will join it eventually.


Today’s Lunch – 25th September 2019

Published September 25, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

Yesterday, had a nice adventure planned and by 8am the wheels fell off. My fill-in carer had rung in sick and I was asked if I wanted them to be replaced? Just imagine I do like a shower each day, so I said yes please but, my agency outsourced me to another agency, who got lost 3 suburbs away and by the time she found me it was lunchtime.

I was in the mood to hibernate. I also thought I’d make up for doing full “Person” on Saturday, I also did hours of admin sitting at my desk.  Here is Mika, her idea of helping me.

That’s right, I went out! I went up and down several times in the lift and ran into people. It’s amazing how many people you see if you keep normal hours. I was even able to help a guy who was attempting to get into the garage entrance with a slab of beer in his arms. I called to him as he was about to put it down and clicked the button for the garage gate to open. He seemed pleased and surprised.

I had been waiting for my sister to pull in to “bump in/bump out” she bought me a vacuum cleaner as mine recently died and she collected some goodies for my dad. Ok, our dad. She was going up to stay with him for a few days before going onto Canberra with our younger sister. We had lunch locally.

I did take photos but they did not work! Again! Reasons why Helen cannot do Insta. I did however make my second last bread and butter pudding Sunday night. I even had some, I normally portion and package it all up to give away. Have delivered some today and while none is going to Sydney to my administrator Noelle. She is getting a box full of goodies. Should arrive Monday?

Another crazy day, not even getting to my favourite cafe in North Fitzroy. Stayed close to my last appointment in Thornbury for lunch instead. Today’s offering a black bean pie, with a little salad and relish and medicine.










Now, off to get stabbed!



Today’s Lunch – 28th August 2019

Published August 28, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch
Good Mental Health Day

It’s come around again! It’s that time of the month, when I am emotionally brittle and have my monthly migraine! Just as Mother Nature ordered! So help me GOD! (Sorry)


As I’m sliding into the Pause, Shark week doesn’t always happen, but it seems all the other symptoms come around like clockwork, right on time. I spend a day confused and over thinking the whole “I can’t afford to live past 65/I will never own my own home/Will I die alone surrounded by cats and half eaten by an Alsatian?/Grieving Original Helen/Finding my new identity” and this emotion lasts all day, only to be replaced by a stabbing eye-gouging pain behind my left eye(my version of a migraine these days!) and I struggle to find the motivation to move off my couch. Even though if I get through dinner, I am just a little closer to getting back to bed.

Alas, yesterday, being at home with appointments I made something num-num (tasty) lunch. Here is my panini-pressed light rye bread with salami, cherry tomatoes, marinated split green olives, marinated black kalamata olives and 4 different cheeses! Because, why wouldn’t you? Hello! A slice of tasty coon, Camembert (or as I call it: Bert!), Feta and a slice of Kraft Plastic cheese. Which reminds me of my childhood and it looked like this!

Note, how flattening it makes it so much easier to eat.

But one thing that has made me very, very happy lately is this!

You know those albums, where as soon as it ends your soul feels empty until you put it on again? And again! And again! Give it a listen. There is something in it for everyone…….it’s like a score that ebbs and flows.

Today I’ve got a full crazy day of chiropractor, then acupuncture, then physio and I guess today’s offering? So, punchy/stabby and electric-shocky! Guess I should do it on a full tummy! Today’s offering, Pancetta Quiche, my medicine and a complimentary Macaron.



Here’s Mika with her new friend. Mika and the Unicorn! Also, a great band name, si?

*Original Helen is every version of Helen before whatever this fucked up shit is?
I’ll have something more cheerful on Friday. Promise!

And hit Like!

Today’s Lunch – 29th May 2019

Published May 29, 2019 by helentastic67

Today’s Lunch

Good Mental Health Day

First I really need everyone to know winter has arrived to Melbourne. Officially a few days away still but have already unpacked my woollens and jackets! Mika is already loving sleeping on the polar fleece blanket but still yet to work out the benefits to being a lap cat. Sadly……….. She has started being less fussy about what she will eat or not. FYI: I got lucky with my fur baby, Mika. She is not food motivated! So, I have worked hard in the last 7 months to put some condition on her.

Also, heard news one of parcels was received in Norfolk, UK. Here’s a link……


Yesterday, I went to the cinema! I went to see John Wick Parabellum! Mmmmmmm, Keanu! (Sorry) the consensus might be that I am a little immune to unnecessary violence. My friend would likely count the rounds used (as in bullets) I would count the number of bodies. And I suggested the headcount first.

Should mention the hilarity of accidentally going into the incorrect cinema first. Saw five minutes of the new Rebel Wilson film The Hustle. Definitely need to see that next. I don’t get to the cinema much but when I do it’s totally worth it. I want one of those armchairs, it’s was amazing I nearly fell asleep I was so comfortable, just need a pillow and doona. (It’s like a blanket)

So, because I again have had to reschedule my dinner out with friends, third week in a row, I’ve decided to have some winter stodge for lunch! Today’s offering a Zaffarino Arancini with a side salad & my medicine










And for the very last item on my agenda? I finished Game of Thrones (G.O.T.) on the weekend! No spoilers. But done.

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